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Paul Becker started his website in 1996 and has been going strong since. His site is devoted to drug-free trainees (with or without good genetics for bodybuilding or weightlifting), and is intended to help them reach their ultimate size and strength potential.

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Vital Stats

Name: Paul Becker
Favorite Body Parts: Chest, shoulders, biceps.
Favorite Exercise: Squats!
Favorite Supplements: Cyclo-Shock and Ecdy-Bolin.
Hobbies: Movies, reading, art.
Favorite Bodybuilders: Steve Reeves, Frank Zane, Gable Boudreaux.

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What Is Your Body Type? Take Our Test!
What body type are you? How can you tell? Take our simple test and know! Learn how to train for your body type and what the differences are. With pics!
Section: Training :: Sep 02, 2014

Workout WITHOUT Weights: Dynamic Tension Revised
Why would anyone want to workout without weights? Sometimes you don't have access to weight or the time to get to the gym. Learn what to do using dynamic tension!
Section: Training :: Aug 24, 2014

Simple Methods To Test Your Body Fat Percentage
By the time he completes his schooling, the average American has learned of weight training.
Section: Nutrition :: Aug 21, 2014

The Best Abdominal Exercises Out There!
You may have nice arms, but can you show off you abs? They are very important to any great physique. Here are some exercises (with a good diet) that can help you develop a six-pack!
Section: Training :: Nov 21, 2005

An Interview With Isaac 'Dr Size' Nesser.
Dr. Size has the worlds largest muscular chest and arms. Find out how he got so massive in this interview by Paul Becker.
Section: Contests :: Aug 15, 2005

Vince Gironda's Secrets To Building The Perfect Physique!
Remember the awesome physiques of the past, the ones that had the classic look of big arms, wide shoulders, chests and backs tapering down to small waists, and hips and then sweeping out to big thighs and awesome calves. Find out Vince Grionda did it with his routine for a perfect physique!
Section: Training :: Jul 31, 2003

Mike Mentzer's Lost Heavy Duty Secrets.
While many people know the basics of Heavy Duty training, the advanced techniques are known by only a few. Learn the detailed secrets!
Section: Training :: Dec 14, 2002

My Mike Mentzer Training Experience
He won the 1978 Mr. Universe and became the first bodybuilder in history to get a perfect score from the judges, the next year he placed second to Frank Zane at the Mr. Olympia, some felt Mike should have won that contest.
Section: Contests :: Oct 07, 2002

Cybergenics Chest Workout
The method they taught is very tough and a lot of hard work, but a friend of mine that busted through a couple of plateaus using the Cybergenics Phase 1 chest routine. Here are the full details!
Section: Training :: Oct 01, 2002

Power/Bodybuilding - (Before Steroids) - My Own Story
The initial flame that would change my physical being for the rest of my life was ignited three times. Written with Dennis B. Weis.
Section: Mind :: Sep 08, 2002

Static Reps
Static reps are done by holding a weight in a fixed position, usually fully contracted, for an extended period of time.
Section: Training :: Sep 05, 2002

Microburst Chest Workout
Always try to do more each workout! Don't settle for less than one additional rep per workout. Rest two to three minutes between these sets.
Section: Training :: Sep 05, 2002

How To Choose Your Gym.
Gyms come in all shapes and sizes: squares, rectangles, L-shaped, U-shaped, upper level and two stories. Written with Dennis B. Weis.
Section: Training :: Sep 05, 2002

The Perfect Curl
The degree of arm size development that you possess seems to be a badge as to your worthiness as bodybuilder.
Section: Training :: Sep 04, 2002

Exercise & Rest Principle Formula
Using the 1-legged squat as an example, begin by performing this exercise for as many ultra-strict repetitions as possible within a 10 second time frame.
Section: Training :: Sep 01, 2002

Ten Tips To Help You Get Big!
You see, you need to set goals and keep to them.
Section: Training :: Aug 30, 2002

Vince Gironda's Routine For Fast Arm Growth
Vince Gironda was know as the "Iron Guru". Bodybuilders who have trained at Vince's Gym over the years, including "Body by" Jake Steinman, Lou ("The Incredible Hulk") Ferrigno, and even Arnold ("The Terminator") Schwarzenegger.
Section: Training :: Aug 27, 2002

Sit-ups Or Crunches: Which Are Better?
Traditional sit-ups emphasize sitting up rather than merely pulling your sternum down to meet your pelvis.
Section: Training :: Aug 22, 2002

Iron Game: Insights And Expressions
By the time he completes his schooling, the average American has learned of weight training.
Section: Mind :: Aug 22, 2002

Peary Rader's One Day Program Of Specialization
In The Rader Master Bodybuilding and Weight Gaining System, Peary told us about a program he developed that could add up to 3/4 of an inch to a trainees arms in one day.
Section: Training :: Aug 01, 2002

Physics Of Weight Training Part Five
In our final installment of this series we'll look at the formula for power and how to use it to make training more productive. The formula for power is: Force X Distance -:- Time. And is measured in foot-pounds/second.
Section: Training :: Jul 24, 2002

The Physics Of Weight Training Part Four
In part 4 of this series we'll look at the formula for work and how we can use it to monitor our training. The formula for work is: Force X Distance.
Section: Training :: Jul 24, 2002

The Physics Of Weight Training Part Three
Here in the third part of this series we will examine mechanical advantage and how this effects weight training and how it can be used to our advantage to get better/faster results.
Section: Training :: Jul 24, 2002

The Physics Of Weight Training
This is the first of a series of articles that will look to the science of physics to help us make our training more effective.
Section: Training :: Jul 18, 2002

The Physics Of Weight Training Part Two
When working with machines friction can become a problem, you have the situation of weight on the machine plus friction making it feel much heavier than the weight stack says it is.
Section: Training :: Jul 18, 2002

Muscles In Minutes
Paul Becker of has let republish some of his greatest articles to help better our site!
Section: Training :: Jul 17, 2002

Vince Gironda's Workout And Diet Tips.
Find out how Vince Gironda sculpted his body with his stone age diet and also try his 10 sets of 10 routine for fast growth...
Section: Training :: Jan 01, 2000


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