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  • Enhance Your Mood And Mental Focus With Tyrosine!

    By: Shannon Clark

    If you're going to get in the best workouts possible, one thing that will be important is that you stay focused. Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid in the body that is the precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine. Find out more below!

    Date Added: Jul 28, 2010

  • Tyrosine & Effects On Performance.

    By: Christopher Mohr

    Bodybuilding.com readers are quite an inquisitive group, which is great. This week was no exception with a great question coming in about Tyrosine. To learn more about this amino acid please read on.

    Date Added: May 19, 2005

  • Clayton's Health Facts: L-Tyrosine.

    By: Clayton South

    L-Tyrosine may help you avoid overtraining and fatigue. Learn about this amazing amino acid!

    Date Added: Aug 26, 2004

  • Supplement Reviews: Tyrosine!

    By: John Berardi

    Tyrosine is one of the non-essential amino acids (can be manufactured by the body) and has powerful physiological effects when both administered alone and provided in high concentrations.

    Date Added: Feb 9, 2004

  • An In-Depth Analysis Of L-Tyrosine.

    By: Mauro Di Pasquale

    Dr. Di takes a scientific look into claims that tyrosine can do wonders for sports performance and weight loss, and for anything else that may ail you.

    Date Added: Aug 27, 2003