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  • Embarrassing Moments!

    These stories are hilarious but true! Life is full of things you can't control... just hope that nobody is watching when they happen!

  • Embarrassing Gym Stories From The Bodybuilding.com Forum.

    Members of the Bodybuilding.com forum were nice enough to share embarrassing gym moments they experienced - From undies on the hood to a spotter walking off for a moment. You will surely get a laugh right here!

  • TV Shopping: How To Not Get Scammed!

    I happened to zap into one of those late-night-TV-infomercials about the latest miracle devices for getting a great body. For once, my wife and I decided to actually watch the crap and get a good laugh.

  • 10 Biggest Nutritional Mistakes Of Bodybuilders

    Learn what kills bodybuilders the quickest, nutrition. Find out how to prevent yourself from not paying as much attention.

  • Clank And Bangers!

    What would a 'gym' be without the reverberation of . . . . weights CLANKING, BANGING, SLAMMING, SMASHING and CRASHING into one another?

  • Gym Etiquette: What To Do Not To Get Yelled At!

    Why, do so many people desecrate such a holy place as the gym? Because they are idiots. Well, maybe not idiots, but they should know better. I am going to tell you what to look for and how to prevent it.

  • My Most Memorable Moments At The Gym!

    Be prepared! The worst smell I have ever smelled at the gym was only a few days ago. I was leg pressing and their was some other guy doing the same next to me. Man, he was one stinky mug.

  • Stripping For Cash In Cancun!

    Hard Work in the Gym Pays Off in Interesting Ways! Check out this fun article.

  • This Has To Be A Joke, Right?

    Now I have seen some shows were it looked like some guys maybe dieted a couple of weeks and just decided to do the show but this one takes the cake. This guy comes out all tanned, oiled up and ready to go. The crowd goes completely silent...

  • The Pipsqueak Posse!

    I am standing in the gym one day, just got finished with a grueling triceps and bicep workout. I look up in the mirror and see, what had to be 10 or so of the skinniest, ugliest looking dudes come in.

  • Gym Idiots!

    The Personal Trainer wanna be - nothing annoys me more than while I am in the middle of a set and this poor excuse for a physique comes over and offers his unwanted advice.

  • How To Avoid Embarrassing Moments In The Gym!

    Everyone has at least one embarrassing thing happen to them in the gym, whether its: farting, splitting your pants, or even crapping yourself. I'm going to give you a few ways to avoid these awkward situations.

  • Things That Make A Bodybuilder Say, 'HMMMMM'...

    As a bodybuilder, you spend countless number of hours working to perfect your physique. In doing so, you are subjected to an environment filled with all types of activities that just make you want to say,