Brenda Kelly's Tools & Rules: Part 3

Find out why it is so difficult to get the mainstream media to change the image of the healthy, fit woman of today. Also, learn all about Brenda's new movie 'Surplus Male' starring some of the biggest names in the industry!
How come the media is so far behind on the new athletic look of a woman today?

Thanks for getting the word out and keep up the great job.

Thank you, and yes it is still difficult to get the mainstream media to change the image of the healthy, fit woman of today. I go to castings where the description is for a fit, toned look and I sit in a room full of skinny models without the hint of a muscle anywhere on their long, thin bodies. I do end up getting jobs, but the majority of these types of projects are still going to the girls without any tone.

I will continue to keep meeting these casting directors and work to impress a more realistic body image in Hollywood. I really feel the fitness models of today are the healthier version of a role model and pin up girl. I am happy to report my fans range from 9-90 years of age! This must be a sign of better things to come relating to our body image which is much needed.

Below is a press release of a movie project I was sent to, got the part, acted as a casting agent, got my friends on board and was eventually made co-producer! The producer and director took one look at me and asked why they weren't being sent anyone else who had my body type. This movie was calling for fit, sexy, hard bodied women. They needed a planet of them. They asked me if I had any friends. Did I! I sent them all I knew and they hired them all! Some of these girls brought in their friends and we had our cast. Below is a portion of a press release for the SURPLUS MALE. You will recognize many of your favorite Bodybuilding and Fitness stars including Natural Muscle Magazine's cover girls: Sherry Goggin, Nicole Rollolazo and myself. Check out the website: and grab a copy for yourself!

"The Surplus Male" is a social satire disguised as a sex comedy… or the Other way around, reminiscent of sci-fi potboilers of the '50's and '60's. It is also a spoof of low-budget filmmaking that is totally self-aware of itself, appealing not only to the science-fiction community who will recognize the obvious references but to fans of movies like "Airplane", John Landis' "Amazon Women on the Moon." and "Scary Movie" who will appreciate the out-of-character responses to the obvious jokes.


This movie stars some of the finest bodybuilding and fitness champions, including Valentina Chepiga, Andrulla Blanchette, Jane Trcka, Lauren Powers, Sherry Goggin-Giardina, Brenda Kelly, Kat Meyers, Timea Majorova, Lena Johanessen, Nicole Rollolazo, Viviana Soldana, Suzanna Mcgee, Cynthia Bridges, Mari Asp, Elaine Goodlad, among others. Also Starring In This Movie Is Michael Dorn, who portrayed "Worf" in the Star Trek: Next Generation TV and Movie series. And the search goes on.

Our outrageously preposterous story begins on Earth with Harvey Kirk. He is a science fiction fan as well as a cultured and well-bred physics professor whose debunking of the physical impossibilities of interstellar space travel is well known. He is also a compulsive womanizer. His marriage remains stable only because his wife, Barbara, one of his former PhD students in astrophysics, clings to the belief of a happy hearth, home and family... although they have yet to have any children. Unbeknownst to him, Harvey has been scrutinized by an alien race of superior women... Amazons if you will... who see him as a likely prospect in their thousand year quest to find an appropriate subject each millennia to impregnate their population and give birth to a new generation.

Barbara is coerced to hide in the trunk of her husband's car so she can catch him in the act of promiscuity. Instead, the two of them end up being abducted by a huge Amazon mother ship and spirited away to galactic parts unknown. Upon reaching the mysterious planet, Barbara is shuttled aside while Harvey is welcomed with pomp and circumstance. He is treated like a king and his "subjects" appear to have stepped out of every magazine dedicated to the beauty of the female form imaginable… glamour queens, fitness queens, even bodybuilding queens. Barbara undergoes a startling transformation under the Amazon's tutelage all the while planning their getaway as Harvey soon realizes that his Paradise is not all it's cracked up to be. Escape becomes a priority before he is turned into a permanent display in the Amazon's 'Hall of Kings'.

After a sudden uprising by Amazonian dissidents, Barbara and Harvey get out of the castle. Their escape is thwarted by the dissidents, who only want the same rights as their sisters, and see them as allies. Using an abandoned space station as their headquarters they are soon discovered by the Queen and her soldiers. They are all brought back to the planet to suffer summary executions. The "Beast in the Pit", a creature the Amazon hierarchy worship as a god, escapes when the executions are disrupted by Barbara's ingenuity.

In the chaos, the dissidents help the couple succeed in their escape back to Earth where Harvey, realizing that he must be careful what he wishes for, comes to terms with his wife who has adopted a new way to deal with her life

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