Ben Weider Podcast Interview: New Bodybuilding Book - Brothers Of Iron.

Dan Gastelu interviews IFBB President, Ben Weider! In this exclusive audio interview, Ben talks about his new book, Brothers of Iron, co-authored by his brother, Joe Weider! Learn how they created an international movement!

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Welcome to Interview # 19 in the Awesome Muscles™ Podcast Interview Series. Today, your host, Daniel Gastelu, talks with IFBB President, Ben Weider in this exclusive podcast interview. Hear Ben Weider discuss his new book, Brothers of Iron!

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In this audio interview, Dan talks with Ben Weider, IFBB President, and co-owner of Weider Health and Fitness. Ben talks about highlights he wrote about in his new book, Brothers of Iron, co-written with his brother Joe Weider.

What Does IFBB Stand For?
IFBB stands for the "International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness". Visit their website at (The IFBB is for professional competitors.)

In this exclusive interview, Ben talks about his passionate pursuit of building the IFFB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness), which today is established in over 170 countries. Ben gives highlights about how he did it, including overcoming all political barriers by enabling the heads of countries to grasp the importance of bodybuilding for national image building, and improving health and sports performance.

Brothers of Iron Brothers of Iron
+ Click Image To Enlarge.
Book Cover: Brothers Of Iron, And Ben & Joe
Weider With Ronnie Coleman (2002).

Permission to use photos granted by Sports Publishing, LLC.

Ben talks about the fortuitous start of the IFBB, how he overcame opposition from world leaders to eventually grow the sport of bodybuilding throughout the world. He discusses highlights of growing the IFBB outside Canada and the U.S.A., starting in 1947, including the challenges confronted when gaining approval in the communist countries.

In this interview, you will also have the opportunity to listen to Ben talk about how he convinced the Russian, China, and South African leaders to join the IFBB and adopt its principles of equal treatment of all bodybuilding competitors.

Brothers of Iron
+ Click Image To Enlarge.
Joe Weider's "Most Muscular Man" Pose
Was Often Used As His Picture Byline In Magazines.

Photo by Frank Giardina. Permission to use granted by Sports Publishing, LLC.

Ben also talks about highlights of how he convinced country officials to permit the IFBB into their countries by overcoming common misconceptions about bodybuilding, and how the power and appeal of bodybuilding broke through these cultural barriers.

 Brothers of Iron New Bodybuilding Book: Brothers of Iron
By Ben Weider & Joe Weider!

How the Weider Brothers Created an Empire and a Movement!

[ Click here to learn more. ]

You'll also learn about how the Weider magazines paved the way, in particular in the early years with Joe Weider's "Your Physique", through educating people involved in sports about the research and the benefits of training and nutrition, embodied in the bodybuilding lifestyle, for health and sports performance.

You'll also hear how the articles were used by coaches and trainers throughout the world to increase the strength of their athletes so they can perform at their best. Also about the nutrition factor for health and athletic performance - that was a revolutionary idea back in these early fitness pioneering days.

Brothers of Iron
+ Click Image To Enlarge.
At The Historic First Mr. Olympia Contest In 1965,
Ben And Joe Weider Present The Awards To
Winner Larry Scott & Runner-Up Harold Poole.

Permission to use photo granted by Sports Publishing, LLC.

You will hear Ben talk about the key questions and information he used to convince world leaders to permit IFBB and the sport of bodybuilding in to their countries. Also, how the appeal of the sport of bodybuilding even overcame discrimination in South Africa, enabling all of the bodybuilding competitors to live and compete on an equal basis. Ben even mentions about an interesting contribution to the development of the IFBB principles from a leader the Philippines.

Ben goes on to discuss his life-long quest of getting bodybuilding recognized as an Olympic sport, including dealing with Juan Antonio Samaranch (president of the International Olympic Committee from 1980 to 2001), who wrote a foreward to the book, along with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Also mentioned is Ben's highly acclaimed work as a historian outside the field of bodybuilding, that resulted in France awarding Ben with their Legion of Honor award. Ben also gives some closing thoughts about the 2006 Olympia (upcoming at the time of the interview).

Brothers of Iron
+ Click Image To Enlarge.
Joe Weider (In Suit) At The 1949
Mr. North America Contest In New York City.

Photo by Frank Giardina. Permission to use granted by Sports Publishing, LLC.

The book includes never-before-published photos of Ben, Joe, bodybuilders, celebrities, etc. It is a must read for people interested in bodybuilding, fitness, business, self-improvement and being their best. The book also contains chapters and stories written by Joe Weider that focus on the building of the fitness magazine empire, the exercise equipment business, and the nutrition business. Get your copy today!

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Explosive Growth Blend Book:
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