Training Tips: Futile Motion For Fat Loss!

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Futile Motion For Fat Loss
Glutamine is the most important amino acid in the body. Find out what it can do for you.

Did you know you can burn calories all day long just by fidgeting?

  • Studies have shown that people who fidget burn many more calories during the day than people who do not fidget.

  • This futile motion is not execise. It is movements such as a jumpy leg or looking in different directions, etc.

  • The key to remember is movement. Movement burns calories.

  • If you are not a fidgeter, try moving around more during the day. Get up from your chair more frequently, if you need to get something from upstairs, go up, come down then go up again and get it.

  • Any extra movement will burn calories and that is the name of the fat loss game.

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