BodySpace Member Of The Month - June 2007: BuffMother.

The BodySpace Member of the Month for June 2007 is Michelle Berger (BuffMother). Congratulations! She was chosen because she is using almost every applicable feature of BodySpace, and doing it beautifully! Check out her wallpaper and videos!

BodySpace Member Of The Month

June 2007: Michelle Berger (BuffMother)

    The BodySpace Member of the Month for June 2007 is Michelle Berger (BuffMother). She was chosen because she is using almost every applicable feature of BodySpace, and doing it beautifully! Check out her wallpaper, blog, exercise videos, charts, & more!

BuffMother BuffMother
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Michelle Berger, BuffMother!

    Congratulations to BuffMother for earning herself $75.00 USD in store credit just for having an awesome profile, blog, and photo gallery on BodySpace!

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    BuffMother loves visiting, BodySpace, the photo galleries, and updating her BodyBlog. She has been a registered member since Apr 25, 2006.

BuffMother BuffMother
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BuffMother Has A Bubbly Personality!


[ BodySpaceAdmin ] Where are you from, and how long have you been working out?

    BuffMother: I live in Arkansas, but I am from Minnesota and have been working out consistently since the summer of 2003.

[ BSA ] How did you get started training?

    BuffMother: After my twins were born by cesarean section, I looked in the mirror and was disgusted by my reflection! When they were 5 months old, I decided enough was enough and that's when I really started lifting weights and eating better.

BuffMother BuffMother BuffMother
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Michelle Berger, Mother Of 4 Children.

[ BSA ] Tell us about your family, kids, ages, etc., and is anyone else in your family also into fitness and working out?

    BuffMother: I have 4 kids, a boy who is 7, a girl who is 5 and twin girls that are 4. They are a handful. My husband is into working out and is actually training for a cage fight.

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My Twin Girls Are A Handful, LOL.

[ BSA ] Wow, a cage fight? Tell us more! Is he an MMA fighter then?

    BuffMother: Well, I started watching MMA on TV, actually season #1 of TUF and I was hooked!! I loved it, so I told him he needed to watch and he got hooked. Since then we have not missed watching any UFC events and I've actually gone to 2 events. He is in training for his first MMA match.

[ BSA ] Wow, that's awesome! How long have you been visiting and using BodySpace?

    BuffMother: Oh man, I guess I've been visiting since forever... I love it! I started my bodyspace after one of my clients J'nea from Canada was featured as a transformation story last fall I believe, but since then I've been hooked.

Female Transformation Of The Week, J'nea Muller.
J'nea did not have time to exercise. Two sets of twins saw to that! See how she managed to lose over 40 lbs!
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[ BSA ] So, you help out other women to reach their fitness goals, correct? Are you a trainer, then? Give us a little glimpse of your fitness background.

    BuffMother: Yes, I am a personal trainer and my mission is to help women. In 2005, I started a website called solely to spread the word that you can be buff after having children. I wanted to give mothers hope that they could look and feel great!

    My education is in exercise science, nutrition and coaching. I used my knowledge to transform myself after having 4 kids in 4 years. The program I developed works in conjunction with my Natural hormonal cycle and I teach this same system to my clients. It is called Hormonal Timing.

    I have a book coming out this fall called "Hormonal Timing by BuffMother!" It explains how women can transform their bodies by using their hormonal cycles and it also goes into the mental side of fitness. Obviously, this book is for the ladies only. ;)

[ BSA ] Sounds great! Will that be available to purchase in brick-and-mortar bookstores, on, or just on your website?

    BuffMother: I am working all that out right now. Stay tuned for details!

BuffMother BuffMother
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Ladies, Read About Hormonal
Timing In My New Book.

[ BSA ] You were featured as a Wallpaper of the Week back in October. Do you compete and do you do a lot of photo shoots?

    BuffMother: That was really cool to be featured as a Wallpaper of the Week! And I did compete, yes... In 2004 (the year after having my twins), I won 5 NPC figure titles but now I am retired focused on other projects. And yes, I do photo shoots all the time. I use them for motivation! :)

Michelle Berger
Michelle Berger
NPC Figure Competitor & Buff Mother!
Photo By Emily McArthur.

1600x1200 - 1280x1024 - 1152x864 - 1024x768 - 800x600
480x640 - 320x240 - 240x320 - 160x160 - 160x120 - 128x128

[ BSA ] Your BodySpace profile states that you want "to get über buff for my B-day!!" How's that coming along? LOL

    BuffMother: I am there baby! My birthday was actually on the 14th of June, so I guess I need to update it, thanks for the reminder.

BuffMother BuffMother
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ÜberBuffMother Is A Whole New Level!

[ BSA ] Did you do anything different from how you normally train to move up from "buff" into the realm of the "über buff"? (And did you register the domain name "" yet? LOL)

    BuffMother: Well, I just gritted my teeth a little harder... :) And thanks for the business tip! is a whole new level!

[ BSA ] It looks like June 2007 was an excellent month on your BodyBlog. Tell us a little about "Belief Building" and your emphasis on personal relationships.

    BuffMother: Yes it was an awesome month! I think building belief is the first and possibly most important step in achieving any goal! I really struggled in this area until I learned that the only way to build belief is to crush all doubt! Belief and doubt cannot co-exist.

    Personal relationships are absolutely crucial for many reasons. I always tell people that the key to your success is to encourage others! You always get back 100X's what you put in! That's a natural law which works every time!!

BuffMother BuffMother
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Michelle On Stage & Posing With Her Trophies.

[ BSA ] You've been featured in magazine ads, newspaper articles, TV news shows, and the like - what's it like to be a local celebrity? Do you get stopped at the supermarket by random strangers? LOL

    BuffMother: Well, honestly I don't get out much... and when I do, my kids tend to scare people off... just kidding. When I do go out, it's fun to get recognized and have people know who I am, but most of the time I am just a normal mom.

[ BSA ] You competed in the 2006 IFBB North American Amateur Figure Championships, correct? What was it like competing against the likes of Kristal (Rost) Richardson, Rebecca Slatt, Tracy Guarino, Pamela Soper, and the like? Did you already know some of the other ladies there before the contest?

    BuffMother: Yes, I did compete at the North American Figure Championships in Cleveland in September 2006. I had to get some closure about retiring from being a figure competitor and I got it at that show. For me wasn't about competing against anyone, and honestly I don't know any of those names.

Kristal Richardson Rebecca Slatt Pamela Soper
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Kristal Richardson, Becca Slatt, Pam Soper.

    I am a 100% natural athlete and that I think it is very sad to see the broad usage of "illegal" supplement use by figure girls. I could get really deep here, but that topic may be better left for another time.

IFBB North American Amateur Championships.
The 2006 IFBB North American Amateur Bodybuilding & Figure Championships were held in Cleveland, Ohio on September 16th, 2006. See who won!
[ Click here to learn more. ]

[ BSA ] LOL, well said. It's a touchy subject.

    BuffMother: Yes, so sad too.

BuffMother BuffMother
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BuffMother Is A 100% Natural Athlete.

[ BSA ] Your photo gallery is simply stunning. Who are some of the photographers you have enjoyed shooting with?

    BuffMother: Well, thanks! One of my favorite photographers is Emily McArthur. I have shot with her 5-6 times. I have worked with several other photographers also, but no real big names. I plan to work with those in the near future! (Emily is the one who took my wallpaper picture.)

[ BSA ] In watching all your videos, I've noticed that pink seems to be your favorite color, LOL. What are some of your other favorites, like favorite cheat meal, favorite supplements, favorite exercises, etc.?

    BuffMother: LOL!! I love pink!! Let's see... I love to cheat on pizza or potato chips, they get me every time. As for exercises, I love benching and squatting for sure, but my current favorite is actually conventional deadlifts.

    My favorite supplements have to include:

    Can coffee be considered a supplement? I use it as one!

BuffMother Loves Pink!

[ BSA ] Tell us about the 800m race (your first one in nearly 11 years and you slaughtered the competition!) - where, when, and why?

    BuffMother: Wow, that 800m race was an amazing experience! I used to run track, but had to quit due to a severe knee injury that I still deal with. I have Chondromalacia of the tibia, which basically means my bone is deteriorating. I had a knee scope that helped a bit but spent several years unable to run at all... The pain has been really bad at times. Now, however, I've actually been able to run a bit over the last couple years.

    Last Fall, I decided that I was going to get closure on my track career by doing another race. So I started training at the track and this spring found an NCAA race to compete at unattached. I was so nervous, but the race couldn't have gone better!! I ran a 2:14. Since the race, I haven't been back to the track. I have to say training in for vanity is much easier!

BuffMother Wins A College NCAA 800M Race.

[ BSA ] Some people have said that you look like Christy Brinkley. Do you think so? LOL

    BuffMother: That's quite a compliment! I wish it were true, LOL. Pictures are cool that way, you can capture different looks. Personally, I think I look a bit more like Elle Macpherson. (And by a bit, I mean a bit, hee hee - she is stunning!)

BuffMother BuffMother BuffMother
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Christy Brinkley, Michelle Berger, Elle Macpherson...
Triplets? You Decide.

Does BuffMother Resemble Christy Brinkley Or Elle Macpherson?

Christy Brinkley.
Elle Macpherson.

[ BSA ] LOL, I used to have a Sports Illustrated Elle MacPherson calendar up on my wall back in the day! Good times. Ok, last question - who do you look up to in the fitness industry, and why?

    BuffMother: Wow! That is a super toughie! I guess I look up to several people all for various reasons. Right now I am working a lot on the business side of things, so I'd have to say Bill Phillips.

    What he did with his Body For Life book, supplement line and challenge was amazing. He really did a big thing! He kept it simple, he led by example, he made products that were good, he encouraged others to lift and to change their lives. That's a lot of what I plan to do!

BuffMother BuffMother
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BuffMother Admires Bill Phillips.

[ BSA ] Great, and we'll be following your progress! Any final comments or anything else you want to tell other people on BodySpace,, and

    BuffMother: I want to thank everyone! It is so fun to receive such nice notes and warm compliments from fellow members. I really wish I had time to personally thank everyone. BodySpace is really very special to me because of the positive tone that the developers have worked so hard to create.

[ BSA ] Thank you, Michelle, for your time and your great profile on BodySpace! I hope you'll get a ton of hits and positive feedback because of this feature. Best of luck on your goals!

    BuffMother: Thank you!

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BuffMother's Stats

BuffMother BuffMother
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BuffMother, Making 10% BodyFat Look Good!

Lifting Stats:
Bench: Bicep Curl:
Squat: Barbell Rows:
Deadlift: Overhead Press:

BuffMother BuffMother
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The Key To Success Is To Encourage Others.

Profile Snapshot

As of Thursday, July 12, 2007 at 1:22 p.m. MDT, BuffMother's profile offered up the following numbers:

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BuffMother BuffMother
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