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  • Bear & Rabbit: Strength Chasing Your Endurance!

    Some people have expressed that they would like to know more of the science underpinning Body-Flow. Therefore, I thought I'd share one of the recent insights brought to light through a Q&A with a client.

  • How Do Kettlebells & Clubbells Differ?

    Check out some real user responses and what they think about clubbells and kettlebells. How are they different? Are they for you?

  • The Intermediate's Clubbell Workout... With Video Guides!

    Having paid your dues doing things like Call to Order and Front Leverage Pressing and the tough yet fun Squat and Torch Press, you are now ready for me to unleash some real pain on you. Follow this intermediate program and you'll gain results.

  • The Beginners Clubbell Workout!

    Learn how to get starting with clubbells with this all-in-one guide. Exercise pictures and videos included on how to properly perform the exercises. Check back soon for part two and three and the HUGE clubbell exercise database!

  • Double-D: 8 Minutes Of Delicious Torture!

    The DOUBLE-D (or the Double Density Death March) may give you significant useable muscle growth in the arms, chest, neck, back and core. Learn how to utilize clubbells and kettlebells to gain strength and size!

  • Are Clubbells For YOU?

    I was pretty skeptical about the benefits of Clubbell? training when I first heard about them. I have only been training with Clubbells for a little over a month. However, I am sold on the value of having them in my training arsenal ...

  • The End Of GPP!

    I may chill the bones of the Strength and Conditioning ivory tower and frighten the wallets of the soapbox training gurus, but at a certain point in your training, it's critical to end GPP. What then? Let's go into this in a little detail ...

  • Working With Clubbells!

    I recently took my Clubbells for a test ride out to the field where I run my Basic Training classes. If you think these are just a gimmick, like some of the other things the snake oil salesmen push on the unwary person trying to get in shape ...

  • Grab A Club & Get Primal!

    Clubbells are a basic tool, utilizing a direct and dynamic approach, and the benefits will take you far beyond the finite limits of machines, spinning classes, and aerobics. Find out some basics of clubbell training!

  • Clubbell Training For All Athletes!

    Clubbells are an excellent tool to build grip strength, shoulder stability and give you a challenging conditioning workout too. Try this sample clubbell workout guaranteed to get you stronger!

  • When The Tough Get Going...

    There seems to be a toggle switch in fitness. People lump programs into one of two categories: over-training or under-training. Find out what makes the difference between those who make it and those who don't.

  • An Intro To Clubbells!

    Find out who John Myers is, what clubbells are, why you should use them and how they can help you!

  • Counter-Conditioning Arm-Pump.

    Working with Clubbell SPP demands fine motor control under tension which makes it your ideal ally in nuking arm-pump hostiles from your race-day battlefields.