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How Bodybuilding.com Can Propel Your Career Like It Did Mine!

I found Bodybuilding.com while in college and found it to be like my second family. Everyone on the forums was helpful and knowledgeable and I learned a lot. Find out what this led to and what you can do for similar success!

Article Summary:
  • This article will help you land a job with a supplement company.
  • Go to the forums and give as much feedback as you can on products.
  • Introduce yourself to companies and network as much as possible.
  • Once upon a time in a land far, far away... STOP! This is no fairy tale. Although sometimes I do wake up and have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. For those who don't know my story from the Bodybuilding.com forums, my professional career began as a personal trainer in a local gym. I was a trainer during and after college and wanted to further my career.

    Those of you who are trainers understand the love that comes with helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. The same thing goes with the supplement industry.

    After several years of training I wished I could live my dream and make the change over into the supplement industry. Anyone who knows the industry knows that it is difficult to land a job with any supplement company, let alone one of the world's largest.

    Author, Matt Weik: I Wished I Could Live My Dream And Make The Change Over Into The Supplement Industry.
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    Author, Matt Weik: I Wished I Could Live My Dream
    And Make The Change Over Into The Supplement Industry.

    My Story

    I found Bodybuilding.com while in college and found it to be like my second family. Everyone on the forums was helpful and knowledgeable in the industry and I learned a lot from everyone's experiences.

    I started contributing to the forums and was considered a knowledgeable resource and was helping as many people as I could not only about supplement usage, but also health and fitness.

    Soon after that I was asked by Bodybuilding.com if I would be interested in doing some articles/interviews for them. From there, I got a call from a representative of MET-Rx asking if I would be interested in becoming a board rep for the company.

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    At that point I was not employed by the company and was not paid any monetary amount, it was agreed upon that I would be able to get some free product for my time on the board answering questions. Being a poor college student at the time, that was as good as gold to me. I ran with the opportunity and was answering product questions for the company on the forums.

    I kept telling MET-Rx anything that I can help them with just ask and I'll do it. I was itching for the opportunity to prove myself to them and possibly land a job with them down the road.

    Then there were some forks in the road with things going on in my life and a tragedy in the family which everyone goes through at some point. Some things you just can't plan for, it's not in our plans and only God knows what the deal is. It seemed as if all my hopes and dreams went down the pooper.

    Author, Matt Weik: I Was Itching For The Opportunity To Prove Myself To Them.
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    Author, Matt Weik: I Was Itching For
    The Opportunity To Prove Myself To Them.

    I was questioning if the choices I made for my career were really going to take me anywhere and if all the hard work I've done is ever going to pay off.

    Literally a couple days after tragedy struck my family, I got a call from the national distribution manager of MET-Rx asking if I could meet him in Philadelphia to talk about some opportunities. That was my break.

    We sat down a few days later and I was offered a regional manager position with the company. Everything happens for a reason, right? I felt like a million bucks and as if I was on top of the world.

    I had to hold back during the meeting from showing my true excitement as I didn't want to look like a freak. Needless to say, I accepted the position and am to this day the Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager for MET-Rx and Worldwide Nutrition.

    I also need to say thank you to my contacts up at the corporate office that have helped me when I was just a board rep. We are all very good friends now and have a great story line to go along with our working relationship.

    I was always in contact with them learning as much as I could about every aspect of the company. I'm not going to be a name dropper, you know who you are, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I Was Always In Contact With Them Learning As Much As I Could About Every Aspect Of The Company.
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    I Was Always In Contact With Them Learning As
    Much As I Could About Every Aspect Of The Company.

    Also, Bodybuilding.com... this is where it all began. I owe everything to them, because without their website I would have never had the opportunity to showcase my talents and help and touch as many people as I have. I get emails every single day from people who tell me stories about how my articles help them reach their fitness/health goals or from people who have questions.

    And I will say this, I sit down and answer every single email I get no matter how long it takes. This industry has done so much for me that I want to give back as much as possible.

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    Now It's Your Turn

    Now I'm sure you're thinking how great it would be if you could also break through into the industry. This article is not only to be a source of inspiration for you, but I am going to outline the steps you need to take to help increase your chances of landing a job with a supplement company.

    I'm Going To Outline Some Steps To Increase Your Chances Of Landing A Job.
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    I'm Going To Outline Some Steps To
    Increase Your Chances Of Landing A Job.

    Now this is not a guarantee, so I don't want you to go nuts doing everything I say in the first week and expect to have a job within two weeks. Things don't happen that quickly, and let's be serious for a second - the economy is horrible and companies really aren't looking to increase their staff if they don't need to. However, prove yourself to be an asset and anything can happen.

    dot Join The Bodybuilding.com Forum: dot

      Here is your first step. Make sure you create a user name and join the Bodybuilding.com forum. Take in as much knowledge as you can and also contribute as much as you can.

      Now I don't mean go to the MISC. section and talk about your favorite TV show or what you plan on doing this weekend. I'm talking about contributing to anything under the Supplement Section heading. There are many sub-sections under it that you can go through and help people.

    Take In As Much Knowledge As You Can And Also Contribute As Much As You Can.
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    Take In As Much Knowledge As You Can
    And Also Contribute As Much As You Can.

      Feedback on products is very helpful so make sure you review products you try and let people know your thoughts and experiences. There are tons of questions each day on what products people should use for bulking/cutting that you could help answer based on your experience. Get your hands in every aspect of the forum and help out as many people as you can.

    Bodybuilding.com Forums Bodybuilding.com Forums:
    Supplements Threads.

    The supplement threads on the forums will provide you with everything you need to know about the newest and greatest supplements on the market.

    [ Check Out The Supplements Threads Here ]

    dot Write Articles: dot

      Become a writer for the site and submit anything you write to them for consideration. If you are lucky enough to have your article chosen, thousands of people will have access to your work.

      Make sure you take your time with the articles and make sure the content is solid. People will base their opinion of you from your articles if you are credible or not. Do your research on a topic and make sure the facts are correct and truthful.


    We want your advice, experiences, research, and knowledge on any aspect of bodybuilding or fitness. You can give us your training advice, nutritional tips, precontest plan and how it worked, muscle gaining tips, supplementation stacks that have worked well for you and anything else that relates to fitness. To get started all you need to do is send us an e-mail with:

    • Your first article.
    • A link to your BodySpace profile.
    • A few photos of yourself.
    • Your background history and biography.
    • Send to kris@bodybuilding.com.

    dot Introduce Yourself To Companies: dot

      Once you get some experience on the forums and have some articles under your belt, it's time to showcase your portfolio. Send out some emails or letters to companies you are interested in becoming a board rep for.

      Introduce yourself and explain how you would like to help their company have a better presence on the world's largest health and fitness website. Attach to your articles to the email or letter for them to view and mention that they can take a look at some of your work at their convenience.

      Explain to them why you feel you would be a good candidate and what qualifications you have. Tell them how much time you give them towards promoting their company and products on the forum.

    Explain To Them Why You Feel You Would Be A Good Candidate And What Qualifications You Have.
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    Explain To Them Why You Feel You Would Be
    A Good Candidate And What Qualifications You Have.

      Tell them to feel free to contact you if they would like any further information or if they would like to have an interview to introduce all parties involved.

      I will say this, don't contact a company whose products you don't use. There is a good possibility that they will ask you some questions about their products and if you don't know the answers you will look like an idiot. Not cool.

      Remember, everyone knows each other in the supplement industry. So unfortunately, if you make a bad impression, someone else will know about you in a negative way as well.

    Bodybuilding.com Forums Bodybuilding.com Forums:
    Careers At Bodybuilding.com.

    Check out the latest job openings for Bodybuilding.com. Join our team and help people reach their fitness goals!.

    [ Check Out The Careers At Bodybuilding.com Here ]

    dot Knowledge Is Key: dot

      Grab every book and magazine you can get your hands on and learn as much about the industry as possible. Make sure you are also knowledgeable about the fitness side of the business as well.

      The last thing you want to do is be talking to someone about products and know nothing about working out or proper nutrition.

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    We have hand picked the best books for bodybuilders. From nutrition and working out to supplements books, we have everything you need to get educated about fitness.
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      Be well rounded. Learn as much as you can about health, fitness, nutrition, and supplementation. Knowledge is power and can set you apart from everyone else striving for the same goals and career as you.

    dot Follow Your Dreams: dot

      If getting into the supplement industry is something you want to do then don't let anyone else take that dream away from you. Only you can stand in the way of greatness. Your future is in your hands and you create your own destiny. Put in the time and effort and all great things will follow.

      Strive to be the best at everything you do. Never settle for being "average". Average people get "average" jobs. You want greatness! Stay motivated and write down everything you want to accomplish and put it on a timeline so you have something to look at to remind you of your upcoming goals.

    Strive To Be The Best At Everything You Do.
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    Strive To Be The Best At Everything You Do.

      Surround yourself with positive people. Negative people will only bring you down. Allow the people who are behind you to push you harder to achieve more with your life. After all, they are in your corner for a reason - they want to see you succeed just as much as you want to.

    dot Have Fun: dot

      This one should be a no-brainer. If you aren't having fun with something then why do it? If you pick up a magazine and get sick of reading about supplements or fitness, maybe the industry isn't for you. However, if you can't seem to keep your hands off books/magazines and you want to absorb as much information as possible - then this is the career for you.

      I love what I do and am absolutely obsessed with this industry. Every chance I get I jump on the opportunity to do more with all my relationships I have in the industry. Get your hands in everything you can.

    Are You Interested In Getting A Job In The Fitness Industry?

    I'm On The Fence


    Get your name out there and make people notice you. If you sit back and let people steal your opportunities you will be stuck doing whatever you are doing currently. Go out and meet people. Shake their hands and introduce yourself.

    Once you get there, live the dream. Pinch yourself a couple times to make sure you won't wake up from what feels like a dream. The feeling you get from waking up every day and going to a job you love, is like no other feeling in the world. I wouldn't trade it for anything and neither should you. Never settle for less than the best!