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  • Shaving Body Hair For Men!

    Ever notice how all bodybuilders have no body hair? Ever wonder why that is? Well the truth of the matter is they have to shave, and if you want to compete so will you. Get these tips before taking the plunge.

  • Beginner Competitor Tips: Shaving Will Test Your Limits & Change Your Perspective!

    Never again will I yell, 'What's taking you so long' to a girlfriend. The life of a competing bodybuilder doesn't just end after training and eating.

  • Laser Epilation - A New Form Of Hair Removal.

    'Laser Epilation' seems to be the new 'hot topic' in electrolysis today. Everyone from electrologists to equipment manufacturers to suppliers and even to electronic tweezing companies have taken notice.

  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

    I thought a new article for those people who are really bumming that their hair is falling out, want to make sure their hair does not start falling out, or are just real paranoid about their hair falling out, was in order.

  • The 3 Most Common Ways Of Hair Removal!

    I have had a lot of emails asking me of my preferred method of hair removal. So I thought I would give my reasons to which ones and why? I use all different types of hair removal for different parts of my body.

  • Hair Removal!

    Getting rid of hair has been the hardest part of living a bodybuilder's lifestyle for me. Having very thick, black hair that after shaving stubbles the next day annoys the hell out of me.