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  • Liver: The Old School Supplement!

    In this day and age, liver tabs are a throwback. Liver tabs are definitely old school. In fact, I personally know of many top bodybuilding pros who use liver today. Liver ain�t glamorous, but it flat out works.

  • Back To The Old School: A Look At Supplements That Are Still Going Strong!

    In the golden era of bodybuilders, before science and research had progressed in the area of nutrition and its impact on resistance training, people would do just about anything in order to increase their muscle mass. Find what is still around...

  • Supplement Stacks And Final Remarks!

    I can understand that these stacks don't work as well as intended, I will never accept that they do not work. Such a thing is only possible when you are not taking care of odds and ends. But to make a long story short, here are the stacks.

  • Injury Prevention And Treatment!

    Some injuries are so slight and common that we barely notice them, others are serious and may require a physician. An injury can lead to a serious setback, so it is important to learn how to prevent them, work around them, and treat them.