HCF-1 Super Supplement: The Future Of Sports?

There is a new product in development, ready to explode onto the supplement scene and make all else obsolete. It's the newest advancement in science, and cutting edge technology to say the least...
There is a new product in development, ready to explode onto the supplement scene and make all else obsolete . It's the newest advancement in science, and cutting edge technology to say the least.

Not until the 1980's did supplements really start to advance in terms of taste, ingredients, and nutritional value. Oh sure, supplements had been around since the 1950's...but they were simple in nature and not the greatest tasting, unless it was loaded with sugar. With the dawning of the 80's came the greatest invention to hit the supplement industry since Bob Hoffman's Pro-teen Powder...ASPARTAME!

Dieting became 50% easier when Aspartame hit the shelves. I can remember like it was yesterday...Crystal Lite, sugarless everything, and the all time favorite...EQUAL! Suddenly oatmeal wasn't so bad, water came in 6 flavors instead of tap and the normally grueling 14 week pre-contest diet was tolerable.

There didn't seem to be any drawbacks to using Aspartame... it didn't make you hold water, didn't add any calories, was zero carb, etc. Oh yeah, there was that little thing I read about Aspartame "supposedly" affecting memory... and I thought there was something else but it seems to be escaping me at the moment....anyway....

As the late, great 80's came to a close, the 1990's saw the supplement industry sky rocket! All kinds of technologically advanced products started to flood the bodybuilding market...Hot Stuff, Steel bars, whey protein, Cybergenics, more stuff...and the granddaddy of them all...CREATINE!

Creatine exploded into the marketplace in the early 1990's. By the late 1990's, there were more than 10 different kinds of creatine. Creatine phosphate, creatine monohydrate, creatine effervescent, etc. Each "new" company claimed to have a creatine bigger, better and more efficient than the last. "New advanced studies have shown...", "New AND improved...", "More Anabolic than Anabolics..." needless to say, Creatine did show tremendous results and was here to stay.

Now there has been another advancement in creatine, one that just may change the world of competitive sports FOREVER. Our good friends (lab rats) at Higher Power Inc. are on the cutting edge of unleashing the newest, most innovative and CONTROVERSIAL supplement EVER to be invented...

Introducing: Helium Creatine Factor-1

It was thought that the "effervescent" creatine was the fastest delivery system to the muscles, it WAS. Now the research team has discovered that Helium isn't just as fast, but 10 TIMES faster at delivering creatine than anything previously combined.

Here's how it works, the Helium/Creatine Phosphate combines at the molecular level to load into the muscular system by way of H2O, being that Helium's "staying power" is 10 times longer lasting than basic carbonation... and lighter than air itself, the "loading phase" is multiplied by 10.

Here's the advantage, with 10 times the normal amount of Helium intergrated into the muscles...your actual weight will be anywhere from 50-75 lbs. LIGHTER than normal due to the body mass index (BMI) being altered. A competitor normally weighing 250 lbs. could weigh in between 175 lbs. to 200 lbs.!

Bob Chic takes to overall, most muscular, best poser and wins his class in the Men's Bantamweight (Under 108 pounds).

Imagine having the "look" of a super-heavyweight and competing as a MIDDLEWEIGHT! Obviously, this will change the face of modern bodybuilding as we know it, and revolutionize the sports world for all time!

Imagine the track records that will fall when athletes can compete at 30-40% lighter with the same strength. A long jump of 45-50 ft., a 6 second 50 M sprint...a 13-14 ft. High jump, etc. A high diver being able to summersault 7-8 times before hitting water, basketball players being able to dunk from half court, baseball players being able to jump 20 ft. in the air to flag down a potential home-run ball, etc.

"We can't keep it on the shelves!"

- Joe, Bodybuilding.com.

Like any new product, there is extensive testing being done to promote safe usage. So far, the only reported drawbacks from our test subjects have been higher pitched voices, and in some extreme cases, subjects reported that their urine "floated" in air. I believe both to be of minor consequence given the advanced degree in which the athlete will be able to perform.

Where Can I Get It?

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