BodySpace Member Of The Month - Simonsurfer21 Caught The Fitness Wave And Rode It To Success!

The BodySpace Member of the Month June 2010 is Simonsurfer21. He was chosen because he is using nearly every applicable feature of BodySpace and making it look very impressive!

Article Summary:
  • Simonsurfer21 used to teach spinning classes and Les Mills Body Pump.
  • During his workout, and his number one played song is "All My Life" by the Foo Fighters.
  • Simon would like to visit Indonesia and Sri Lanka to catch some great surfing.


BodySpace Member Of The Month


July 2010: SimonSurfer21

Simon has been a member of BodySpace since October 17, 2009. He started out with a simple goal to put on a little mass, and after starting a simple resistance program he was hooked! Simon is an avid surfer and adventure racer. As a personal trainer, Simon strives for functional strength and fitness conditioning and a symmetrical physique. He wants to continue to motivate his clients and show them that it is possible to achieve your fitness goals! He is a positive inspiration for many people and continues to encourage others as well as keep himself in great shape!

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[ Q ] Where are you from, and how old are you?

I'm from Scotland - Perthsire originally, but I have traveled all over the world and finally set up base in North Devon to be closer to the sea so that I can surf more, workout and balance work. I'm 39, in December I will hit the big 40 and I still have loads I want to do physically.

[ Q ] How long have you been visiting and using BodySpace and how did you find out about it?

I have been a member of since October 2009. A mate recommended me to take a look and it's been a great source of inspiration. It's like a Facebook for bodybuilders without all the spam. It's great to see people of all ages in awesome physical shape.

It's Great To See People Of All Ages On BodySpace In Awesome Physical Shape
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It's Great To See People Of All Ages On
BodySpace In Awesome Physical Shape.

[ Q ] How long have you been working as a personal trainer?

I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years now staring off in sales and then progressing up to management. I ran a very exclusive health club in the city in London for several years and successfully set up a 73,000sqft state of the art club in Edinburgh.

Throughout this period I taught Spin and Les Mills Body Pump to release stress and get closer to my members. I decided to change direction from KPI's and spreadsheets and focus entirely on running my own business so that I could free up more time to surf. So I qualified as an Advanced Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist over 5 years ago and haven't looked back since. Being a personal trainer can be such an awarding role.

[ Q ] What made you decide to get yourself into such great shape?

I have always been involved with sports. At 18 I was a professional Jockey and when I hung up my boots at 23 I needed a new sport to play. I got into touch with rugby in Scotland and my brother introduced me to the gym to bulk up a little as I was only 121 lbs. It took me several years to put on mass but once I passed my Personal Training exams I realized that I could do things smarter. I wanted to improve my shape to show people that at any age if you put in the right hard work, eat well and look after yourself you can achieve anything.

It Took Me Several Years To Put On Mass But Once I Passed My Personal Training Exams I Realized That I Could Do Things Smarter
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It Took Me Several Years To Put On Mass But Once I Passed My Personal Training Exams I Realized That I Could Do Things Smarter.

[ Q ] Have you done any contests?

Nope, never thought about it but with all the kind words and encouragement I get from the community I'm seriously thinking about it.

[ Q ] What is the most important thing you've learned since you started training?

Work through the full range of motion of each exercise, don't cheat on reps or sets, and keep a diary of your training that way you will know if you have improved. The most important thing though is follow a progressive routine and don't waver from it!

[ Q ] What are your top 3 workout songs?

I just looked at my IPod at the Top 25 most played playlist, and the top 3 were:
1. All My Life, Foo Fighters
2. Talk, Coldplay (Thin White Duke remix which is 9 minutes long)
3. Dog Days Are Over, Florence And The Machine.
Oh, and if I could have a 4th, it's Farewell to the Fairground by the White Lies.

[ Q ] If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Indonesia, it's got perfect waves, warm water, and sun. And besides he tourist season, I'd want to go to Sri Lanka.

Work Through The Full Range Of Motion Of Each Exercise And Don't Cheat On Reps Or Sets
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Work Through The Full Range Of Motion Of Each
Exercise And Don't Cheat On Reps Or Sets.

[ Q ] If I looked in your refrigerator, what would I find?

Tomatoes, Beets, Fat Free Fromage Fray, Milk, Chilies, Salmon Steaks, Chicken Breasts, Butter, Strawberries, and Raspberries.

[ Q ] What is the best fitness advice you could give to someone?

Keep on keeping on! I'm always surprised how many people tell me they spend months in the gym working out but then losing faith and giving up. The answer is usually the same. You gave up just at the time your body was about to start showing real results. Changing shape can take time, determination, and patience if it took weeks I'd be out of a job and everyone would have a six pack.

Changing Shape Can Take Time, Determination, And Patience
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Changing Shape Can Take Time, Determination, And Patience.

[ Q ] What are your future fitness goals?

I'm entered into 3 high profile adventure races at the end of the year with my mate Calvin. We hope to win at least one of them. I'm going to put on an inch on each leg to gain more symmetry. It's kind of hard to gain in this area mainly due to teaching spinning 4 times per week.

My legs are always on the go and never really have time to rest and grow. I have changed my training around and I should start seeing results soon. My main goal though is to catch a tube before the end of my 40th year. I've been surfing for a while now and I can feel that this will happen it's a real life goal that must be realized.

[ Q ] Is there anything you would like to say to all the BodySpace people out there?

Thank you all that have commented, added me or been added as a friend, answered my emails and sent one back. Your advice, encouragement and mean, lean photos have kept me focused and continue improving. Keep on keeping on!

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