Billy Urias Lost A Total Of 71 Lbs And Took His Life Back!

After a near fatal motorcycle accident Billy started to pack on the pounds. He knew that something had to change. Here's how he did it!

Vital Stats

Name: Billy Urias


Bodyspace: BillyUrias

Billy Urias Billy Urias


275 lbs
Body Fat:


204 lbs
Body Fat:

Why I Got Started

I played football, soccer, ran track, and did powerlifting in high school. When I was not doing one of those sports I was always out playing with friends and didn't spend much time at home.

As the years went on my activity level decreased more and more. My weight had been up and down for a couple of years and it was holding steady around 230 pounds after a near-fatal motorcycle accident back in '06. After the accident I couldn't do anything for a while and pretty much ate everything. I stopped working out and just watched my weight continue to go up.

My story is not much different than anyone else's really. One day you take a look at yourself in the mirror, or you are looking at photographs of yourself and you realize what happened to you. Then you go and take the final plunge and step onto a scale and it finally hits you. You are the heaviest you have ever been and you feel like you have no control. This was where my journey began.

One Day You Take A Look At Yourself In The Mirror And You Realize What Happened To You One Day You Take A Look At Yourself In The Mirror And You Realize What Happened To You
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One Day You Take A Look At Yourself In The Mirror
And You Realize What Happened To You.

How I Did It

I had been a member of BodySpace for a while but never really used the site for what it is really meant for. Once I made the decision to change my lifestyle and get into shape, I started to use the site for what it was made for. I started reading articles and doing my homework. One day I logged onto and saw a video series called Tri-Phase featuring Marc Lobliner and Derek Charlebois. I was intrigued by what I saw and decided to find more info about them. Digging around I found what I sought for and proceeded to gather information. I ended up in the forum and read Marc and Derek's journals and saw they were offering free dieting and training.

I worked my way to and found the Team Scivation page and signed up. It took a couple of day to get my questionnaire and once I received it, I filled it out and sent it back in. I did my own thing in the gym until I received my diet and training from Derek and that is where my store begins. As everyone knows goals are a key component to achieving success. I went and supported a friend who was doing a bodybuilding show and that was when I decided to compete.

It took me a little mor than a year and a half to get to the stage; it was not an easy road. I had my ups and downs and points where I just wanted to quit and crawl back into the fat person I was. My drive and determination to become better than I was put me back on track, and knowing that my goal was within reach. It started in October of '08 and is now my lifestyle. I have found meaning in my life and new goals to reach and break and am preparing for a run at an IFBB pro card one day.

I Have Found Meaning In My Life And New Goals To Reach And Break I Have Found Meaning In My Life And New Goals To Reach And Break
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I Have Found Meaning In My Life And New Goals To Reach And Break.


Note: Supplement dosages and schedule listed below in Diet section.


My diet has changed from when I first started. When I first started I was eating a little over 1800 calories and as weight loss stalled the calories went down.

Meal 1:

Meal 2:

Meal 3: Pre Workout

Meal 4: Post Workout

Meal 5:

Meal 6:


Scivation Antagonistic Training System

  • Week 1: 2 x 6-10
  • Week 2: 3 x 6-10
  • Week 3: 4 x 6-10
  • Week 4: 5 x 6-10

Alternate between sets for each exercise (ie. Perform one set of squats then one set of Stiff Legged Deadlifts) Repeat until all sets for each exercise are completed then proceed to the next two exercises. 1 minute rest between sets.

The Week 4 Workout looked like this:

Day 1: Quadriceps/Hamstring/Calves

Day 2: Biceps/Triceps/Forearms

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Back/Chest

Day 5: Delts/Traps/Core

Days 6 And 7: Rest

Note: Cardio was done 6 days a week first thing in the morning and started at 30min and went up to 45min. HIIT was performed 2x a week, at 15/45 intervals 5min warm up, 15min HIIT, 10min cool down.

Suggestions For Others

Once you get started set small goals for yourself and strive to achieve them. Once you have achieved them, then set new ones and strive to achieve them. One thing I found that worked for me, other than achieving the small goals, was having a bigger one to work toward. The Texas Shredder was my big goal and with every little goal achieved, nothing was going to stop me from achieving the big one. Last little bit of advice I can offer that I have taken to heart and that I got from none other than Marc Lobliner himself is, "Don't sweat the small stuff, the body is not a textbook."

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