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At first glance, the web site may seem pretty overwhelming - we have nearly a million individual web pages. Discover the 3 keys to bodybuilding and fitness success along with descriptions of the six main areas of our site!

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    Help Our Visitors Reach Their Health, Fitness, And Appearance Goals With Information, Motivation, And Supplementation.

At first glance, the web site may seem pretty overwhelming. There is a lot there! In fact, if you counted every article, every product page, every forum thread, every BodySpace profile and everything else, you would see that we have nearly a million individual web pages, just waiting for you to click. Where do you even start? Do we really need all of this?

We did not simply add features simply because we could. Each section was created for a specific purpose.

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The Web Site May Seem Pretty Overwhelming.

How People Reach Their Fitness Goals

It's important to understand what makes a person successful when trying to gain muscle, lose fat, or just get into better shape. With all of the different diets and programs available, it can seem like getting in shape requires a Master's degree in physiology just to know where to start!

The major problem is that marketers and media outlets make a lot of money trying to push the latest and greatest diet or workout fad. Every day we hear about some new ab machine or low-carb/high-carb/medium-carb diet plan. Many times, the programs completely contradict each other! Is it really that difficult to get into shape?

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Kris Gethin Made An Amazing Transformation.
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The truth is that getting into shape is VERY simple. The big secret that everybody is looking for is something that everybody already knows, but nobody really wants to believe it. The truth is that getting in shape simply requires a person to follow a sensible diet, workout, and supplement plan over the long-term. That's it! If you workout consistently and eat right, you'll "magically" get results and look better than 95% of the population.

The keys to bodybuilding and fitness success are:

1. Information:

    You need to know what to eat, what workouts to follow, what supplements to take, and more so you don't waste your time and effort with misinformation. Information can come from experts (doctors, trainers, or pros) or social networks (friends, people that have had success, online community members, or people with your same goal).

2. Motivation:

    You need to be able to get motivated enough to start your program and then stick to it for the rest of your life. Fitness is not a "12 week plan". It is a lifestyle. Motivation is the most important part of any program. It's 90% mental and 10% physical. Your body doesn't decide to get off the couch and do your cardio, your brain does.

3. Supplementation:

    Supplements are an important part simply because they can help you get faster results from your diet and workout program. They are not magic, but they can help you reach your goals quicker, which will help keep you motivated. The right supplements will not only help you gain muscle and lose fat, but they will help you feel better, and stay healthy.

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Tiffany Forni Went From 235 lbs To A Healthy 142 lbs.
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If you know what type of workout and diet program to follow, take the right supplements, and stay motivated, there is no doubt that you will have the body that you want and all of the health benefits that go along with it. Our entire site is designed to help you with these three keys to success.

How Our Site Helps You Reach Your Goals

We have six main areas of our site. Each of them was developed for a specific purpose, relating to the three keys to fitness success:

  1. Information
  2. Motivation
  3. Supplementation

Since 1999, we have watched millions of people try to get in shape, and there is no doubt that the people that use each area of get the best results.

-> SuperSite:

    What Is It: Articles, Fitness Tools, And Video Shows
    Main Goal: Information
    Secondary Goal: Motivation

    The SuperSite contains over 20,000 pages of free content and all of it was designed to help you learn the secrets to reaching your goals in record time. Over 400 writers have contributed since 1999 to create the largest and easiest to use bodybuilding and fitness information resource in the world.

With over 20,000 pages and over 400 writers,'s supersite is sure to help you reach your goals. More than 100 new articles are created each month to keep you informed.
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Updating Your Profile.
1 of 6: SuperSite Mainpage: The largest and most complete bodybuilding site online! From the mainpage you will find all the most up-to-date information in the bodybuilding industry.

-> Store:

    What Is It: Online Supplement, Clothing And Accessory Store
    Main Goal: Supplementation
    Secondary Goal(s): Information/Motivation

    We created our store to provide the supplements you need at the lowest prices possible, delivered to your door as quickly as possible. Supplements are an important part of your fitness program, and we make it easy to find the products that are right for you. We make it affordable and simple, so you can focus on your workouts and diet.

STORE Store!
Are you trying to lose fat, gain muscle, have more energy, or accomplish some other goal? Figuring out which product is best for you can be a tough job! That is why we have created a site with thousands of helpful pages!
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Learn More About The Store!
The World's #1 Online Bodybuilding Store!
1 of 6: Store Mainpage: The Store has the largest selection of products available. Protein Powders. Fat Loss. Muscle Builders. And much more!

-> BodySpace:

    What Is It: Social Network For People Into Bodybuilding And Fitness
    Main Goal: Motivation
    Secondary Goal: Information

    BodySpace is more than just a MySpace for bodybuilders. It's your best tool for staying motivated over the long term. On BodySpace, you can create a profile with your photos, your body stats, your progress, and much more. You can view other BodySpace profiles, learn what they are doing and how they have achieved success, and become online "friends" with them.

    Once you are part of the free BodySpace community, you will be able to help others and get help from others. You can comment on somebody's recent progress, get help when you are feeling less motivated, and much more.

    The features on BodySpace were specifically created in a way that makes it so that all you have to do is use it, and you will get better results from your fitness program. The science of long-term motivation has been built in. All you have to do it sign up and get started. It's easy and free.

Learn More About Each BodySpace Feature.

    Key Stats:

    1. Over 242,000 Member Profiles

    Recent BodySpace Testimonial:

      "How do I stay motivated? Reading Muscle and Fitness and the BodyBlogs on BodySpace. Some of your stories and photos are just downright AMAZING! The comments, motivation and support from the BodySpace community is 'PRICELESS.' Thanks for that extra push. I CAN DO THIS! :)" - Need2GetRipped

    Main Features:

    1. BodySpace Profiles (example)
    2. Progress Tracking And Dynamic Charts (example)
    3. Goal Setting (example)
    4. BodyAnswers (example)
    5. BodySpace Workout Tracker (example)
    6. Friends (example)
    7. Supplement Reviews
    8. My Workout, Diet and Supplement Program

-> Forum:

    What Is It: World's Largest Bodybuilding And Fitness Message Boards
    Main Goal: Information
    Secondary Goal(s): Motivation/Supplementation

    The Forum is where over 1,335,000 people have come together to get their questions answered and have some fun. With nearly 40,000 posts added per day (one every two seconds), you can be sure that you will get a response to your question within minutes. You can also search the 34,000,000+ posts that are already there.

    It's great to be able to ask experts a question, but sometimes it's even better to get an answer from somebody like yourself who has the answer. Are you having trouble gaining muscle on your arms? Why not find out how a person from Australian with your same body type gained arm size quickly? Want to know if a certain supplement works? Find out from hundreds of others that have already tried it.

FORUM Forum!
The forum has over 1,335,000 members who are here to answer your questions, ask questions of others, and have fun. With 40,000 new posts per day, your sure to have your questions answered in no time.
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1 of 6: The Forums: The Forums are available for anyone who wants to discuss the world of bodybuilding and fitness!

-> BodyBlogs:

    What Is It: Personal Bodybuilding And Fitness Blogs
    Main Goal: Motivation
    Secondary Goal: Information

    A BodyBlog is an online personal journaling system. Your personal BodyBlog is where you will create entries that others can see and comment on. You can blog about your goals, your daily progress, your frustrations, and anything else that want. Your online friends can subscribe and follow along, giving you feedback and kudos along the way.

    We all know that keeping track of our progress in a journal is an important part of success for any goal. If you have had trouble sticking to your program in the past, try creating a BodyBlog and be prepared to be amazed at what happens next.

    What Is A BodyBlog?
    Post your daily workout, nutrition and/or supplement journal. Tell people what you are doing and why. Share pictures, stats, and updates on your progress!
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    Key Stats:

    1. Over 59,000 BodyBlogs
    2. Over 360,000 BodyBlog Comments From Visitors
    3. Over 25,000 BodyBlog Entries
    4. Over 105,000,000 Visits To Individual BodyBlogs

    Main Features:

    1. Wordpress Style Blogging System
    2. Ability To Embed Images And Video
    3. Ability To Create Separate Pages
    4. Ability To Create Your List Of Favorite Links
    5. Control Over Basic Style And Features
    6. Commenting System
    7. Popular And Featured BodyBlogs (example)

Learn More About The BodyBlogs!
1 of 4: BodyBlogs: With your own online journal you can keep everyone up-to-date on your goals and progress.

-> Member Photo Gallery:

    What Is It: Personal Bodybuilding And Fitness Blogs
    Main Goal: Motivation
    Secondary Goal: None

    The Member Photo Gallery is where you can show off your results by posting your own photos for others to see. The community will give you ratings on how well they think you have done so far and give you tips on how to improve.

    You can also view other photos to get inspired, or you can give some tips yourself. Some of our members spend hours just looking at the thousands of photos. It's amazing how many other people out there are working out and getting amazing results. It's easy to want to join this fit crowd!

Member Photo Gallery!
Your photo gallery is for pictures of YOU that you can display on your BodySpace page. You can show off the results you have achieved or show people where you are starting from. You can get great advice from others!
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    Key Stats:

    1. Over 1,336,000 Member Photos
    2. Over 1,266,000 Comments
    3. Over 288,000,000 Photo Views

    Main Features:

    1. Member Photo Galleries - Create Your Own! (example)
    2. Personal Photos And Other Inspiring Photos
    3. Ability To Rate And Comment On Photos
    4. See The Top Viewed And Highest Rated Photos

Learn More About The Photo Gallery!
1 of 3: Photo Gallery: Show off your results by posting your own photos for others to see on the Photo Gallery.

arrow BodyGroups:

    What Is It: An Online Support System
    Main Goal: Motivation
    Secondary Goal: Information

    BodyGroups are a great online support system. Don't try to do it alone! Wan to achieve success, reach a goal, stay motivated and have fitness enthusiasts keep you acountable? Then BodyGroups is the best tool for you.

    Create A BodyGroup:

      Are you ready to start your own fitness support BodyGroup? Then create one right now! By creating a BodyGroup you can invite BodySpace members to join, set reachable goals, collaborate amongst each other, and set unbreakable commitments. Don't waste any time... engage in the next phase of your body transformation.

    Join A BodyGroup:

      To join a BodyGroup, check out available BodyGroups that BodySpace members have already created. Find the one that best suits you and get in on the action.

Learn More About BodyGroups.

arrow Product Reviews:

    What Is It: Customer Reviews Of Store Products
    Main Goal: Supplementation
    Secondary Goal(s): Information/Motivation

    With tens of thousands of reviews on thousands of products, you are sure to easily find the right product for your body type and goal.

    See Through The Marketing Hype:

      With real reviews from real people in the largest online fitness community in the world, you will easily find the unbiased information you need to succeed.

    Results Based:

      Not only can you find detailed product reviews, but attached to each are the real results achieved by the person who rated the product, with easy-to-read graphs and unedited, real progress pictures.


There is no way that I can tell you about every free feature on our site that is waiting for you. I constantly hear from long-term visitors and employees that they find something new every day. We have worked hard to create the greatest resource for bodybuilding and fitness that the world has ever known. And we have just started!

I think this recent comment from a visitor sums it up:

    "This site is as much as a staple in the bodybuilding community as protein powder! LOL!" - Mindy Karuk, WNSO Pro Athlete

Thousands and thousands of testimonials have been sent to us over the years from people all over the world who have been helped by to finally reach their goals! Are you next?