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5 Nutrient-Rich Foods To Supercharge Any Vegetarian Dinner!

By: Stephanie Smith
Ever find yourself short on a few essential nutrients at day's end? Don't fret! Here are 5 easy ways to plump up any vegetarian dinner and meet your nutritional needs.
Date Added: 2015-05-18

5 Shakes, 5 Ways: Muscle-Building Protein Recipes

By: AnimalPak
Kick boring, uninspired, and underpowered protein shakes to the curb. Try these 5 goal-specific shakes from the beasts of Animal on for size!
Date Added: 2015-05-21

6 Sweet And Savory Oatmeal Recipes

By: Kevin Alexander
Trade in boring, microwave oats for the real deal with these tricked-out recipes.
Date Added: 2015-05-11

8 Ways To Boost Your Health With Food!

By: Train
The wrong foods can derail your fitness goals, but the right foods may help you fight disease, increase your athletic performance, and help you live healthier!
Date Added: 2015-04-27

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blueprint To Cut: Nutrition

By: Contributing Writer
Is your goal to lose weight or get completely shredded? Here's the Arnold-approved nutrition program that will help you do it!
Date Added: 2015-04-27

Ashley Conrad's Clutch Life: Nutrition And Supplement Overview

By: Ashley Conrad
The Clutch Life nutrition plan is totally flexible. All you have to do is follow my core guidelines and fill in the blanks with whatever you want to eat!
Date Added: 2015-04-28

Chocolate-Covered Protein Pretzels

By: Anna Sward
Turn the treat of chocolate-covered pretzels into a protein-packed creation with this healthy twist on the original.
Date Added: 2015-05-21

Clutch Life Pancake Recipes

By: Ashley Conrad
Start your morning with some Clutch Life protein pancakes! These 4 recipes are easy and fun to make.
Date Added: 2015-04-29

Gear Up For Summer Giveaway

By: Contributing Writer
10 Will Win Over $550 In Hot Prizes!
Date Added: 2015-05-19

Gluten-Free Savory Whey Protein Crepes

By: Anna Sward
Crepes are the fanciest pancakes of all. Even better, they're versatile and easy to use for meal prep. Here's how to serve up a stack of your very own.
Date Added: 2015-04-28

Jamie Eason's Peanut-Butter Chocolate Protein Pie!

By: Jamie Eason
Take the classic combination of chocolate and peanut butter to the next level with this protein-packed, irresistibly delicious dessert.
Date Added: 2015-05-12

Nitty-Gritty Nutrition: 6 Ways To Eat Smarter

By: Mike Roussell, Ph.D.
Stop stalling your progress by obsessing over every tiny detail of your diet! Read these big-picture nutrition facts and start moving forward.
Date Added: 2015-05-04

The 5 Best High-Protein Cuts Of Steak

By: Matthew Kadey, MS, RD
Even though they're all from the same animal, not all steaks are cut from the same cloth. Here are the best high-protein cuts of beef that won't butcher your fitness goals!
Date Added: 2015-05-14

The Most Nutritious Fruits And Vegetables

By: Cassie Smith
Fruits and vegetables are essential to a healthy body. We've created a list of the most nutritious options so you can choose which ones best fit your nutrition plan!
Date Added: 2015-05-07

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