Kris Gethin's 2009 Weekly BodyGroup Highlights - Part 2.

I have decided to highlight some of the most personally satisfying comments left by our 2009 Transformation BodyGroup. I am sure our BodyGroup will have the most unbelievable results, and in the process transform their lives.

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The past two weeks have been eventful and educational. Having watched the 2009 Transformation BodyGroup ask great questions, they are also answering them with detail and enthusiasm.

Helping everyone with similar goals brings our group even closer, more motivated and accountable, and this is what makes our BodyGroup part of a culture more than any community in the health and fitness industry does.

The 2009 Transformation Group The 2009 Transformation Group
We all want to transform our bodies and feel better about ourselves. By joining this group you should be prepared to be motivated by others. We are the contagious group of motivators! In 12 weeks we will all have defined abs and bulging biceps. Where will you be? You cant beat us so you might as well join us.
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Some people are losing inches more than pounds and vice versa, either way, as long as we all steer our cars in the right direction we will eventually get to our goal destination.

There is some confusion from some members in regards to why they can see their body change in the mirror more than what their scales are telling them. This is because their body composition is changing and they are lightly to be adding muscle while burning fat. Muscle weighs much more than fat so this can add a little haywire to a second guessing individual. The more I see these types of comments and questions posted, the more educated we can all be and understand the why's, how's, and what's.

What Are BodyGroups?
Bodygroups are a great online support system. Don't try to do it all alone! Want to achieve success, reach a goal, stay motivated and have other fitness enthusiasts keep you accountable? Then BodyGroups is the best tool for you!

Below are four members I am highlighting this week, not only for their weight loss, but for their contribution to the 2009 Transformation BodyGroup, motivational comments and loyalty to others.

2009 Transformation Group Highlights

PHATERIK: GOAL: "To Eat Healthy And Excercise Today."
PHATerik PHATerik
BodyGroup Comment:
Just checking in. Good to see everyone doing well. Thanks to Mr. Gethin taking the time to do this for us, I'm down another 4 lbs in two weeks, bringing my total to 14.5 lbs in three weeks. Long way to go, but a great start. I am physically 1000% better than I was when I started. My muscles are adapting to the lifting, and I can't live without the cardio. Stay strong everyone. Here's to another great week!
PHATerik's Weight.
GRIFFITH22: GOAL: "Maintain Muscle Mass While Losing Fat."
Griffith22 Griffith22
BodyGroup Comment:
I'm doing the transformation. I'm not big on pictures. I have a body composition done once a month and as my bodyfat % goes down I know imp on the right track. I can also tell the way I look from clothes and I'm pretty acute with my system I can tell if I put on weight or lost weight even if it's a lb. it's something you tend to develop the longer you train. And motivating others is keeping me going to the gym as well.
CALTRIATHLON: GOAL: "Lose 30lbs by June 2009."
caltriathlon caltriathlon
BodyGroup Comment:
I just love logging into this group and seeing all this motivation. I gotta say it's just an awesome workout program. It provides the right amount of resting time, and nutrition along with modifications in workouts keeping my body always in shock!!!!! I love taking a pic every week and seeing the amazing gains.
caltriathlon's Weight.
ANEESHSS: GOAL: "I Want 15 inch Biceps And A Six Pack Abs."
aneeshss aneeshss
BodyGroup Comment:
cosmosmajor4507, thanks for the reminder, I really needed that. I made a few changes - dropped the rice, egg yolk, trying to eat cleaner and I upped the cardio to 20-25 mins. This time my weight has stopped increasing - Thank You. Hope to loose some more fat going into week three. The first day today was fantastic. Good luck to you and everyone. Great to see everyone sticking it out. WE CAN DO IT!!!
aneeshss's Weight.

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