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  • The Changing Face Of The Atkins Diet!

    People who were following the plan regularly filled their plates with bacon, cheese, high fat meats, mayonnaise. Atkins is refining that strategy. Learn more.

  • New Study: The Atkins Diet Is Most Effective For Fat Loss!

    For decades, the USDA has taught us that a diet low in fat and high in starch promotes fat loss... Where's the proof? A recent JAMA study provides support for very-low-carb diets. Learn more right here and see if you agree.

  • 10 Lies About The Atkins Diet!

    You'll discover the real truth about low carb diets and a real solution to the problem of excess body fat that is beautiful in its simplicity, yet powerful in effectiveness. Read on to learn the 10 Lies about the Atkins diet and discover the truth!

  • Atkins Diet: America's Carbohydrate Prohibition!

    It seems like just in the last year or so, the Atkins diet has reached epidemic proportions. Needless to say, this scares me. I've researched the diet extensively and know a few things about ketogenic diets and the physiological effects they can have.

  • Atkins Vs. Pritikin: The Debate Rages On!

    The battle lines have been drawn and everyone has taken sides. It is by far the most heated subject in nutrition, and self-proclaimed gurus have crawled out of the woodwork to weigh in with their opinions on the high carb diet vs. low carb diet debate.