Who Will Be In Our 2003 Olympia Booth This Year?

Check out some pics of the people you will meet in Vegas!
You are going to the 2003 Olympia aren't you!? It's crazy not to if you are a fan of bodybuilding and fitness! Nearly every celebrity that you see in the magazines and on our web site will be there, just waiting to meet you and give you an autograph, and maybe even a few training tips.

We are doing our part to make the Olympia a great experience for you. Bodybuilding.com is bringing some of the top stars in the industry to our new, double sized booth. Here are a few of them:

Who Will Be In Our Booth This Year?

Idrise Ward-El

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and personal trainer. In addition to personal training for 13 years, 8 years in the US air force, 4 years as a surgical I.C.U. licensed vocational nurse, and 5 years as a correctional officer in San Quentin Prison.

Website: http://www.idriseward-el.com

Fawnia Mondey

Fawnia Mondey is a fitness model, dance instructor and actress. She is also co-producer and presenter of a soon to be released new fitness show, Fawnia & Friends.

Website: OfficiallyFawnia.com

Kat Meyers

I'm not your average fitness, figure, bodybuilding, fetish model kind of girl.

Website: http://www.katmeyers.com

Valentina Chepiga

Valentina took first place in the 2002 Ms. International & 2000 Ms. Olympia and plans on winning this year.

Website: .../fun/valentina.htm

Carmen Garcia

Carmen has graced the pages of numerous publications including Musclemag International, Hot Boats, Planet Muscle, Ironman, Low Rider to name a few... She trains intensely at the gym, which is why she has such a fit & trim physique. She is also certified as a personal trainer by the International Sports Science Association.

Website: http://www.carmengarcia.com

Juliette Bergman

Juliette started competing in 1984 and in 2001, she won the Mrs. Olympia contest!

Website: http://www.juliettebergmann.com

Amber DeLuca

Amber is also an active member of the Native American Sports Council, an official member of the United States Olympic Committee.

Website: Gladiatorgirl.com

Other Info To Check Out...

And a few surprise guests as well!

Stop by to meet these stars along with the owners of Bodybuilding.com. All we care about are our loyal visitors and customers... you are the reason we can celebrate bodybuilding at the Olympia and all over the world!

See You There!

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