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    Up And At 'Em: Train Early And Reap The Rewards All Day!

    By: Cory Gregory

    Life is too short to start each day feeling miserable. Become a morning person, and make the most of the time before the world gets running.

    Date Added: Aug 16, 2013

  • Smash Your Bench-Press Max With Wave Loading!

    By: Josh Bryant, MS, CSCS

    Prime your pecs with a heavy load, back off, and then increase the weight again and again with this proven method to conquer your previous max bench press!

    Date Added: Jul 28, 2015

  • Boost Your Barbell Strength With Unilateral Training

    By: Todd Bumgardner

    Just because you measure your strength on a barbell doesn't mean you should do everything with two hands on the bar and two feet on the ground. Unilateral training can benefit all strength athletes, as long as you approach it correctly.

    Date Added: Jul 28, 2015

  • Blast The Basics: A Savage Workout With Jason ''Huge'' Huh

    By: AnimalPak

    You can get a killer workout anywhere if you bring a pure joy for heavy lifting and a good pump. IFBB Pro Jason ''Huge'' Huh found his primitive piece of heaven on a beach in Rio and improvised the workout of a lifetime!

    Date Added: Jul 20, 2015

  • Strength First: Ditch The BOSU Ball For The Barbell

    By: Charles Staley

    New to the gym? You don't have to start with a wacky stability exercise on the BOSU ball. Learn why building strength with a barbell should be your top priority!

    Date Added: Jun 8, 2015

  • The Westside Method: Get Legit-Strong And Jacked As Hell

    By: Contributing Writer

    Think Louie Simmons' Westside Method is only for elite powerlifters? Think again. Use this world-renowned plan to build serious strength and quality muscle size.

    Date Added: Apr 21, 2015

  • Build Muscle Strength, Size, And Endurance In One Workout!

    By: Bill Geiger

    Build muscle strength, size, endurance, and a massive pump in the same workout using the Four-Rep Method. Get the details and try this back workout on for size!

    Date Added: Mar 13, 2015

  • The Ultimate Guide To An Effective Training Split

    By: Bill Geiger

    New to lifting? Figuring out your training schedule, or "split," is of the utmost importance. Here are 5 ways to cycle your training days to maximize muscle gains!

    Date Added: Oct 15, 2014

  • Hypertrophy-Specific Training Program!

    By: HST

    Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST) is based on physiological principles of hypertrophy first discovered in the laboratory. These principles were then organized into a method of mechanically loading the muscle to induce hypertrophy. Try this program to gain 10lbs in 12- weeks!

    Date Added: Sep 9, 2014

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger's 3 Favorite Lifting Methods!

    By: Cory Gregory

    Arnold's legacy lives on! Check out three of his awesome training techniques to help you revive your stale workouts and shock your muscles.

    Date Added: Sep 9, 2014

  • Squat Bigger With The GZCL Method

    By: Cody Lefever

    No vague tips here, just a solid training methodology one lifter developed that helped him put 200 pounds on his lifting total.

    Date Added: Sep 4, 2014

  • Overcome 9 Training Mistakes Everybody Makes

    By: Bill Geiger

    Every phase of training comes with its own unique challenges and temptations, and none of us are immune to error. The sooner you recognize these classic training blunders, the sooner you can correct them and get back to growing!

    Date Added: May 16, 2014

  • James Grage's Rewired 9-Week Fitness Trainer - Socializer Overview

    By: James Grage

    You're a Socializer! Here are the pitfalls associated with your fitness personality and how to overcome them. Reset, rebuild, and rewire!

    Date Added: May 6, 2014

  • Muscle Manifesto: 5 Principles Of The Lifting Life

    By: Andrew Vontz

    A PR is great, but it's just a number. Strengthen your life from the bottom up, and your lifts will grow alongside it!

    Date Added: Mar 4, 2014

  • Time To Grow: Manipulate Time Under Tension, Rest, And Load For Gains!

    By: John Paul Catanzaro

    If you think you have to lift heavy and rest light to grow, you only heard half the story. Use these science-backed recovery and time-under-tension tips to build muscle!

    Date Added: Jan 13, 2014

  • Brute-Force Fat-Burning: Stay Strong While Getting Ripped!

    By: Dean Somerset, CSCS

    Don't choose between a lean body and a strong body. This five-week program will help you burn enough fat to meet those body-composition goals <i>and</i> maintain your hard-earned strength!

    Date Added: Dec 24, 2013

  • Cory Gregory's Time Frame Training Workout

    By: Cory Gregory

    This chest and back workout is not for the faint of heart. We're going for high reps with moderate weight and very limited rest. Grab your egg timer and let's get to work, son!

    Date Added: Nov 18, 2013

  • Ask The Fighter Diet Girl: Nordin's Hardest Workout, Favorite Supps, And Rep Range

    By: Pauline Nordin

    Pauline Nordin, founder of the Fighter Diet, answers your burning fitness questions on video. Knock out your goals with this hard-hitting column!

    Date Added: Jul 3, 2013

  • Research Roundup Vol. 6: Breaking Insights In Training, Nutrition, And Supplementation

    By: Chris Beardsley

    Every month, academic journals publish dozens of new studies about training, nutrition, and athletic performance. I read the research and zero in on the take-home lesson so you don\'t have to!

    Date Added: Apr 24, 2013

  • To The Extreme: 5 Ball-Busting Training Techniques

    By: Matt Biss

    Sure, some workout techniques are hard. But these workout techniques threaten to leave chalk outlines on the gym floor.

    Date Added: Oct 29, 2012

  • Time Under Tension - The 75-Second Muscle Solution

    By: Cory Gregory

    Do your workouts need a little boost? Try this new method for greater muscle contraction and a bigger pump!

    Date Added: Sep 25, 2012

  • Training To Failure With Ben Booker!

    By: Video Articles

    2010 Bodyspace Male Spokesmodel and fitness model Ben Booker shows you his failure training method for building bigger muscles in the gym.

    Date Added: Nov 24, 2010

  • Training Power Systems: Anaerobic And Aerobic Training Methods!

    By: Rosie Chee

    Anaerobic and aerobic power systems are important to the athlete... Find out how to increase both as the different methods used to train both systems are discussed.

    Date Added: Sep 23, 2010

  • Taking Y3T For A Test Drive: Week 3 - Total Annihilation!

    By: Roger Lockridge

    Roger Lockridge heads back to the gym for the third week in the Y3T program. Read on to see how Roger handled 'Total Annihilation'!

    Date Added: Sep 22, 2010

  • Taking Y3T For A Test Drive: Week 2 - Isolation Movements!

    By: Roger Lockridge

    Roger Lockridge is taking Neil 'Yoda' Hill's Y3T program to the gym for another full body workout. Read on to see how he tackles week 2 of this training program!

    Date Added: Sep 21, 2010

  • Taking Y3T For A Test Drive: Introduction To Y3T!

    By: Roger Lockridge

    Last year, I put FST-7 to the test. Now, I am going to do the same for the Neil Hill's Y3T system. People throughout the UK swear by it and now it is making headlines here in the US. Learn more about Y3T right here.

    Date Added: Sep 20, 2010

  • Taking Y3T For A Test Drive: Week 1 - Compound Movements!

    By: Roger Lockridge

    Roger Lockridge is taking Neil 'Yoda' Hill's Y3T program to the gym for a full body workout. Read on to see how he handles week 1 of this training program!

    Date Added: Sep 20, 2010

  • Dramatic Transformation Principle: Shoulders, Priority, And Drop Sets!

    By: Roger Lockridge

    Roger Lockridge takes Kris Gethin's Dramatic Transformation Principle to the gym for some shoulder dropsets. Read on to see how he did!

    Date Added: Sep 16, 2010

  • Transform Into The Ab-Dominator: Ab-Robics For Everyone!

    By: John Kioskerides

    Have T.V. infomercials ever convinced you that you can get great abs with almost no effort? Well, it's a lie. But the hardwork and healthy diet do pay off! Find out the best way to turn yourself into the Ab-Dominator in only 30 minutes a day!

    Date Added: Sep 16, 2010

  • Dramatic Transformation Principle: Build Some Killer Legs With This Routine!

    By: Roger Lockridge

    Roger Lockridge takes Kris Gethin's Dramatic Transformation Principle to the gym for a great legs workout. Read on to see how he did!

    Date Added: Sep 14, 2010

  • Dramatic Transformation Principle: Changing People's Bodies And Lives!

    By: Roger Lockridge

    If you are looking to make a big change regarding your health and well being then this is the article for you. Kris Gethin takes you through his Dramatic Transformation Principle and shows you how to kick start your own transformation!

    Date Added: Sep 13, 2010

  • Dramatic Transformation Principle: Get Ready To Build Massive Arms!

    By: Roger Lockridge

    Roger Lockridge takes Kris Gethin's Dramatic Transformation Principle to the gym for an arms workout. Read how he did!

    Date Added: Sep 13, 2010

  • Your Ultimate Training Guide To Mass And Strength Domination!

    By: David Robson

    Do you want to improve your strength and get huge at the same time? Here's a training framework for the most productive workouts of your life.

    Date Added: Sep 13, 2010

  • A Bodybuilder Is Born: Episode 46 - The One True Way To Gain Mass!

    By: Ron Harris

    There are so many different ways to train, how can you know which one is right? If there really was only one way we would all be doing it. Find out what the one true way to gain mass is right here.

    Date Added: Sep 3, 2010

  • Is CrossFit Friend Or Fad?

    By: Alex Stewart

    Over the years, a program has grown in popularity from coast to coast that has generated a lot of buzz among doctors, fitness experts, personal trainers, professional athletes and more - It's the CrossFit system.

    Date Added: Aug 31, 2010

  • Achieve Your Desired Body And Fitness Goals With Inefficient Training? It Works!

    By: Kyle Newell

    You can achieve your dream body by being inefficient! In fact, it's the only way! This may seem crazy, but find out more by reading the science behind inefficiency and body composition.

    Date Added: Aug 24, 2010

  • Building Success In The Gym With The Principles Of Progress: Your Operating System!

    By: Charles Staley

    In this follow-up, I'd like to challenge you to explore your 'system' of training. I'd like you to take an assessment of your 'Values'. In other words, what's your 'Training O.S.?' Find out more from these sample belief patterns.

    Date Added: Aug 12, 2010

  • Top 5 Lifting Tips - Bodybuilding And Exercise Science Combined, Part 2!

    By: Dustin Elliott

    If you lift like a 'Bro', you aren't going to see the best results! Discover the misconceptions behind Bro-Science and find out the top 5 things you need to do when you lift weights to put on muscle like a pro!

    Date Added: Jun 29, 2010

  • See Better Results In The Gym By Using The Science Of Training!

    By: Chad Shaw

    Are you a gym rat? Have you turned training into a ritual that is not even showing you any results? Read on to find out why you need to use the science of training to get back on track in the gym!

    Date Added: Jun 24, 2010

  • Top 3 Ways To Train - Bodybuilding & Exercise Science Combined!

    By: Dustin Elliott

    You want the best training regime, but which is better: bro science or exercise science? Find out why you should combine both training ideas to create the perfect workout regime throughout the year!

    Date Added: Jun 15, 2010

  • 3 Critical Phases To Get Bigger & Stronger!

    By: Shannon Clark

    Building muscle encompasses three main phases: training stimulus, rest, and nutrition. If any are off you're going to be hindered. Here's what you should know.

    Date Added: Dec 10, 2009

  • Arnold's #1 Get-Bigger Trigger: Power-Density Unlocks Faster Muscle Growth


    Imagine discovering that you've only been training half your muscles' growth capacity, and with one small tweak, you could transform your physique! Exciting new research suggests that's entirely possible. Learn more.

    Date Added: Sep 1, 2009

  • What Do You Consider 'Old School' Strength Training?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    What do you consider 'old school?' Some people are put off by the old-school, while others swear by them. Here's a variety of opinions and the benefits/drawbacks of both. Is one better than the other? Learn more.

    Date Added: Jun 24, 2009

  • Thermodynamics Training: The Heat Is On To Get Ripped & Lean!

    By: Kelly Eiesly

    Thermodynamics is a workout that I use to get ripped, and transport nutrients more efficiently. Here's more about the importance of ATP, heart rate, types of training I use to get more defined and more. Read on.

    Date Added: Jun 23, 2009

  • Heavy Training & Injuries: An Experience Of Training Through The Pain!

    By: Brent Moody

    If you lift hard, and you lift consistently, you have undoubtedly dealt with injury at some point. It's as inevitable as a surplus of hair gel at a nightclub. Here's my account of why I believe in training through the pain. Check it out!

    Date Added: Jun 4, 2009

  • Building Success In The Gym With The Principles Of Progress!

    By: Charles Staley

    The most successful athletes have a protocol - a proactive procedure to keep on track when problems arise in your training. Get your training goals back on track with the following training principles... Learn more.

    Date Added: Apr 15, 2009

  • Blast Off To A New Level Of Mass With Light Training!


    If you want extreme muscle mass, you need to look at lighter, slower-rep training. Cash in on real muscle growth with this detailed list explaining how to do this type of training, why, and sample exercises to go with it!

    Date Added: Feb 2, 2009

  • Quick Start Program For Mass: Gain 10 Lbs In Only 10 Workouts!

    By: Pete Sisco

    We live in the busiest, most hectic time in man's history. People literally don't have time to waste and if something can be done in 5 minutes, why would they spend an hour doing it? Find out how to make your workout as efficient as possible!

    Date Added: Dec 3, 2008

  • Which Is The Most Effective Training Theory For Gaining Mass?

    By: Workout Of The Week

    Which is the most effective training theory for gaining mass? Here are the best training theories for building muscle; straight from the forum. These theories, such as HST, Max-OT, and others, will help you make the right training choices!

    Date Added: Aug 25, 2008

  • Phenotype Vs Genotype, A Genetic Myth?

    By: Glen Danbury

    Virtually everyone I speak to believes that it's genetics which ultimately dictate a person's development and their responses to any given training or diet. I have put together the following factors that will effect strength and size. Learn more.

    Date Added: Oct 29, 2007

  • The Pump: A Traditional Training Principle With Newfound Applications.

    By: Ivan Blazquez

    The greatest feeling you can get in a gym or the most satisfying feeling you can get in a gym is, 'The Pump.' Here I expose what the pump really is and 3 new applications to take growth to a new level.

    Date Added: Oct 9, 2007

  • Achieve Your Bodybuilding Goals With The Dynamic Training Approach.

    By: David Robson

    Dan Gastelu developed a system of training that specifically accommodates the individual athlete. This is known as the Dynamic Training Approach. In this interview he describes, in detail, the science and importance of this training system.

    Date Added: Feb 26, 2007

  • Nautilus Bulletin No. 3, Chapter 1: What To Expect From Exercise.

    By: Cyberpump

    Strength & Speed are a direct result of exercise. If you give exercise a chance then you can expect great results. See how an NFL football player can be the best even at a small size. Read on for the details.

    Date Added: Jan 12, 2007

  • Hardgainer Terminator: Twig-To-Big Muscle-Mass Mutations.


    In high school at 120 pounds, Steve often thought that he probably should've pursued ping-pong instead of muscle. If you are a hard gainer then look no further. Here are some great tips & hints to overcome the difficulty of putting on muscle!

    Date Added: Jan 11, 2007

  • What Really Works? Effective Training Principles.

    By: Josh Hewett

    The intention of this article is to present the most effective training principles in a simple and clear fashion. Ideas presented include progressive overload, nutrition, and much more. You will see results by following these basic concepts.

    Date Added: Dec 30, 2006

  • Lacking Results - Learn About The Importance Of Adaptation.

    By: Randy Herring

    Adaptation is a process by which the body accustoms itself to physical stress. In this article I will attempt to make the exercise enthusiast aware of the adaptation process and why some people get results while others do not.

    Date Added: Dec 12, 2006

  • Variable Training – Is It The Key To Maximal Growth?

    By: Dr. David Ryan

    We all want to maximize our training to grow bigger and stronger in the shortest amount of time possible. Get a competitive edge with these tips to maximize growth from variable training!

    Date Added: Nov 27, 2006

  • Max-Out Radio Podcast #5 With Guest, Charles Staley.

    By: Mike Roussell, Ph.D.

    Mike & Charles discuss Escalating Density Training (EDT), how the average trainer can be more like an olympic athlete, powerful goal setting techniques, and fat loss research on CLA in humans. Listen in now!

    Date Added: Nov 19, 2006

  • What Is The Best Max-OT Workout?

    By: Workout Of The Week

    What is the best Max-OT workout? Max-OT is a training method used by many bodybuilders. Our forum members have put together the best workouts, who benefits, results to expect, and much more... Read on and try it out!

    Date Added: Jul 21, 2006

  • Mass X-celeration Interview: Stretch Overload & 300 Percent Mass Increases!


    Jonathan L. and Steve H., Iron Man magazine authors and developers of X-Reps, recently packed on about 10 pounds of muscle. Check out this great interview as they explain another muscular quantum leap - The X Factor. Get the full details right here!

    Date Added: Jul 7, 2006

  • Compound Vs. Isolated Exercises: Making An Effective Training Program.

    By: Shannon Clark

    Isolated exercises are great for minor tweaking, however for those looking to make significant changes they are not ideal. Here are five reasons why isolation exercises may not be your best option.

    Date Added: Apr 24, 2006

  • How Are Bodybuilding And Powerlifting Similar And Different?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    How are bodybuilding and powerlifting similar and different? Get the opinions right here as our forum members explain the similarities and differences between the two sports. Read on...

    Date Added: Apr 21, 2006

  • My Take On DC Training!

    By: Mark Subsinsky

    What follows is my take on DC training, focusing on the things I've found that I liked and exploited to my advantage. This is not a radical program but can be very useful. Try it out!

    Date Added: Mar 16, 2006

  • The Real Reasons Arnold's Physique Was Ahead Of Its Time.


    Arnold was able to get huge back in the day because of the tactics he used while training. Learn right here how he used cheat curls and other exercises to get huge even by today's standards. Check it out.

    Date Added: Mar 13, 2006

  • Why The ME Method Should Form The Basis Of Hypertrophy Training.

    By: Glen Danbury

    What is the ME Method and why should it be used? Many trainers and bodybuilders alike seem to be misguided about the uses of ME. Learn about several max effort methods right here.

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2006

  • Shredded Beef: Dissecting Jay Cutler's Monster-Mass Training!


    Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler just have to know something the rest of us don't - because they're eye-ball-popping huge! Well we have some answers to how they get that big. Check it out!

    Date Added: Feb 2, 2006

  • Analyzing Mr. Olympia's Workout - An X-Rep Perspective.


    The max-force point is the place along an exercise's stroke at which the target muscle has the most power-output potential. Learn more about this point and see how Mr. Olympia works it in...

    Date Added: Jan 3, 2006

  • Q&A - X Factor Interview, Part 1.


    Recently Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson stumbled onto a new training concept that took their muscle size, shape and density to new dimensions. Learn more about the amazing X-Reps right here!

    Date Added: Dec 27, 2005

  • Training Methods - Nuclear Powered Bodybuilding!

    By: Mark Subsinsky

    Here is a training method that I have developed and used to reduce the possibility of injuries and increase focus. This new method is called Nuclear Powered Bodybuilding. Check it out now!

    Date Added: Dec 5, 2005

  • Training Volume: Long Workouts And Fast Twitch Muscles.

    By: Peak Performance

    An elite cycling coach, an international swimming coach, a top-notch rowing coach, and a national running coach were recently discussing training theory... Get this in depth discussion on muscle fibers while they sip over whisky!

    Date Added: Dec 2, 2005

  • How To Lose The Most Fat And Build The Most Muscle In 30 Days!

    By: Nick Nilsson

    The dream of everyone who trains is to lose maximum fat and build maximum muscle in the shortest period of time possible. If this interests you then read on to see what I am talking about. Maximize your potential now!

    Date Added: Nov 15, 2005

  • Maximizing Training With Heavy Duty GTG!

    By: Mike Mahler

    I am going to go over how to modify Mike Mentzer's controversial 'Heavy Duty' program and mix it with two other controversial programs... The others are 'greasing the groove' and 'Conjugate Approach'. I will describe them here.

    Date Added: Nov 15, 2005

  • The Path Of Champions - Variations In Training Over Time!

    By: Kelly Baggett

    I get asked the question about training frequency all the time. People also want to know more about volume and intensity over time. Well I will cover all of that right here. Learn more...

    Date Added: Oct 25, 2005

  • Is There A Magic Formula For Gaining Muscle And Losing Fat?

    By: Myron Mielke

    Is there a magic formula? Well only if you believe everything you read. Discover why it is so important to find what really works and why not all workout and diet programs are created equal.

    Date Added: Oct 5, 2005

  • Energy In Bodybuilding: Stimulating Muscle To Get Fit!

    By: Randy Herring

    With bodybuilding or bodysculpting for fitness we call upon our minds to move our muscles in order to produce energy. I will be talking about the requirements of stimulating muscle to get more energy. Read on for more.

    Date Added: Aug 10, 2005

  • Nervous System Training Vs. Body Part Training!

    By: Wade McNutt

    The nervous system and training program of a professional athlete are not the same as the novice or beginner. Get an idea about what nervous system training is and how it differs from body part training.

    Date Added: Aug 3, 2005

  • Excerpt From 'Natural Bodybuilding': Training Method #2!

    By: John Hansen

    John Hansen, Natural Mr. Universe and Natural Olympia champion, is proud to announce the release of his new book Natural Bodybuilding. This book covers everything from training to nutrition to contest preparation, specifically for the drug-free body.

    Date Added: Apr 14, 2005

  • Pump Up The Volume For Your Bodytype!

    By: Mike Mahler

    In this article, I am going to go over the pitfalls of doing volume training incorrectly and show you how to personalize high volume training to your unique body type for maximum gains in size and strength. Lets get started!

    Date Added: Jan 7, 2005

  • Circuit Train Your Way To A Leaner Body!

    By: Shannon Clark

    If you've been working hard on your cardio program and lifting weights religiously but still can't seem to make a chance in your physique, circuit training may be just what you need.

    Date Added: Dec 24, 2004

  • Mechanical Model For Analyzing Adaptation To Training.

    By: Charles Ridgely

    In the following sections, our objective is so see if we can come to any conclusions about our training by analyzing a simple mechanical model that conforms to the SAID principle.

    Date Added: Nov 30, 2004

  • Techniques For Analyzing Work In Our Training.

    By: Charles Ridgely

    In Part 1 of the series, entitled Physics and Training with Weights, we'll take a closer look at the concept of work, and how to analyze the work performed in your training...

    Date Added: Oct 20, 2004

  • Some Minor Principles Of Hypertrophy-Specific Training.

    By: Charles Ridgely

    Herein, we're going to take a closer look at some of these minor principles, while only briefly discussing the well-known major principles of HST.

    Date Added: Oct 8, 2004

  • What Is The Point Of Resistance Training?

    By: Babyboomers

    What is the point of resistance training and do you need it to build muscle? Find out here...

    Date Added: Sep 24, 2004

  • Single VS. Multiple Sets.

    By: Christopher Mohr

    All programs will work for some time, the reason for this is that our bodies quickly adapt to what we give them. This is the main reasoning for variation in your workout...

    Date Added: Sep 21, 2004

  • Advanced Methods In Force Training - Part 1.

    By: Progressive Sporting Systems

    A force curve is a graphical representation of the relationship between the external expression of instantaneous maximal force production and muscle length.

    Date Added: Sep 9, 2004

  • Density Conditioning.

    By: Matt Wiggins

    Wiggy wants you to strive to either do more work in the same period of time each workout, or do the same amount of work in a shorter period of time each workout.

    Date Added: Aug 31, 2004

  • The Best Training You Aren't Doing.

    By: Josh Henkin

    I was exposed to cutting-edge principles about whole-body integration that was backed up by hard science and physiology...

    Date Added: Aug 24, 2004

  • Days Of Yore & Muscles Of Magnitude!

    By: Aaron Links

    How were these men able to forge these muscles of might when we are supposedly so far ahead of them in every area of fitness? Somehow, even with lacking equipment, myth-based knowledge, and inferior supplementation they became the standard by which...

    Date Added: Aug 18, 2004

  • A Prospectus On Periodization!

    By: Progressive Sporting Systems

    Although there are many different types of periodization, I am going to outline the three most prevalent types, Western style, Conjugated, Undulating, and one that I have developed which I call the Hybrid method.

    Date Added: Aug 17, 2004

  • Training To Win: Using Your Instincts And Sound Principles That Work For You!

    By: Jeff Behar

    To answer those of you who contacted me via email or approached me at the recent spring contests asking how I managed to make such huge changes in density, hardness and size in 3 week periods I have briefly summarized what I feel was the major driving...

    Date Added: Jul 15, 2004

  • No More Training Confusion: Enter The 16-Week Metamorphosis!

    By: Mike Mahler

    Recently, I had someone email me that was really confused about which strength coach to follow. He was wondering who is right? Charles Poliquin, Chad Waterbury, or Charles Staley? Well the bottom line is that all three of these strength coaches are right.

    Date Added: Jun 1, 2004

  • Is HST Actually Different From Other Programs?

    By: HST

    Let's start with what isn't different about HST compared with previous training programs. The length of this list is what has raised this question in the first place, and justifiably so. Let's begin with the concepts and then follow with the methods.

    Date Added: May 3, 2004

  • Progressive Overload: The Concept You Must Know To Grow!

    By: Chris Goulet

    Without progressive overload your body does not need to adapt and therefore will never get bigger or stronger beyond a certain point.

    Date Added: Apr 16, 2004

  • What Is Renegade Training?

    By: John Davies

    I've sat down to write my inaugural column here a number of times. Looking at the keyboard, I walked away a dozen times - writing, damn this is all crap 'cause the story that needs to be told is no story at all - it's straight from the hip, so here it goes.

    Date Added: Apr 9, 2004

  • Renegade Concepts Of Training!

    By: John Davies

    For the last few decades the exercise and health community has been in a peculiar state of flux. Oddly these same concepts flew straight against the growing trends in the health and fitness industry and it is clear that to truly understand the success of Renegade Training is a route to understand what has went wrong in the health and fitness field.

    Date Added: Apr 9, 2004

  • The Solution For Every Hard Gainer!

    By: Simon Forsyth

    Gaining muscle while staying as lean as possible has been the goal of most people for as long as I can think of, even before my time there where people trying to gain as much muscle as possible while staying lean. Learn how to gain lean mass with this great program...

    Date Added: Apr 7, 2004

  • Why Most Training Programs Fail!

    By: Josh Dickinson

    Do you know what the most confusing aspect of training is? It's actually training. There are so many different types of training programs out there, some being good and others being, well, down right bad. We will have a quick look at the most popular types and you can decide which is best for you.

    Date Added: Apr 2, 2004

  • The New Approach To Instinctual Training!

    By: Clayton South

    Through further practice, it is possible to make the behaviour instinctual-reflexive. Learn how and all about instinctual training!

    Date Added: Mar 18, 2004

  • Optimizing Muscle Size Through Different Training Methods!

    By: Kelly Baggett

    Training is just an attack on muscle fiber. We go in the gym and attack our muscles in an effort to make them grow bigger and stronger. The 2 most popular forms of musclar attack can be illustrated if you compare the training of a powerlifter to that of a bodybuilder. Find out how they can both help you make new gains!

    Date Added: Mar 12, 2004

  • Periodization: Which Method Is Best?


    Periodization, simply stated, is the organization of training into blocks or units of time that focus on specific skills. Read more!

    Date Added: Feb 18, 2004

  • Pump Up The Volume!

    By: Simon Forsyth

    If you are trying to get bigger and stronger, but your gym does not have chains and bands? Try the routine for 8 weeks to gain size and strength.

    Date Added: Feb 11, 2004

  • Is German Volume Training 'Hypertrophy Specific'?

    By: HST

    GVT, though specific to increasing short-term endurance, can produce some hypertrophy in as much as it adheres to any of the known principles of hypertrophy. Let's go over some hypertrophy-specific principles and see how GVT stacks up.

    Date Added: Jan 31, 2004

  • Applied Chaos: A Detailed Look At Fractal Training!

    By: Jeremy Likness

    Learn what the chaos theory is and it can help you but first you must know your body and what it responds to, but by keeping detailed logs and planning specific programs, you can begin to maximize hypertrophy in your training!

    Date Added: Jan 17, 2004

  • Reverse Pyramid Training & The Fifteen Rules!

    By: Randy Herring

    Learn the purpose and advantages of training with the Reverse Pyramid Method and fifteen rules that will lead you to success!

    Date Added: Jan 14, 2004

  • Station Versus Circuit Training.

    By: Charles Staley

    Find out the difference between station training and circuit training. How one can benefit you more than the other. What works best?

    Date Added: Nov 13, 2003

  • The Functional Training Craze!

    By: Jesse Cannone

    More and more people are using functional training, and some argue it's the only way to train. The purpose of this article is to give people an understanding of what functional training is, and what it does and does not do.

    Date Added: Nov 5, 2003

  • Vibration Training For Enhanced Performance!

    By: Coach Sonnon

    Vibration Training strategies have been around for a very long time - several million as a matter of fact. Animals do this instinctively. Find out what it is and how it can help you!

    Date Added: Oct 31, 2003

  • Is There An Ideal Training Program?


    Each top strength star must find the right combination of exercises, sets, reps, heavy vs. moderate or light workouts per month...

    Date Added: Oct 22, 2003

  • Samra R.E.S.T. System Of Training!

    By: Dennis Weis

    I was naturally quite curious about the R.E.S.T. theories of Dr. Pete Samra, and how it helped natural [anabolic steroid free] bodybuilders develop to their full potential. I made arrangements with Pete for a one-on-one in person interview to discuss the R.E.S.T. System of Training.

    Date Added: Sep 26, 2003

  • The Science Of Hypertrophy

    By: Par Deus

    This article seeks to examine some of the factors implicated in processes of muscle growth, and, in keeping with the spirit of Mind and Muscle Magazine, elucidate the elaborate chemical pathways that transduce their effects.

    Date Added: Sep 18, 2003

  • 3 Sets Of 10: Mainstay Or Myth?

    By: ISSA

    Everyone has something that annoys them about the fitness industry. For me it is program design. The 3 sets of 10 reps program got its start in the '40s and '50s in some early strength training experiments. Learn why it is so popular and if it is the best way to train...

    Date Added: Aug 21, 2003

  • Utilizing German Body Training!

    By: Ryan Mackie

    This summer I was embarking on my dieting cycle with the goal to shed some body fat and get in better shape not only for summer. After I hit a plateau and my PR's started to decline, I knew I needed to change my workout. Find out how utilizing german body training into my workout helped me lose fat and gain muscle!

    Date Added: Aug 7, 2003

  • The Principles Of Bodybuilding.

    By: Clayton South

    Repeatedly I receive letters of thanks from bodybuilders around the world, astounded that philosophy is the chief determinant of bodybuilding success. Find out what they know!

    Date Added: Aug 4, 2003

  • Liberate Yourself From Classical Weight Training!

    By: Charles Staley

    In the field of resistance training, EDT dynamically conforms to the end-users needs from workout to workout while at the same time ensuring the stringent application of the established principles of athletic training.

    Date Added: Jul 17, 2003

  • Creating Peak Performance On Demand!

    By: HST

    Peak performance is often referred to as the zone or the groove, or even finding one's rhythm. It's a method of increasing strength and generating peak performance. It consists of Centering, Charging, Grounding, and Discharging (CCGD). It is the mental act of controlled, high intensity, physical exertion. Learn how it can help you!

    Date Added: Jul 11, 2003

  • Condensed High-Volume Training Program

    By: Dennis Weis

    There are, of course, numerous approaches for forcing muscle growth but one of the most unusual ones I have ever heard of was the Condensed High-Volume Training Program used by a bodybuilder named Richard Simons back in 1966. Find out how to gain 25 pounds in 21 days with his program!

    Date Added: Jul 2, 2003

  • Strength Deficit: A Way To Calculate How YOU Should Be Training!

    By: Kelly Baggett

    Wouldn't it be cool if you knew exactly what type of training program would give you the best results? When determining whether you should focus your training efforts more on hypertrophy work or strength training a highly effective diagnostic method has been around for ages. Learn what it is and how it can help you!

    Date Added: Jun 30, 2003

  • New Muscle Growth Theories!

    By: Jeff Mayner

    Modern technology changes the information we have access to at such a rapid pace one would think that when it came to muscle growth we would know almost everything there is to know. There are still certain areas dealing with the functioning of the human body such as the brain and muscle development that still eludes us. Learn more here...

    Date Added: Jun 26, 2003

  • H.I.T. The Hammer - Does HIT Work?

    By: Cyberpump

    In this old article, Dr. Squat never did get his facts completely straight (e.g., Rob Spector running a HIT site, he did not even back then. What follows is the article that was written in response to Dr. Squat's article many years ago. Hopefully, with both articles you will get a chuckle and afterwards go to the gym and PUMP SOME IRON!

    Date Added: Jun 25, 2003

  • "Hit" With A "Hammer".

    By: Dr. Squat

    Learn all about how high intensity training (HIT) was founded, the ten HIT commandments and the seven laws of weight training and much more...

    Date Added: Jun 20, 2003

  • The Holistic Hypertrophy Program.

    By: Glen Danbury

    Training for mass gains sounds simple, come in, recruit and exhaust as many muscle fibres as possible. Simple right? Unfortunately most common methods of training usually fail to exhaust one or another group of muscle fibres. Learn what the holistic hypertrophy program is and how it can help you!

    Date Added: Jun 9, 2003

  • Learning The Instinctive Training Principle!

    By: Shane Giese

    The Instinctive Training Principle, created by Joe Weider, allows you to change things up and react with a 6th sense kind of approach to bodybuilding.

    Date Added: May 27, 2003

  • Overload With Aussie-Tank Scott Diedrichs!

    By: Other Writer

    Well we now know to go as heavy as possible with good form to get maximum muscle overload and hypertrophy and we also know that routines need to switched regular to prevent the muscle adaptation process. Find out what else you need to know to continuously make gains!

    Date Added: May 24, 2003

  • Time Under Tension In Your Training Program

    By: ISSA

    This concept was first popularized in North America by the now well-known strength coach Charles Poliquin. This author suggests monitoring the actual time that a muscle is "under tension" during an exercise by using a clock or stopwatch, and recording this parameter in the training log via a numerical system.

    Date Added: May 23, 2003

  • Bodybuilding According To Joe Weider: Science Or Marketing Hype?

    By: Dr. Squat

    Find out what the science of bodybuilding means to Joe Weider, the history behind it, the beginning years and all about the Weider principles and where they came from!

    Date Added: May 23, 2003

  • The Magic Workout?

    By: Jamie Hale

    Since weight training was conceived, we have been searching for the ultimate workout. What is the best workout to produce bulging hard muscles? Is it high volume or high intensity training? Well, my friend, I have the answer to this ancient debate. Neither one.

    Date Added: Apr 29, 2003

  • Modified Heavy-Light Training!

    By: Shannon Pittman

    For a true HIT trainee this program may not sit really well in their interpretation of the ideal program. The reason is that this program will use light days cycled into the system or rather light exercises. Learn why!

    Date Added: Apr 22, 2003

  • The New High Intensity

    By: Contributing Writer

    There are many theories on HIT, and many HIT workouts such as Max-OT among others, but I'm here to talk about a new HIT philosophy.

    Date Added: Apr 19, 2003

  • Crossing Over To Performance Training!

    By: Intensity Magazine

    Learn how Renegade Training can improve your athletic ability along with your overall strength!

    Date Added: Apr 15, 2003

  • The REAL Way To Lean Muscle Fast!

    By: Planet Muscle

    The knowledge and understanding of all subjects is always subject to change. It's no different with the knowledge of the human body and the muscular system, how muscle grows and responds to varying degrees of progressively increasing resistance.

    Date Added: Mar 31, 2003

  • Comparing Different Methods Of Working Out.

    By: Mike Murphy

    In today's broad horizon of bodybuilding, there are many different ideas as to which method of working out is the best. I have narrowed them down to 4 main methods.

    Date Added: Mar 15, 2003

  • High Volume HIT!

    By: Shannon Pittman

    Learn how this method of training from the 30’s can give you explosive growth!

    Date Added: Mar 12, 2003

  • High Frequency HIT!

    By: Shannon Pittman

    Get massive muscles in 15 minutes a day and less than 20 sets per week! Who can argue with that?

    Date Added: Mar 11, 2003

  • Instinctive Training.

    By: Matt Danielsson

    We must use our intellect to override instinct to reach results. The body can only be FORCED to get more muscular, while our instincts simply tells us not to. Learn why!

    Date Added: Feb 26, 2003

  • Crank Up The VOLUME!

    By: Zach G.

    Mike Mentzer started the HIT method and thousands followed. See why the HIT method is not for ectomorphs and volume training is!

    Date Added: Feb 18, 2003

  • Bodybuilding for Babyboomers

    By: Babyboomers

    In this weeks issue, we will discuss choosing the right training program for all ages. Learn why periodization is the key to success and what physiological changes occur after 40.

    Date Added: Feb 13, 2003

  • Pyramid Power: Building A Firm Foundation!

    By: Kerry Dulin

    A pyramid set typically begins with a light to moderate weight that can be lifted with good form for 10 to 12 repetitions. Learn why this technique works so well!

    Date Added: Feb 10, 2003

  • Periodization: The Key To Continuous Gains!

    By: Matt Danielsson

    Muscle growth is not something that comes by itself. Learn how to continuously gain lean muscle with the principles of periodization!

    Date Added: Feb 6, 2003

  • Sand Training 101.

    By: Intensity Magazine

    After training in the sand, with the right program design, regular, one surface, level ground will make you feel like you're accelerating down stream. Learn how sand training will boost your strength and agility!

    Date Added: Feb 6, 2003

  • Changing Your Workout Routines!

    By: Mike Murphy

    Learn how changing your workout routine can help break a plateau and get huge gains!

    Date Added: Jan 21, 2003

  • The Ultra Hardgainer Routine

    By: Shannon Pittman

    For those who seem to have no genetic gifts in the area of body mass gain there is still hope.

    Date Added: Jan 14, 2003

  • The S.M.A.R.T. Method

    By: Zach Marcy

    It stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Constrained. This same test can be used to help us identify a good goal.

    Date Added: Jan 13, 2003

  • Periodization: Part 2

    By: Luis Berrios

    Learn the difference between short and long term periodization. Also, find out how the different workouts will help you in different ways!

    Date Added: Dec 19, 2002

  • Intensity Or Insanity

    By: AnimalPak

    The gym attendent told me not to go over there but I did and he said 'I'm going to kill you if you don't get the hell out of here. I'll kick your ass.

    Date Added: Dec 18, 2002

  • Mike Mentzer's Lost Heavy Duty Secrets.

    By: Paul Becker

    While many people know the basics of Heavy Duty training, the advanced techniques are known by only a few. Learn the detailed secrets!

    Date Added: Dec 14, 2002

  • The Hidden Power Of Behavior-Based Training

    By: Charles Staley

    Before a new building can be erected on a site where an older building exists, the older building must be demolished first. Learn how your behaviour will be base your training!

    Date Added: Dec 12, 2002

  • A Lifting Formula

    By: Curtis Schultz

    The key to successful improvement in your weight-training program is to use methods of exercise and periodization techniques...

    Date Added: Dec 3, 2002

  • Periodization: Part 1

    By: Luis Berrios

    Periodization helps to keep your body stimulated and prevent injury while lifting weights. This is one of the most important concepts of bodybuilding. Learn how it can help you!

    Date Added: Nov 22, 2002

  • Negative Adaptation

    By: Dean Goudie

    Learn just how far the body goes to fight off the muscle we so desperately try to obtain.

    Date Added: Nov 18, 2002

  • EMG Studies Show Best Exercises

    By: Mark Raineri

    If you're new to the weightlifting game, there are hundreds of different exercises. How are you supposed to know which ones are effective and which ones aren't?

    Date Added: Nov 11, 2002

  • S.A.I.S. Mass-Building Routine

    By: Jeff McCarrell

    Anyone who wants to build a substantial amount of muscle in the shortest possible time must follow a carefully designed, methodical program based on undisputed scientific facts. This most certainly applies to the design of the training program. Full details on this amazing workout!

    Date Added: Nov 8, 2002

  • Periodization For Bodybuilders Part 2

    By: Keats Snideman

    Are you interested in long term results and effectiveness in your training? Then you better have at least a basic understanding of 'periodization.'

    Date Added: Oct 31, 2002

  • Static Contraction Training

    By: Pete Sisco

    Using this method, the test subjects added an average of 9.0 pounds of new muscle (one subject added 28.9 pounds!) in just 10 weeks and increased their full range 1-rep max by 27.6%. Learn how this "minimum dose" training can can lead to maximum agains!

    Date Added: Sep 12, 2002

  • Mean Poundage Index

    By: Shannon Pittman

    It didn't give much useful information other than that the total poundage lifted per workout could be calculated and compared to that of the previous one.

    Date Added: Sep 10, 2002

  • Does Power Factor Training Work?

    By: Other Writer

    If the claims are true, the many existing styles of resistance training can be compared head-to-head in an objective manner and it can lead to new training styles. Here is my theory and my personal training program!

    Date Added: Sep 7, 2002

  • Training Styles

    By: James Sadek

    I have found for a period of a couple of weeks one might training style such as drop sets but then it doesn't feel right after a while so I will use another.

    Date Added: Sep 4, 2002

  • Fusion Bench Overview!

    By: Curtis Dennis Jr.

    Well, automatically you think about getting stronger right? And when you think about getting stronger, you think about getting a bigger bench right?

    Date Added: Aug 30, 2002

  • Randy's Advanced 6-day Routine

    By: Randy Herring

    If you are an advanced trainee, want to lose fat or get into contest shape quickly and wish to gain more muscle due to a greater blood flow to the working muscles though larger capillaries owing to higher rep range/cardiovascular type training than normal this routine is for you.

    Date Added: Jul 26, 2002

  • Starting Your Journey On The Right Path

    By: Ryan Ward

    How should people start weight training? People have very different opinions on how to start this journey to a perfect body, but I will take you through my opinion on starting out.

    Date Added: Jul 25, 2002

  • Tunnel Vision And Myths: The Education STOPS Here!

    By: Curtis Schultz

    Certain individuals are swept away in their own tunnel vision, their own way of thinking and if anyone's ways are different or someone challenges their philosophy they attack. Read about it and learn the truth.

    Date Added: Jul 18, 2002

  • Remember The Good Old Days?

    By: Curtis Schultz

    I'm flipping through the yellow pages looking for a place to train, and I come across a Worlds Gym, as I run my finger down the lists of things they have and offer my finger stops in amazement. It reads "No Powerlifters!" I sit in astonishment that this gym owner had the balls to put that in writing, and then under the World Gym logo it states, "We'll take care of everything you need to know & teach you everything you need to do from the first time you walk through the doors."

    Date Added: Jul 17, 2002

  • David's Latest Training Journal - 5/21/02 - 6/01/02

    By: David Knowles

    This week was a pretty good one. The downside to not having a workout partner is, of course, not having a spot. This is really no big deal if you know someone in the gym. However, if you don't, workouts like chest or back and suffer…Big time! You can correct for this by improvising and increasing the intensity by increasing the number of reps or exercises performed. Time to get nasty!

    Date Added: Jun 21, 2002

  • Getting In Shape (GPP and SPP) - With Exercise Guides!

    By: Josh Henkin

    Seems as though everyone in the gym, on the track, in the spinning class are all trying to get in shape. Get in shape for what? What does this all too common saying actually mean? To be honest, being in shape means different things for different people. How can YOU get in shape?

    Date Added: Jun 17, 2002

  • Designing A Solid Weight Training Routine:

    By: Other Teen Writer

    There are several key components one must consider when designing a weight training routine. I will attempt to briefly discuss these with you now, but first, I would like to dispel a common myth:

    Date Added: Jun 7, 2002

  • Hybrid Training Course: Phase Three

    By: Curtis Dennis Jr.

    Fusion training is beyond High-Intensity because of the fact is manipulates so many factors. For one, the rest periods are manipulated. Most of the techniques in the training allow 10-15 second rest which is to allow an increase in muscularity.

    Date Added: Jun 6, 2002

  • A New Method To Build Muscle Fast... And Avoid Injuries!

    By: Pete Sisco

    There are simple ways to avoid injuries and one of them is fantastically effective at building muscle. What? A safer way to lift that increases muscle building? Yes. Here is the full description and sample workouts for a few exercises.

    Date Added: Jun 3, 2002

  • The I.C.E. Training Program

    By: Big Cat

    After having enlightened you with some information on nutrition and supplements, that leaves me only with training information left to give.

    Date Added: May 29, 2002

  • Volumetric Progression

    By: Shannon Pittman

    Every bodybuilder I speak to seems to utilize only one progression scheme, i.e. double progression method. For those unfamiliar with double progression, it is the method whereby you increase the reps until you reach a predetermined maximum number and then increase the weight to limit the number of reps again.

    Date Added: May 21, 2002

  • Effective Anabolic Training...

    By: Sean Quade

    Sure, food is the raw materials for your body to work with, and sleeping actually makes you recover, but these two aspects are useless if you don't stimulate the body to gain muscle in the form of lifting weights. Learn about: Reps, Sets, Failure and Splits, The Pump, Workout Time and Progressive Resistance, Intensity and the Weider Principles, Plateaus, Machines vs. Free Weights and more!

    Date Added: May 16, 2002

  • The Reality of Strength Training

    By: Sean Nalewanyj

    When strength training became a popular way of athletic preparation back in the 50's and 60's, everyone was rushing to find the "best" way to train. Back in these early days, very little attention was given to the "scientific" aspect of the sport.

    Date Added: May 16, 2002

  • Rescue 911: How To Revive A Terrible Workout!

    By: Ron Harris

    Damn it. Something's really wrong here. That last warm-up set felt like a working set, and now the weight that should allow an easy ten reps feels like a ton of bricks.

    Date Added: May 8, 2002

  • Arthur Jones In Brief

    By: Shannon Pittman

    When I set out to condense Jones' material I had no idea how difficult is was really going to be. After all most people sum up his work in three words: brief, infrequent, intense. But is that all there is, really? Not even close. Learn about: Indirect effect, Limiting Exercise Number, High Intensity, Secondary Growth Factors, and Reciprocity Failure.

    Date Added: May 6, 2002

  • Double Progression Training

    By: Ryan Mackie

    The beauty of this method is that it has many different ways in which it can be used to benefit the bodybuilder, be creative with it.

    Date Added: Apr 23, 2002

  • Hybrid Training: Phase One

    By: Curtis Dennis

    This is an online training course for those wanting to pack on muscle mass. This program will give you a little insight on what hybrid training is all about. Hybrid training takes the best of any training system and combines it with others to produce unbelieveable results.

    Date Added: Apr 19, 2002

  • Train Heavy... But Train Smart!

    By: Bryan Locke

    More muscle is what I'm after, not the approval of the pack. This should also be your attitude if you really want to see what your genetics will allow you to do. Here are two general rules to adhere to while training heavy.

    Date Added: Apr 16, 2002

  • Ballz 2 Da Wall!

    By: Bryan Locke

    People are trashin' the way I workout and I am sick of it! People who are using HIT think that my way of training is wrong. I will prove them wrong with this article!

    Date Added: Apr 11, 2002

  • Designing A Training Schedule: Things To Consider

    By: Jeff Galterio

    There are many aspects of bodybuilding that will apply to everyone such as technique and the basic principles. Other items will need to be custom fit to you and will often need to be found out through trial and error. However, everyone will need to understand the basic principles involved in assembling a well-fit training program.

    Date Added: Apr 6, 2002

  • A Workout Formula

    By: Curtis Schultz

    The key to successful improvement in your weight-training program is to use methods of exercise and periodization techniques. Periodization, or cycle training, as it's called, is used to chart out an entire years training program.

    Date Added: Apr 5, 2002

  • Cumulative Fatigue Training

    By: Shannon Pittman

    I will explore the use of higher volume training and how it can be used reasonably to help produce muscle gains. Discussed: Building Massive Muscles, Maximizing Cellular Energy, Forming New Muscle Cells, Time Between Sets, Volume and Overtraining, Training Splits, and The Diet.

    Date Added: Mar 29, 2002

  • PowerBuilding: Powerlifting and Bodybuilding!

    By: Other Writer

    You want a balanced physique, lean muscle mass AND the power. The best of both worlds... now you can have it!

    Date Added: Mar 22, 2002

  • Is There a Perfect Training System?

    By: Jon Stehlik

    We all want to have great bodies, and bodybuilding is the main way to achieve that look we so desire.

    Date Added: Mar 7, 2002

  • Instinctive Training

    By: John Giljum

    A few times in each workout I'd want to do 1 or 2 sets less of something and replace them with something else, based purely on how I felt that day. I started training instinctively a few months ago, and I'm addicted. So far, here's my insight.

    Date Added: Mar 1, 2002

  • Hybrid High Intensity Program

    By: Curtis Dennis

    HIT, Max-OT, Power Factor are all great training systems and I've tried just enough to gather knowledge about my own training system someday. Hybrid Training is the basic combination of bodybuilding and powerlifting. Here is what it is all about!

    Date Added: Feb 8, 2002

  • Powerlifting VS. Olympic Lifting

    By: Ian Waltz

    As a thrower on the world-class level I wanted to look into the benefits of power lifting versus Olympic lifting. I was looking through some journals and located a study performed by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

    Date Added: Jan 15, 2002

  • Volume Training vs. Heavy Duty!

    By: Matt Danielsson

    The bottom line in their argument was that Arnold advocated working out for hours every day, while Mike wanted people to spend as little time as possible in the gym. Learn why and which one is better!

    Date Added: Jan 13, 2002

  • Developing Speed!

    By: Curtis Schultz

    I have found out that speed is simply inherited. I mean, there are just some individuals who are born to run like a Cheetah. Is it genetics? Most likely, but everyone has some sort of genetic gift or potential.

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • Static Training - Who Needs It?

    By: Pete Sisco

    It's strange how once you get involved in a certain subject it has a way of leading to other connected issues. My initial interest in static contraction training was its application as a "minimum dose" form of exercise.

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • Listening to Your Body

    By: Big Cat

    Learn about breathing, time under tension, lifting in a natural arc, compound movements, isolation movements, increasing strength while decreasing risk of injury, strength-size relation, and much more!

    Date Added: Dec 10, 2001

  • Building a Classic Physique

    By: Greg Simpson

    What defines a classic physique? Well, Steve Reeves, one of the legends of physique world developed his template for all to adhere to. He based this template on bone structures as the are mostly relatable to our height. Check it out!

    Date Added: Dec 10, 2001

  • Is Going to Failure Necessary?

    By: Pete Sisco

    I have counseled the practice of going to failure as a means to ensure muscle growth stimulation. But over the years much confusion has developed regarding the use of this principle. Having a clear understanding of the failure principle will save you wasted effort and prevent you from accepting what has become dogma as scientific fact.

    Date Added: Nov 30, 2001

  • Sets, Reps, Rest and Time Under Tension

    By: Dorian

    I started at over 300 lbs and completely out of shape. I lost over 100 pounds in 1 year using the ideas I came up with. I kept it off and then I went on to gain 80 lbs of muscle.

    Date Added: Nov 11, 2001

  • A Revolutionary Approach to Speed & Strength Training

    By: Par Deus

    What I am going to present in this article is unlike any training system that I am are of -- it is in complete opposition to what our intuition tells and to what we have been conditioned to think about speed and strength training.

    Date Added: Oct 12, 2001

  • Progression of Training!

    By: Big Cat

    You start as a beginner and progress until you are an advanced bodybuilder. How do you know where you are right now? What should you do during each stage in between?

    Date Added: Oct 9, 2001

  • The Training Dilemma Part 1

    By: Mitch Hodge

    Everyone wants to know the perfect amount of time to spend in the gym for maximum results. Three on, one off, no, four on, two off, or was it three on, two off, one on, one off?! I'm telling you it's enough to drive a hardcore bodybuilder to the lap pool. Learn about the different eras of bodybuilding and different theories.

    Date Added: Oct 1, 2001

  • Setting the Record Straight - Debunking Myths!

    By: Andy Stevensen

    There are a mountain of myths, tricks and scams that have plagued bodybuilding since its inception, which have clogged and blocked our progress from day one.

    Date Added: Sep 28, 2001

  • Thou Shalt Not Covert Thy Neighbour's Program

    By: Andy Stevensen

    We have all heard the dogma of the modern bodybuilder, "Listen to your body." Here are a few tricks that can help those who are illiterate in the language of the body.

    Date Added: Aug 20, 2001

  • S.H.I.T. Method!

    By: Phano Paul Som

    Super High Intensity Training: If you're anything like nearly all seasoned lifters, then you're probably always searching for a better way to produce the most gains in the least amount of time as possible. I, too, am guilty of this but this is a good thing. Here are the 10 guidelines for my SUPER program!

    Date Added: Jul 10, 2001

  • The Great Pyramid!

    By: Joe Corleone

    The training technique of pyramiding weights is one of the best to use in bodybuilding whether you have been training for months or years. Its purpose is to allow the muscles to be prepared for heavy training with low reps, the type which as been lauded for ages as one of the most productive in gaining strength and muscle size. Learn how to do it for the best results!

    Date Added: Jun 25, 2001

  • Who Are You? What Works For You?

    By: Greg Simpson

    The bottom line with training just like nutrition or supplements is everybody is different. Here are my theories about why some people are not getting the best results.

    Date Added: Apr 17, 2001

  • Powerlifting to Improve Your Bodybuilding Physique

    By: Manny Fausett

    The following workout is a personal favorite of mine because it is short, brutal and effective. However, it also allows the lifter to work towards keeping the bodybuilders aesthetics intact.

    Date Added: Mar 30, 2001

  • A New Look at Specificity

    By: Charles Staley

    Can the development of (for example) strength in a particular exercise (say, the squat) lead to strength improvements in the target sport skill (say, a volleyball serve)? Does transfer even exist? Get your technical questions answered!

    Date Added: Feb 13, 2001

  • Intelli-Training: How To Train Intelligently!

    By: Other Writer

    When I began BB my chest was 38 inches and arms 11 inches... but now? Chest 42 inches and arms 14 inches. I got this huge gain using what I call 'Intelli-Training' or Intelligent Training. Here is the full program!

    Date Added: Dec 12, 2000

  • Weider Principles

    By: Aaron Ciak

    There are many different principles those Amateurs all the way to the top of the pro ranking use. You may be using Principles and not even know it. Here are some Principles you can use to either add a little flare in your workout or to help you get over that barrier.

    Date Added: Sep 5, 2000