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6 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Gains

By: Shannon Clark
Taking the next step in muscular development is partially about training better, but it's just as much about removing the roadblocks to anabolism that hold you back. Are you committing any of these crimes?
Date Added: 2014-07-24

Amateur Bodybuilder Of The Week: Gavin Brings Intensity To Ireland!

By: Amateur Bodybuilder Of The Week
Gavin took incremental steps that led to the bodybuilding podium and got a taste of what's to come. Check out the training and nutrition plans he uses to go big!
Date Added: 2014-07-21

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mammoth Chest And Back Workout

By: David Robson
Basic exercises, heavy weights, high volume, and high frequency are the techniques Arnold Schwarzenegger used to build his massive chest and back. Try the workout!
Date Added: 2014-07-21

Ask The Siege:

By: Noah Siegel
You want bigger, better arms that look good whether you have sleeves on or not. I have the workout that will help you get them. Give me 45 minutes, and I'll give you stare-worthy arms.
Date Added: 2014-07-23

Building Boulder Shoulders: Lawrence Ballenger Shoulder Workout

By: Contributing Writer
Big, round delts make good bodies look great. And strong, functional shoulders make your good lifts even better. Here's how Lawrence Ballenger trains his shoulders for boulder size and strength!
Date Added: 2014-07-24

From Powerlifter To Bodybuilder

By: PowerMag Writers
Shawn Frankl went from focusing on strength as a powerlifter to carving out a bodybuilder's physique. He followed different approaches to training and nutrition but learned that, above all else, nutrition is the key.
Date Added: 2014-07-21

How To Avoid 5 Habits That Are Wrecking Your Metabolism

By: Shannon Clark
Looking to shred for summer with a quick fix can backfire. Learn how to lean out the healthy way and avoid these 5 metabolism-halting habits!
Date Added: 2014-07-25

How To Measure Your Body Fat

By: Matt Biss
Pinch yourself. No, you're not dreaming. You're measuring your own body fat with the help of a friend. Follow these instructions, keep practicing, and you'll have all the info you need to track your progress!
Date Added: 2014-07-24

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Oleg Fought For New Muscle!

By: Teen Amateur Bodybuilder Of The Week
What happens when an unstoppable force of intensity hits the weightroom? You get Oleg Laptsevich! Uncover the training methods he used to build a fortified physique!
Date Added: 2014-07-22

The Ultimate 30-Day Beginner's Guide To Fitness

By: Contributing Writer
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Fitness will teach you the fundamentals of training, nutrition, and supplementation in only 30 days. This is fitness made simple one day at a time, one challenge at a time. Take the first step!
Date Added: 2014-07-21

The Ultimate Beginner's Full-Body Workout

By: Bill Geiger
Beginners, here are the 10 most important training elements you must master, and eight-week full-body beginner's program to start you off on the right foot.
Date Added: 2014-07-22


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20 Best Healthy Protein Pancake Recipes

By: Contributing Writer
It's time to take back breakfast with our 20 best healthy protein pancake recipes! Support your fitness goals and your taste buds with this epic protein pancake collection.
Date Added: 2014-07-25

Ask The Fitness Jewell: How Do I Stop Beating Myself Up Over Food?

By: Jen Jewell
An indulgent meal here and there shouldn't throw you off the fitness wagon. Overcome an all-or-nothing mentality with The Fitness Jewell.
Date Added: 2014-07-22


Body Transformation: Troy Fox Made A Healthy Promise And Kept It

By: Male Transformation Of The Week
Troy went through some rough patches and handled stress with food. It took years to reverse his depressed actions, but now he is fit and fired up to help others!
Date Added: 2014-07-23

International Transformation Of The Month: Pankaj Dhiman

By: International Transformation Of The Month
Pankaj Dhiman was tired of his extra weight, his health problems, and his constant pain. Find out how he transformed his mind and body and became a competitive bodybuilder!
Date Added: 2014-07-21

We 'Mirin Vol. 77 - BFFs: Buff Friends Forever

By: We Mirin
Fitness and friendship go together like peas and carrots. Here are 16 awesome examples of fit friends who motivate each other to build their best selves!
Date Added: 2014-07-25


No recent articles to list in this category.


No recent articles to list in this category.

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