FitBiz Podcast Interview: Cardiovascular Health With Bob Quast.

This week, Tom Perkins and Dave DePew get the inside scoop on the business end of the Fitness industry from Bob Quast! Learn about his success as the Senior Director for Cardiovascular Product Management at Life Fitness, and much more here...

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Interview with LifeFitness' Bob Quast.
Main Topic: His success as Senior Director for Cardiovascular Product Management at Life Fitness (!

January 12, 2007; 27:51 minutes; 6.38 MB  audio

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About This Episode

Learn How To Achieve Cardiovascular Health!

    Bob Quast is Senior Director for Cardiovascular Product Management at Life Fitness (

    With more than 16 years of experience in the fitness industry behind him, Bob is responsible for all aspects of Life Fitness cardiovascular product development.

Bob Quast
Bob Quast.

    Fluent in German and English, Bob worked in marketing management for a year and a half at the Life Fitness German European Headquarters. He’s also held positions in international sales, channel marketing and market research for Life Fitness. For an industry edge, Bob conducted internships as an athletic trainer for the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks.

    Bob’s expertise includes cardiovascular equipment for health club and home use, cardio fitness machine design, testing and durability, trends and innovations in cardio fitness equipment, including personalized entertainment and the latest in equipment design. He also has experience in cardiovascular equipment for baby boomers, the physically challenged and other exercisers with special needs.

    Holding a master’s degree in international management from Thunderbird in Arizona, Bob also received a master’s degree overseas from the European Business School in Ostrich-Winkel, Germany. His bachelor’s degree of arts is from DePauw University in Indiana.

-> Here Are A Few Of The Questions Bob Answered:

    Tell me a little about your background in fitness and your role at Life Fitness.

    What sets Life Fitness apart from other equipment manufacturers?

    The Summit Trainer is a new cardio product for Life Fitness. Tell me about it.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Summit Trainer.

    How does the Summit Trainer work?

    What kinds of fitness programs does the Summit Trainer offer?

    How will a product like the Summit Trainer help with attraction and retention to a club/gym?

    Was this product developed to meet a demand in the industry?

    What trends does Life Fitness see going forward and what types of products is it developing to meet this demand?