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  • Original Fiction: Survival Of The Fittest

    By: Steven Stiefel

    How long would you last if you could only eat and drink what you carried? Three escaped prisoners struggle to answer this question in a dystopian future where they have only one another to depend upon—and to fear.

    Date Added: Jan 30, 2014

  • Into The Light: The Benefits Of Competition!

    By: Gary Reichert

    I am on deck. The announcer calls out my name and the weight on the bar, 15 pounds over my own PR and what I need to clinch second place on body weight...

    Date Added: May 28, 2004

  • Fastest, Easiest, Guaranteed Method of…

    By: John Gray

    Last night I awoke from an incredible dream; at least I thought I did. It was one of those metaphysical, out-of-body, New Age kind of things. I was in a state of such cognitive lucidity, and the gods were bestowing upon me their collective knowledge on bodybuilding.

    Date Added: Jul 2, 2002

  • Day of Judgement

    By: Todd Blue

    Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz. Damn, 6:00 am comes way to early in this carb-depleted state. Oh well, today is my day of judgment. I have trained for years for this day, I have been dieting for the past 12 weeks, and there is no turning back now.

    Date Added: Jan 3, 2002