Scivation Anagen Review & FAQ - Support Lean Mass!

Anagen, one of the newest in a line of great products, is getting great reviews! I've put together this Review/Q&A for you to make better educated decisions on whether or not to try it. Read on to get the facts!

Support Lean Mass & Defend Against Stress & Fatigue!

We have all heard the promises before. "Steroid-like gains in no time!" "Gain 20 pounds in 2 weeks!" "100% safe and side effect free!" Then, being the seekers of lean mass we are, we try the supplement only to be thoroughly disappointed by the results, or better yet, lack of results.

These "Better than Steroid" supplements usually have no scientific backing and consist of a proprietary blend of some ingredients you have never even heard of in amounts not listed on the label. You take their word for it and every time you are left weighing less due to the lack of cash in your wallet. Even worse, the effective products come with a price tag; your health.

Methylation has become the catch phrase of the century, but the methylation process can lead to ill effects on your liver health and the compounds themselves can lead to undesirable side-effects such as testicular shrinkage, gynecomastia (breast growth), and a host of other symptoms.

It makes matters even worse when the consumer isn't fully educated on how to "cycle" the supplement to avoid shutting down their own testosterone production. This leaves us asking, "Is it worth it?"

Scivation Presents: Anagen
Anabolic Adaptogen!

Scivation, the leaders in Science-based innovative supplements and the company that brought you Xtend now introduce Anagen - the world's first anabolic adaptogen.

Not only is Anagen backed by numerous scientific studies and formulated by Scivation Director of Research and Development Chuck "The Ripper" Rudolph and Derek "Beast" Charlebois, the compounds in Anagen have been proven extremely effective in the real world by Chuck's elite athletic clients.

Furthermore, it is safe and 100% side effect free. Sound too good to be true? Read on to find out how Anagen may be the key to unlocking your best gains ever.


    Ecdysterone (ECDY) has been around for a while. Interest in Ecdy first developed after Burdette (1962) found that protein synthesis was increased in mammalian tissue after administration of ECDY. Next, eastern scientists named Hikino et al (1969) and Otaka et al (1969) both found ECDY to have anabolic effects in mice.

    In the 1980's, Chinese and Russian Olympians began using ECDY as a performance enhancer. Ecdy never really became popular in the United States until recently, but many users were not impressed. The problem there lies in not getting enough of the active photoecdysteroid 20-Hydroxyecdysterone.

    Companies were using either low percent extracts or not dosing their capsules high enough. Anecdotal feedback from users who have used a large amount of 20-Hydroxyecdysterone has been impressive, and here is why.

    What Is Ecdy?

      Ecdy is a photoecdysteroid, which is a type of chemical produced by plants to defend against insects. Insects that ate plants that produced certain photoecdysteroids would suffer adverse effects and most likely die. This means that the plants that did produce photoecdysteroids survived; it made them stronger.

      Photoecdysteroids are synthesized by plants through the mevalonate pathway with acetyl-CoA as a precursor. While humans can produce similar chemicals using this pathway, they cannot produce photoecdysteroids. 20-Hydroxyecdysterone is a specific photoecdysteroid that has been shown to have many beneficial effects.

    Gene Expression:

      Recently, Ecdy was shown to enhance skeletal muscle growth of skeletal muscle cell cultures by increasing gene expression (Xiao et al 2003). There are two ways by which gene expression can be increased:

      1. Hormone/ligand binding to a nuclear receptor
      2. Nongenomicly

      Hormone/Ligand Binding:

        When a hormone/ligand binds to a nuclear receptor protein synthesis begins, which consists of a long series of processes (transcription à protein translation à incorporation of protein into cell membrane) that takes hours to complete. A nongenomic effect results in the same series of events, but is an immediate response and does not require hormone/ligand binding.

      Nongemoic Effects:

        It is believed Ecdy works through nongemoic effects including stabilization of cell membranes and modification of membrane proteins and other effects on the membrane, and accumulation of ligands (Kholodova 2001), which I think could lead to increased ligand binding to nuclear receptors. ECDY can also increase RNA synthesis (Otaka 1969) and protein translation (Syrov 1984), which would further enhance the process of protein synthesis and growth.

      Ecdy has been shown to enhance sexual activity in both animals and humans (Lafont & Dinan 2003) and improve sexual function in men (Mirzaev 2000). ECDY increases the body's ability to respond to stress by increasing acetylcholine esterase activity in the brain (Slama & Lafont 1995). Ecdy also helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels (Slama & Lafont 1995), decreases glucose levels independently of insulin (Chen et al 2006), all of which improve the bodies ability to adapt to stress.

    Side Effects:

      Ecdy administration has not been shown to induce any side effects and have no toxic response in animals (Slama & Lafont 1995). ECDY will not lead to suppression of natural testosterone production as it does not bind to steroid hormone receptors (Dinan 2001).

Rhodiola Rosea:

    Rhodiola Rosea belongs to the plant family Crassulaceae and has been used for centuries in Russia, Scandinavia, and other eastern countries. Rhodiola Rosea is known as an adaptogen, a substance that increases an organism's resistance to homeostatic disturbances.

    Rhodiola Rosea has been shown to:

    • Increase physical working capacity (Abidov 2003)
    • Improve endurance exercise performance (De Bock 2004)
    • Support the central nervous system (Kelly 2001)
    • Decrease mental fatigue (Spasov 2000)

Bacopa Monnieri:

    Bacopa Monnieri, an adaptogen like Rhodiola, has also been used for centuries (Russo 2005). Recent research shows bacopa monnieri to have anti-stress properties (Rai 2003) and antioxidant properties (Russo 2003).

The Ultimate Anabolic Adaptogen

Based on our findings, we feel that you need a higher dose to reap the extensive benefits ecdysterone has to offer. Through research and experimentation, Scivation developed Anagen to help their athletes and customers achieve the gains they always dreamed of. The addition of Bacopa Monnieri and Rhodiola Rosea to Ecdysterone adds a synergy that will help you cope with the stresses of training and diet and achieve the most significant, healthiest gains of your life.

What's In It?

    Supplement Facts:

      Serving Size: 1 Capsule
      Servings Per Container: 90
      Amount Per Serving:
      • Cyanotis Vaga 167 mg (Supplying 60% [100mg] 20-beta-hydroxyecdysterone [HPLC tested])
      • Rhodiola Rosea 100 mg (3% rosavins and 1% salidrosides)
      • Bacopa Monniera (20:1 Extract) 50 mg
        Take 1 vegetarian capsule three times daily with meals.


[ Q ] Is Anagen a hormonal product?

    No, Anagen does not contain any hormones or hormone precursors nor does it manipulate the body's production of hormones.

[ Q ] Does Anagen affect testosterone levels?

    No, Anagen does not affect testosterone production or levels.

[ Q ] Will Anagen cause me to lose hair?

    No, Anagen has no affect on testosterone/DHT and therefore will not cause hair loss.

[ Q ] Should Anagen be used when bulking or cutting?

    Anagen can be used while bulking or cutting. Anagen aids in lean mass gains and fat loss and will be beneficial for any caloric intake.

[ Q ] How should I dose Anagen? Capsule timing? Take Anagen with meals?

    Our general recommendation is 1 capsule 3 times a day, spread out throughout the day. Depending on your bodyweight, greater results will be seen with a higher dosage. Anagen can be taken with or without a meal.

[ Q ] What are some of the reported affects of Anagen?

    Increased lean mass, strength, fat loss, and recovery.

[ Q ] Is Anagen safe for someone under 18 years old to take?

    While Anagen is a safe product to take, we do not recommend usage of any of our products to those under 18 years old.

[ Q ] Can I stack Anagen with the other Scivation products?

    Definitely. The Scivation line is designed so each product will work well with each other.

[ Q ] Does Anagen need to be cycled?

    While there is no real physiological reason that Anagen needs to be cycled, we feel that most supplements should be cycled. You could run Anagen for 8-12 weeks and take 4 weeks off of it.

[ Q ] Would Anagen be beneficial during PCT?

    Yes. Due to Anagen's effects on lean mass, strength, and recovery, Anagen would aid in retaining what was gained during a cycle.

[ Q ] How long until I start noticing benefits from Anagen?

    Most users report benefits within the first week of use.

[ Q ] Should Anagen be taken everyday or only on workout days?

    For best results Anagen should be taken everyday.


Objective: Fat Loss
Starting Weight: 175 BF: 12%
Ending Weight: 173 (Lost fat and gained LBM)

Anagen Anagen
Click Image To Enlarge.
Before & After.

    After being on Anagen for 45 days I can say that it definitely does what it claims. Given that I was cutting at the time and still managed to have an increase in strength/size and also an increase in muscle endurance, fullness, hardness, and vascularity. Also one of the main things I noticed while taking Anagen is how I never felt stressed inside or outside the gym.

    Throughout the entire length of the log, I never noticed any side effects. I was actually very happy to have started this when I did b/c the increase in energy levels and alertness really helped out during my finals week.

    All in all I loved this product. The effects that I noticed (especially paired w/ Xtend), were unbeatable compared to any other supplement that I've tried in the past. I will in fact be ordering some more tonight and I will be stacking it with Scivation Fenotest. This will complete the "Getcha Big, Getcha Hard" Stack that many have been boasting about (Anagen + Fenotest + Xtend).

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Objective: Muscle Gain
Starting Weight: 212.5 lbs
Ending Weight: 219.2

    I am very pleased with the results from using Anagen. I didn't get any sides that I noticed. I would say that I was extremely relaxed during the whole log. Very pleased with this product. Scivation provides quality, and they have not missed the mark on this new release either. Product showed definite increases in lifts (below) and overall muscle hardness/fullness and endurance/recovery. Oh yea, I also saw increased in vascularity.

    I also received numerous comments about getting bigger/leaner from co-workers, as well as my gf. Every time I saw my gf she said I was leaning out and looking bigger. I even had one co-worker ask me if I was on steroids one day, cause I looked a lot larger/leaner than the last time she saw me (which was awhile before the log began). Stuff like that always makes you feel great.

Objective: Fat Loss
Starting Weight: 292
Ending Weight: 288

    Strength gains were slightly above par during usage. Anagen seemed to help with strength. Endurance was off the charts while on Anagen, I'd recommend the product based on this factor alone. Being that I was running a high volume training it is essential for me to have endurance, I can safely say Anagen helped there.

    Recovery seemed to be slightly enhanced, but it seemed minimal. Stress levels were lower while on Anagen, which is always nice. This combined with the endurance factor would make me purchase this product if not for the side effects I experienced, I was the only tester to get cramps while on anagen, and that was the only negative side effect I got.

Objective: Fat Loss
Weight results: +6.3 lbs LBM AND -2.5 lbs fat,-1.5%BF

Anagen Anagen
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Before & After.

    Although while I was taking it, the only thing I really experienced was some pretty intense pumps, the results after weighing in were unreal. $50 dollars or less for a 1-2 month cycle is a fantastic price for the results I saw. The end results could possibly be compared to that of a PH or equivalent.

    Libido was kind of all over the place. It would increase and decrease without notice. Also some acne did come in mid cycle. Nothing that can't be VERY easily dealt with though. Strength was affected, but not much more increase than I would have seen with CEE or without supplementation. LBM increase was more than expected, as well as some fat loss. I will definitely purchase this in the future.

Objective: Muscle Gain
Starting Weight: 185 BF: 11%
Ending Weight: 192.50

Anagen Anagen
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Before & After.

    Taking Anagen with BCAAs I felt tightness in my muscles and noticeable ease of muscle soreness the first day. I was able to continue to make personal records each workout. My measurements on different parts of my body increased each week for the duration of this test.

    After taking Anagen without BCAA's almost 2 weeks I can definitely feel the difference I still recover well but my body doesn't feel as rested. The product in my opinion does increase stamina and relieve fatigue. I defiantly believe it preserves muscle under stressful situations even in a caloric deficit.

    This product is best enhanced with BCAA's and at a weight of 190 at 11% I think taking five Anagen pills are better than four. So yes I do recommend this product.

Vipersg123 Objective: Muscle Gain Starting Weight: 190 BF:14-15%

    Ended up a little stronger and more defined keeping roughly the same weight maybe gaining a good 4 pounds. Body fat stayed the same. Abs came in a little bit, triceps much bigger, wider back, larger chest.

    Final thought on Anagen: Decent product, seemed to repair my muscles much faster than normal. I ended up with some more stretch marks on my left arm and on my triceps. Triceps and chest gained the most off of this. My strength went up a lot in the beginning and slowly went up the rest of the month. Worth the money to buy this. 9.5 out of 10.


    Breakdown Of The Effectiveness Of Anagen:

    Weight Gain:

      I gained six lbs in 18 days, which is pretty damn amazing considering I maintained my pre-Anagen diet and was doing 3x3, 3 times a week. I more than likely gained some fat; but from the mirror, I look approximately the same as I did 18 days prior.

    Strength Gain:

      Although I was doing 3x3, the weights were very easy to push up, if it wasn't a canned program I would have upped them.


      This may have been placebo but I cut out my Green Tea Extract during this log and I was almost never run down. Not to mention this was around finals for me, so I was studying and working out and generally stressed.


      Another odd occurrence opposite of the above was that I had deep sleeps while taking Anagen. I halted ZMA supplementation during this time, so unless that somehow carried over, I felt about the same as when I take ZMA.


      I was very happy with Anagen, especially considering my feelings midway through the log. Maybe Anagen takes a little while to kick in? If you are looking to add some muscle and want to see the scale climb I would suggest giving Anagen a test run.


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