Bethany Carter Howlett Interview!

The new brand of super hard-body that is hitting the fitness competitions belongs to Bethany Carter Howlett, born on November 3, 1977 in Fairfax, Virginia. She has been involved in bodybuilding and fitness for over a decade.
Personal Profile
Name: Bethany Carter Howlett
Date of Birth: November 3, 1977 (24 years old)
Sign: Scorpio
Marital Status: Single
Residence: Falls Church, VA (suburb of Washington, DC)

Bust: 34 DD
Waist: 24 in
Hips: 34 in
Biceps: 13 in
Quadriceps: 21 in
Off-Season Weight: 145lbs
Contest Weight: 135lbs

Bust: 36 DD
Waist: 26 in
Hips: 36 in
Biceps: 15 in
Quadriceps: 23 in
Off-Season Weight: 185lbs
Contest Weight: 160 lbs

More About Me
Height: 5 ft 6 in
My Personality: Energetic, kind, caring, overachiever
Best Body Part: Calves and Glutes
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Nationality: Swedish
Favorite Music: Everything
Education: M.S. Molecular Biology
B.S. Molecular Biology
B.A. Music (Vocal Performance)
Minor Spanish Language
Occupation: Founder/Owner/President of Better Bodies By Bethany, Inc.
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, gymnastics, writing poetry, reading, shopping.
In 10 Years: To be living in Boca Raton, Florida, where I own my own chain of interconnected physical therapy clinics and gyms in which I am a practicing physical therapist and a professional fitness competitor.

Personal Contest History
2001 2001 Pittsburgh Pro Fitness Classic Fitness Pro Division 19th place
2001 2001 Jan Tana Pro Fitness Classic Fitness Pro Division 145 lbs. 11th place
2000 2000 NPC Team Universe Pro Qualifier Fitness Tall Class --- 2nd Place
2000 2000 NPC USAs Fitness Tall Class --- 7th Place
2000 The Monica Brant Fitness Classic* Fitness Tall Class --- 2nd Place
1999 NPC Nationals Fitness Tall Class 140 lbs. 15th Place
1999 NPC Europa Fitness Extravaganza* Fitness Tall Class 140 lbs. 1st Place Overall
1999 NPC USAs Fitness Tall Class 140 lbs. 10th Place
1999 NPC Jan Tana* Fitness Tall Class 140 lbs. 2nd Place
1998 NPC Collegiate Nationals* Women's Open Heavyweight 163 lbs. 1st Place Overall
1998 NPC Junior Nationals* Women's Open Heavyweight 163 lbs. 5th Place
1997 NPC Virginia/D.C. State Women's Open Heavyweight 151 lbs. 1st Place Overall
* Note: Also received the award for "Best Poser/Routine".

The new brand of super hard-body that is hitting the fitness competitions belongs to Bethany Carter Howlett, born on November 3, 1977 in Fairfax, Virginia. She has been involved in bodybuilding and fitness for over a decade. This new fitness pro earned her I.F.B.B. professional fitness status at the 2000 NPC Team Universe Championships.

During her childhood Bethany included many activities such as softball, ballet, cheerleading, with an elite-level career in gymnastics, singing, modeling, volunteer work, and extensive academics. Bethany attended Chantilly High School, where she was a member of the internationally recognized show choir that was voted first in the nation by Downbeat magazine. She was also was a member of the gifted and talented program, where Bethany tied with another woman for the prestigious title of class Valedictorian, closing a four-year high school career with over a 4.0 GPA. Upon graduating she then accepted an academic scholarship at the University of Virginia, where she studied Molecular Biology, Music with a specialization in Vocal Performance, and the Spanish language. After the University of Virginia she transferred to George Mason University, where Bethany completed a double major in Molecular Biology and Music, with a minor in Spanish finishing her master's degree in molecular biology at George Mason University in August of 2000.

Wow! Beauty and brains what a combination. Before turning to fitness, Bethany was on her way up to becoming a top nationally ranked bodybuilder. So why the switch to fitness from bodybuilding? The answer for Bethany was simple and quite obvious. Fitness is the up and coming sport in the bodybuilding industry. Fitness shows and fitness type athletes are given much more press coverage these days than those in the female bodybuilding arena. Not to mention that fitness allows Bethany to show off thirteen years of gymnastics experience too.

CS: You were born in Fairfax, Virginia - What was the date of that faithful day?
BH: November 3, 1977. Did you grow up in Virginia?
BH: Yes. What nationality are you?
BH: Swedish. What kind of relationship did you have with your parents?
BH: We were very close family. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
BH: I have two younger sisters, Andrea and Susan Howlett. Did you and your sisters get along or did you have those sisterly fights?
BH: We got along, but of course, had sisterly fights. Did your athletic background start in school? Were you competitive?
BH: I was a very athletic child and an extremely competitive person academically and athletically. Were you a good student in high school? Did you ever get into trouble?
BH: I was an excellent student - first in the class---I never got in trouble. Did you always have good grades?
BH: I always have had excellent grades. What athletic events did you compete in high school?
BH: I played softball, did gymnastics, was a cheerleader, took dance classes, ballet and jazz, as well as tap, and was a member of showchoir as well as the select choir. You never got in trouble. Working hard on those grades, did you have time for any social life outside of school?
BH: Yes, I had a wonderful social life, I was Homecoming Princess three years in a row, and won Homecoming athletic, and academic clubs. What type of things did you and your H.S. friends do to have fun?
BH: Since we lived so close to Washington, D.C., we grew up in the night club scene - as well as attended the normal high school house parties. What got you started bodybuilding?

BH: When I chose to attend UVA, I had to quit gymnastics since there was and still is no gymnastics team at the school. I then turned to the gym and the weights to cure my appetite for intense workouts. Wow! Softball, gymnastics, cheerleader, dance classes and choir. I assume you excelled in all of them. Did you have a favorite?
BH: Gymnastics and choir. Homecoming princess, great grades and all these other extra curricular activities…were you liked or disliked by most in school? We all know when growing up the popular people are usually the most disliked. Was that the case with you too?
BH: I was very liked-I have never had an enemy-I love everyone. I am the type of friend that everyone depends on---I would do anything for the people that I care about. Can you give your fans a story during those times that you remember the most? Something that made a difference in your progress in life.
BH: Believing in yourself is what determines your progress in life. This is how I was able to achieve so much at such a young age. My parents never pushed me that hard, nor did any relationship that I was ever involved in-coaches and teachers pushed me the most next to myself. The best thing that I can say is never wait for someone to bring you flowers, instead plant your own garden. What got you started in bodybuilding? Did you have any influences?
BH: Myself. I have worked with supposed gurus, professional bodybuilders, etc.---no one has ever really been there for me besides me. At this level everyone wants to put their two cents in but no one knows your body like you do. I believe in myself and work hard for myself. I am very hard on myself-a perfectionist at best. If one day I can please myself, then I have easily pleased the world. Give us your current Vital Stats?
BH: Get this from my Stats page on my Web site. What are your favorite body parts to train? And what do you feel are your best attributes for the stage?
BH: I love to train legs and glutes, and my overall stage presence is my best attribute for the stage. How long do you diet for when getting ready for a competition? What does your regiment consist of?
BH: I am always dieting-fitness is a lifestyle. I change everything up for a contest sixteen weeks out. For my regimen go to my Web site an copy my diets and training schedules, as well as my supplementation schedules. What is your competition goal?
BH: To bring to the sport what it lacks-a girl with the total package-a pretty, natural, gymnast who is highly educated and an excellent spokesperson. No one in fitness has the complete package yet. The great routines lack great bodies and pretty faces, the pretty faces lack gymnastic ability, and there are a ton of uneducated women in the sport period. So, Amy Fadli, Kelly Ryan, Mandy Blank and the other top fitness girls are not complete packages? You sound upset is there something bothering you in the sport? Because remarks like that can make enemies in the fitness industry.
BH: You singled those girls out, not me. All of the above women are beautiful athletes with great physiques. I do not know any of them really well so I cannot comment on anything but their great looks, great performances, and the fact that they are all extremely nice to me and always have been. I have no enemies in this sport or outside of it. Journalists from the magazines seem to cause most of the problems by their own assumptions. No, I didn't single them out, nor am I making an assumption. I just used some girl's names that the industry is familiar with and I was just asking what you meant, as you said above; "No one in fitness has the complete package yet." Again, I was just asking and making sure to clarify your answer that's all. The journalists don't do anything wrong. They quote what people say that's it. But, let's move on. Are you saying there are uneducated women in the sport? What makes you say that?
BH: What I am saying is that a lot of times I get e-mails or meet girls that have dropped out of school to train for fitness, quit jobs and picked up and moved to Venice in hopes of discovering some magic there, etc. More of these athletes need more of a balance between the athletic world, fine arts world, and academic world. Yeah, I know how you feel about that my wife competed for over a decade too and she would be amazed at how many girls she would meet who didn't even know who Cory Everson or Bev Francis was, or that they thought if they won a show a supplement company was going to sign them up right away. Frustrating isn't it? Or should I say sad?
BH: Sad indeed. Do you prefer bodybuilding or fitness competitors? Personally, I thought you looked great as a bodybuilder.
BH: Fitness----I will never be a bodybuilder again. What was so wrong with being a bodybuilder Bethany?
BH: Nothing was wrong with being a bodybuilder. I feel my body looks best as a fitness athlete, as well as feels best. Most importantly, I am happier in fitness. I can tell as we get further in this interview you are a very confident individual, some people might look at this as being cocky, how do you feel about that?
BH: I am extremely self-confident. You will not get anywhere in life without believing in yourself. It is not my fault if some people mistake self-confidence for cockiness-my attitude in life has brought me this far so I must be doing something right. Point taken. It almost seems as though some of the magazines are trying to create controversy instead of keeping everything on an upbeat in this industry. You do have to watch what you say as I try and watch what I write or ask. Do you feel people should be closer in this industry?
BH: It is a very tightly close nit group. People are as close as competitors should be-friendly, but everyone likes to win. I like that. Yes being confident is needed to make it. Since you like the fitness side so much, please tell us the positive aspects you like about it.
BH: The ability to be feminine and show off fifteen years of gymnastics. Are you and "The King" still an item? If so I'm sure there are going to be a lot of fans that are depressed that you are not available.
BH: Yes-I am sure that they will get over it. How is it working with two IFBB pros together working towards the same goals?
BH: It works well, we help each other and understand each other as far as the topic and issues of fitness and bodybuilding goes. We have a very casual relationship-we have been together for almost six years and still lead very separate lives-we do not live together, talk of engagement or anything of the sort. We share your typical boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. What is the most memorable gift you received that was bodybuilding/fitness related?
BH: The most memorable fitness gift that I have ever received was a personalized Cardillo weight- training belt that was made of black and yellow snakeskin and read Queen-B, which is my nickname. It was given to me by my boyfriend of five years, King Kamali. It is special because Steve Cardillo never duplicates a belt-each one is an original when customized.

It was a pleasure talking with such a striking combination of beauty, muscle and professionalism. If your interested in meeting this new breed of fitness pro go to and check out her great looks and fantastic background, you can also see Bethany in her new cartoon role. But, you can only see this on her website. Maxie Dickey creates all the images and drawings of Bethany. Watch out Jessica Rabbit and watch out fitness competitors because there is a new breed ready to take the stage and it's coming in 2002.

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