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  • 2016 Fighters Only World MMA Awards

    The stars of the UFC are ready to walk the red carpet on Friday night as Fighters Only gets set to host the annual Oscars of MMA.

  • What Is The Best Workout For Self-Defense?

    What is the best workout for self-defense? Our forum members share the best training programs and suggestions for self defense training. Get details about training with weights, MMA, boxing, and more right here. Try them out now!

  • Give Me Your Best Shot: Get In Shape By Boxing

    You will exert more energy and release all the day's tension from on the job when you hit that bag as hard as you can.

  • Basic Self Defense Styles!

    Many of us nowadays are beginning to understand as we become older, how tough life can really be. Even as a teenagers we face peer pressure, bullying, and 4 out of every 5 of us have been victimized somehow. Defend yourself!

  • Learn To Fight!

    From following a basic program I will set out for you below, you can turn your body into a fighting machine, capable of handling the biggest meanest most determined dickhead you can find.

  • Kenpo!

    Kenpo can be one of the deadliest martial arts around, because of the fact that it allows you to use continuous movement which in turn gives you the ability to strike attackers numerous times.