’s Personal Touch Keeps It Ahead Of The Pack! is the internets most visited bodybuilding and fitness website and largest online retailer on nutritional supplement. Check out how our employees work hard for you!

dot's Personal Touch Keeps It Ahead of the Pack


Boise, ID - October 5, 2010 -, the Internet's most-visited bodybuilding and fitness site and largest online retailer of nutritional supplements, is the sole supplement retailer to earn the 2010 Bizrate Circle of Excellence Award. This is their second year receiving this prestigious award. The award recognizes retailers that provided outstanding online customer experiences throughout the year, as rated by their customers.

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A widely recognized symbol of trust and dedication to customer service, the 2010 Bizrate Circle of Excellence award was earned by the top 2.7% online retailers in Bizrate's North American Network. Online retailers earning this respected award received significantly higher customer ratings than the network average across seven key satisfaction indicators: overall satisfaction at the point-of-sale, product selection, ease of finding products, repurchase intent after order was received, product meeting expectations, on-time delivery of order and customer support assistance.

" pulls ahead of the pack by always keeping the customer in mind during every aspect of business development - from the layout of store and content pages, to the 24 hour customer support team, to the world class warehouse fulfillment time; we always have customer satisfaction in mind. We truly listen to what our customers need, and make it a reality," Director of Consumer Insights, Colin Eggleston.

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What Makes Stand Apart

What else makes stand apart from the competition?

We Communicate

First off, employees are encouraged to talk. Yes, talk. With no quotas or sales pushes, employees are encouraged to truly help the customer with unsolicited advice for as long as their time is needed. It's not your average run of the mill advice either. Employees go through rigorous training on the latest products and instrumental customer service protocols.

We Are Our Own Managers

Second, every employee is a manager. employees are empowered to make independent decisions on case-by-case situations. They don't have to put the customer on hold, track down an upper level manager, and force the customer to explain their issue multiple times to simply receive the refund they deserve. All customer service representatives hold the power to handle the situation immediately and are able offer a free gift or coupon if they deem the situation worthy. By encouraging employees take an active role with the customer they naturally feel inclined to become more involved. Case in point, over 500 hand written cards are sent out to customers each week "just because."

We Have Fun

Lastly, happy employees equal happy customers. Employees partake in monthly team building activities including: basketball tournaments, bowling, dunk tanks and BBQ's. They also participate in volunteer events such as community restoration projects, charitable runs and environmental clean-ups. Employees who feel good about what they are doing and who they are working with spread that feeling to the customer.

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Going The Extra Mile

" has been wonderful to me since my first order over a year ago. They always check in with me to see how things are going and immediately answer my questions when I have them. The products are always priced right and delivered fast,"

- recent customer. offers more than 12,000 health and fitness supplements and accessories to help people achieve their health, fitness and appearance goals, as well as over 25,000 pages of FREE bodybuilding and fitness information, including more than 12,000 articles (written by 525+ writers), video and audio segments, and new content added daily. Fit Employee Spotlight Star Employees put words into action and show they are truly living a fitter, healthier lifestyle through information, motivation, and supplementation. A new employee will be chosen each month...

Annelise Driflot

Annelise Driflot Name: Annelise Driflot
Age: 24
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 145 lbs
BodySpace: Amped Up Annelise

Kirk Calzacorta

Kirk Calzacorta Name: Kirk Calzacorta
Age: 28
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 lbs
BodySpace: calzacorta

Andrew Beck

Andrew Beck Name: Andrew Beck
Age: 26
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180 lbs
BodySpace: AnaerobicAndrew

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson Name: Eric Johnson
Age: 26
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 203 lbs
BodySpace: Endorush Eric

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