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  • Ode To The Mind & Muscle Connection!

    A metaphysical reasoning of the mind and muscle connection. A personal explanation of why it is important to come through enduring self-devised, harsh realities. For those of us who look at the pains of training as more than physical channels...

  • Thoughts Of Dedication And Desire!

    There are things I could do other than work out with the weights within the gym walls -- more appealing and exciting, perhaps -- yet to the gym I am bound. Why?

  • NaturalFreaks!

    Naturalfreaks... Who are they? Where do they come from? I'll tell ya where... They come out of nowhere... Determined... Focused... Mortal gymrats envy them... And outside the gym, they fear no one!

  • The Lift (A Poem).

    Do you bodybuild and love poetry? Curtis Dennis's poem on lifting is a must!

  • Bodybuilding Poetry In Motion!

    As I think to myself that each workout is a step towards reaching my ultimate pinnacle and achieve my ultimate goal.