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    A Guide For Beginner's Contest Prep!

    By: Anita Ramsey

    If bodybuilding competition is something you've been thinking about, then my advice is to use the directions provided in this article and make your competition goals a reality. Included are my own personal experiences, diet, schedule and more...

    Date Added: Jan 8, 2007

  • Master Your Confidence With 3 Secrets To Physique-Stage Success

    By: Tiffany Rae

    Follow my plan to the T and the trophy will be engraved with your name!

    Date Added: Jul 7, 2011

  • Your First Bodybuilding Competition! Are You Ready For The Stage?

    By: Lee Hayward

    Have your ever thought about entering a bodybuilding competition but have no idea what to expect? Check out this comprehensive guide to contest preparation!

    Date Added: Sep 1, 2010

  • A Bodybuilder Is Born: Episode 42 - A Year In Muscle!

    By: Ron Harris

    Randy wanted to reach 225 by spring... That was one goal, now it was time to sketch out the remainder. Here's my account of telling him that his year in muscle was about to begin and finish with a win... by fall. Learn more.

    Date Added: Aug 6, 2010

  • How To Start Your Own Competition Training Crew!

    By: Meagan Mayada Hesham

    Competing for the first time is the experience of a lifetime! But you can only make it better by starting your own competition training crew! Find out how to connect with other fitness enthusiasts and skyrocket to victory together!

    Date Added: Aug 4, 2010

  • Fitness & Figure Secrets To Completing Your First Show!

    By: Shannon Gill

    The critical placement judging takes place during the prejudging. Here are the secrets you have to know, win or lose, in your first show! Find out more.

    Date Added: Jul 26, 2010

  • A Bodybuilder Is Born: Episode 40 - A Good Time To Grow!

    By: Ron Harris

    I allow myself to not worry about staying 'in shape' for approximately the last 2 months of the year. This is a great time to grow and the following story is an example of what happens when you don't. Learn more.

    Date Added: Jul 23, 2010

  • 3 Big Questions To Ask If You Want To Compete In Bodybuilding For The First Time!

    By: John Kioskerides

    You have been building lean muscle mass for a while now. Next up is your first bodybuilding, figure or fitness contest! Gear up for the commitment with these 3 big questions. Prepare to get in the best shape of your life!

    Date Added: Jul 22, 2010

  • Taking The Plunge: Tips For Your First Contest!

    By: Myron Mielke

    How can you make a workout appealing to a beginner? Getting a friend to start working out is not the hardest part. The hardest part is sticking with it. Overcome the fear and intimidation from these valuable training tips! Learn more.

    Date Added: Nov 12, 2009

  • Beginner Competitor Tips: Shaving Will Test Your Limits & Change Your Perspective!

    By: Drew Mayes

    Never again will I yell, 'What's taking you so long' to a girlfriend. Never again will I sigh just loud enough for her to hear me when she yells back... The life of a competing bodybuilder doesn't just end after training and eating... Read on.

    Date Added: Jun 22, 2009

  • Beginner's Guide To Natural Bodybuilding Competition: Disseminating Misconception From Reality!

    By: Ivan Blazquez

    Most men cringe at the thought of being on stage at a bodybuilding competition. Well, I'm here to tell you, no more do you have to be this gargantuan monster to compete. Here's a guide for the novice to get you on stage and winning. Learn more.

    Date Added: May 11, 2009

  • How Should One Prepare For Their First Bodybuilding Competition?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    How should one prepare for their first bodybuilding competition? Entering your first bodybuilding competition can be nerve-racking. Here's a helpful diet, training and posing guide to help you win your first contest! Check it out.

    Date Added: Apr 2, 2009

  • Your First Bodybuilding Competition: What To Expect The Last 24 Hours!

    By: Drew Mayes

    You've worked for months for this day. And if you haven't been working for it - guess what, you're fat @ss is going to show it onstage. Here's a simple guide for success your first time on stage!

    Date Added: Jul 23, 2008

  • From The Judges' Table: Competition Tips For Success!

    By: Brian Bullman

    I sit in amazement at some of the comments and questions I get from bodybuilders after each contest! Here’s invaluable insight from an IFBB pro judge on what you can do to improve how you place!

    Date Added: Jul 8, 2008

  • My First Contest: Experimenting So You Don't Have To (Part 1)!

    By: Anthony Lee

    First-timers contest prep - Hopefully, my try-it-and-hope-for-the-best approach will take the guesswork out of your own preparation. The following is an account of my program and the reasoning behind my choices... Learn more.

    Date Added: Jun 20, 2008

  • 6 Critical Elements Of The Bodybuilding Balancing Act!

    By: MuscleTech

    It's not just about getting up on a stage, hitting a few poses and showing off the animal you've become. Learn more from the following 6 critical elements that bodybuilders must have to succeed!

    Date Added: Feb 4, 2008

  • Physique Critique: Judge Creates Seminar To Help Athletes.

    By: Dr. David Ryan

    Mr. Felder has been a judge for over 20 years and is sought by the tops in the world of professional and national competitors. Learn about a new seminar he put together so athletes could get much needed critiques before a show.

    Date Added: May 3, 2007

  • Marie Lafreniere Takes The Competition Stage After Major Transformation!

    By: Shannon Clark

    It wasn't until she was 20 and in college that she realized how much the weight was catching up with her. After going from 229 lbs to 124 lbs she learned a great deal. Learn more as she now prepares for competition.

    Date Added: Apr 13, 2007

  • The Poe Show - Episode #1 - Bodybuilding Video Show Intro!

    By: Brandon Poe

    Follow Brandon Poe through his contest preparation for several bodybuilding contests for 2007. Learn what it takes to compete from grueling workouts, cardio, nutrition and more. See how he balances life outside the gym! View video trailer here...

    Date Added: Apr 12, 2007

  • Beginner Fitness Advice - Taking Constructive Criticism!

    By: Tisha Rodrigues

    It is hysterical thinking back at that first show. I came into it completely unprepared and still left in awe at the fact that I had come in last place. Believe it or not, criticism from the judges is meant to help... not insult! Learn more here!

    Date Added: Jan 9, 2007

  • Successful Tips & Tricks For Contest Prep!

    By: Matt Weik

    When just starting off in bodybuilding you must first lay the groundwork with some serious training. This article will lie out the floor plan of how to get you on track and in competition shape for your big day. Read on...

    Date Added: Jan 4, 2007

  • Do You Have What It Takes To Compete In The Bodybuilding?

    By: Jim Machak

    If you have been thinking about competing in a bodybuilding contest then you have come to the right place! Get some great tips right here to get you started. Bonus material: Sample day of my off season.

    Date Added: Nov 30, 2006

  • Get P.U.M.P.E.D For Your First Fitness Competition!

    By: May Blaiz

    So you want to compete in fitness and don't know where to start? Fitness and bikini modeling, fitness, figure and bodybuilding all require different levels of preparation. I've put together some resources to get you started! Read on...

    Date Added: Oct 24, 2006

  • What Is The Best Way To Keep Motivation High While Preparing For A Competition?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    What is the best way to keep motivation high for competition? Motivation is sometimes easy to keep up by listening to good music. However, if you are preparing for a competition that may not be enough... Stop avoiding reality and check this out!

    Date Added: Aug 31, 2006

  • Anthony Catanzaro's Secrets To Bodybuilding Success.

    By: David Robson

    As a natural bodybuilder, Anthony has uncovered many strategies that have helped him build the size needed to win several big contests. Enjoy this mini-seminar with Anthony as he discusses diet, training, and motivation.

    Date Added: Jan 20, 2006

  • How Do You Determine When You Are Ready To Compete?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    How do you determine when you are ready to compete? Find out what other people from the message boards think...

    Date Added: Dec 30, 2005

  • The Winning Package - Tips For Fierce Confidence!

    By: Tisha Rodrigues

    Confident people are sure enough about themselves to concentrate on what they need to achieve... Find out right here what you need to do to keep that confidence level up and running for women's competition.

    Date Added: Nov 3, 2005

  • How Do You Prepare For A Bodybuilding Competition Only 4 Weeks Out?

    By: Topic Of The Week

    How do you prepare for a bodybuilding competition only 4 weeks out? Find out what other people from the message boards think...

    Date Added: Sep 24, 2005

  • Judgment Day: The Judges Speak Their Mind.

    By: Rob Wilkins

    To help increase your chances to succeed, the following are basic tips provided by some of the best and most well-respected IFBB/NPC Judges in the world. Read on to see what they think is the most important when preparing for a show.

    Date Added: Jul 19, 2005

  • Necessities For Competition!

    By: Rebecca Slatt

    Any type of sport or competition requires intense dedication! But dedication alone won't be enough. From Family to the right pair of shoes, read below to see the necessities for a competition.

    Date Added: May 24, 2005

  • Journey To My First NPC Figure Competition!

    By: Rebecca Slatt

    Nobody will believe you have potential, if you never put forth the energy to prove it! No sponsors are going to invest in you if you do not invest in yourself. Read on to learn about my journey from beginning to finish of competing and winning.

    Date Added: May 19, 2005

  • Competing For Bodybuilding: What You Need To Know To Begin!

    By: Anita Ramsey

    Bodybuilding is at an all time high right now for men and women. It has never been more popular than now. I hope this guide can help you prepare properly so you can become a winner at your next show. So, let's get you ready for the stage.

    Date Added: Feb 9, 2005

  • Fit Figures Competitor Workshop Review.

    By: Alissa Carpio

    I've decided to offer these resources for new and aspiring competitors in my area by holding my own series of Fitness & Figure Competitor Workshops. Find out how the first one went...

    Date Added: Jan 26, 2005

  • Are You The Competitive Type?

    By: Jeffrey Kippel & Mindy Blackstien - WNSO/FAME

    The sport of bodybuilding has blossomed from the depths of back-alley, sweat-shop gyms to the mainstream commercial entities as evidenced by the multi-mullion dollar health and fitness clubs which are garnishing our nation.

    Date Added: Nov 23, 2004

  • Effective Tactics For Physique Competition!

    By: Josh Dickinson

    I'll cover each topic one by one, so by the end of this article you will be confident knowing that the package you display for your next competition will be your best!

    Date Added: Oct 1, 2004

  • Competing In WNSO Events!

    By: Jeffrey Kippel & Mindy Blackstien - WNSO/FAME

    What about those amongst us who wish to turn this hobby of weightlifting to sport and test the fruits of our passion against other like minded individuals? Learn more about competing in WNSO events!

    Date Added: Sep 1, 2004

  • Contest Day For The 2004 INBF Wisconsin Championships!

    By: Shane Giese

    Today is a day that I will never forget. It was the most fun I have had my entire life. The glory that you get on stage is matched by nothing. Bodybuilding is the best sport, period.

    Date Added: Apr 28, 2004

  • Making The Choice To Start Competing!

    By: Shane Giese

    Have you thought about competing? Do you want to spend 12 grueling weeks working your ass off while taking in fewer calories than you burn? If you answered yes, this article is for you...

    Date Added: Jan 21, 2004

  • Preparing For My First Bodybuilding Show!

    By: Leah Wynne

    This first installment will lay out my plan of attack as far as training and nutrition goes, and then I will share my beginning stats and before pics.

    Date Added: Jan 19, 2004

  • Assessing Your Physique!

    By: Brenda Kelly

    Find out what you need to know about assessing your physique and how to take constructive criticism...

    Date Added: Dec 31, 2003

  • Do's & Don'ts Of Your First Contest!

    By: Alex D Angelo

    I still remember the first time I decided to compete in body building for the very first time. I thought it would be easy and at first it was, for about 2 weeks and after that it got real hard. In this article I will talk about some DO's and some DO NOTs of contest prep.

    Date Added: Oct 22, 2003

  • Designing A Winning Contest Prep Strategy!

    By: Kristyn Hutzell

    Find out exactly what you need to do to design a winning contest strategy. Learn all about training, diet, nutrition, supplementation, mental focus, about the shows, what to wear and everything else you could think of...

    Date Added: Aug 19, 2003

  • Should I Get On The Fitness Stage?

    By: Brenda Kelly

    So many people have the desire to compete, but have a fear of losing or not looking their best. If you want to compete, you should! I encourage participation in competition when the desire is there. Here is some help to getting your thoughts clear.

    Date Added: Jun 16, 2003

  • Tips For The First Year Competitor.

    By: Kristyn Hutzell

    The first year as a competitor can be very challenging. Realize that all other competitors before you have probably gone through many of the same things you will face on your journey. My goal in sharing my thoughts and advice is to help you go about it as easily as possible.

    Date Added: May 17, 2003

  • Tracy Doll's Fitness Contest Prep!

    By: Tracy Doll

    I plan on entering two small regional Figure shows that are a few weeks before the Nationals. Find out what I do to get in shape for the contests!

    Date Added: Mar 27, 2003

  • Are You Ready For The Next Competitive Season?

    By: Anita Ramsey

    Everyone needs a break and you've had yours. You've eaten perhaps more then you should have and possibly drank a little excess too this holiday season. Are you ready for the next competitive season?

    Date Added: Feb 19, 2003

  • Competing For The First Time!

    By: Ryan Swan

    Join me while I diet down for my upcoming contest. I will have week to week pictures tracking my progress, as well as week to week articles outlining my dieting process.

    Date Added: Feb 13, 2003

  • Mentally And Physically Prepared For Competition!

    By: Phano Paul Som

    For the majority of bodybuilders, you don't just decide to do a show without first properly planning. Ever heard the term: he who fails to plan, plans to fail?

    Date Added: Feb 8, 2003

  • Monica Brant's Competition Tips!

    By: Monica Brant

    Learn the secrets on how to prepare for competitions from fitness superstar Monica Brant!

    Date Added: Nov 29, 2002

  • Bodybuilding: An Art and Science

    By: Jon Huston

    To those of you whom are competitive bodybuilders, you will understand when I say that bodybuilding is both a form of art and a practice of science. It is my hope that after reading this article you will understand exactly how complicated it can be to be a competitive bodybuilder.

    Date Added: Nov 5, 2002

  • Bodybuilding Competition FAQ!

    By: Contributing Writer

    Even competitors who have been around the scene for a few years are still uncertain as to how things actually work. This FAQ is an attempt to help answer your questions.

    Date Added: Oct 31, 2002

  • Lisa's Competition Resources

    By: Lisa Moser

    Tired of looking around to find information on how to get training or nutritional competition advice from a pro? Look no further!

    Date Added: Oct 30, 2002

  • Contest Day: A Breakdown Of What Happens

    By: James Sadek

    Learn the secrets on how I won the 2002 teenage Mr. Australia! Find out what I did to kick so much ass!

    Date Added: Oct 23, 2002

  • Contest Prep: How To Survive The Diet And Training!

    By: Tracy Doll

    I switched over to KETO or CKD (Cyclic Ketogenic Diet), it is a diet consisting mainly of proteins and fats and very little to none carbohydrates.

    Date Added: Oct 17, 2002

  • Preparing For A Contest: 12 Weeks out!

    By: Tracy Doll

    I began my diet and training for the show 7 weeks ago (12 weeks away from show date).

    Date Added: Oct 10, 2002

  • Competing At 74? Oh Yes!

    By: John Pasco

    Now I will discuss rising from the level of working out for reasons of exercise for well-being to the level of being a competitor in bodybuilding contests.

    Date Added: Oct 8, 2002

  • How To Get Started In The Fitness World!

    By: Brenda Kelly

    Have you been wondering how to get started in the fitness world? Do you have no where to start or no resources! Brenda Kelly has put together this for you! Find out how to get where you want to be.

    Date Added: Sep 26, 2002

  • Prep For A Bodybuilding Competition

    By: John Lemare

    This is where I decided I would prepare properly for my next show and learn from my mistakes so I will have no excuses for a poor performance on stage.

    Date Added: Sep 4, 2002

  • My Experiences At The Arizona Open

    By: Will Duggan

    Will's class got up on stage for prejudging; I sat within the first couple rows video camera in hand, as usual!

    Date Added: Aug 22, 2002

  • How I Am Training To Win The 2002 Australian Teenage Nationals

    By: James Sadek

    I thought I might give you a bit of an insight into how I prepare myself for training each morning.

    Date Added: Aug 15, 2002

  • A Personal Success Story

    By: Female Transformation Of The Week

    Shara Vigeant has always battled with her weight until she met Erin Winters and Jay Hutton. These two helped Shara transform her into a chissled hard body.

    Date Added: Aug 12, 2002

  • Competition Tips And Tricks!

    By: Derek Charlebois

    There are many techniques and tips that will make arrive at your contest in top shape. I have read many and tried some during my preparation for my last contest. Let's take a look at these tricks.

    Date Added: Jul 29, 2002

  • Contest Prep From A Veteran Competitor

    By: Anita Ramsey

    With little prep, and no information to help me get ready, I did the 1988 NPC Boulder Bodybuilding Championships and I won the middleweights. Not too bad for not knowing anything. Since then I have been competing steadily in over a dozen shows and my contest prep has evolved over the years to become a very scientific process.

    Date Added: Jul 17, 2002

  • Layne Norton: 5 Weeks Out!

    By: Layne Norton

    Wow what a difference two weeks can make. Two weeks ago I was going over my pics and being objective with myself. I think I have the size to do well at the natural level, in fact I know I do. However I realize that conditioning is much more important and that I was not as lean as I should be with seven weeks out!

    Date Added: Jul 15, 2002

  • The Will To Win: My Story

    By: John Gray

    The story begins just over a year and a half ago, and it chronicles my transition from avid weightlifter to Champion Bodybuilder. Oh yeah, and the bumps and bruises and obstacles that I encountered along the way.

    Date Added: Jul 15, 2002

  • The Week Of The Show Is Finally Here!

    By: Maribel Sanders

    The week of the show is here. What do you do? Do not worry; the following suggestions will help you prepare for the day you have trained so hard for.

    Date Added: Jul 9, 2002

  • Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

    By: Delbert Hickman

    I was in peak conditioning and confident that day. My dream still eluded me. I was unable to earn my pro status that day. Upon my return from Virginia, the last thing I wanted to do was to begin training or even thinking about competition. I was drained.

    Date Added: Jul 8, 2002

  • Stage Presentation

    By: Tanji Johnson

    Stage presentation is a concept that can be described as the art of looking like a champion. It can be an acquired skill or something possessed naturally. Either way, it is an important component of competition for fitness or figure athletes.

    Date Added: Jun 28, 2002

  • The Art Of Posing

    By: Tanji Johnson

    Posing is the backbone of the physique rounds. It can be a manipulative tool used to enhance every competitor's physique. This is done by learning how to hide the weak points and bring more attention to the strong points in your physique.

    Date Added: Jun 28, 2002

  • To Compete Or Not To Compete!

    By: Anthony Monetti Jr

    Although genetics may play a role in how far you are able to push your body; discipline, a strong will and perseverance may blast you far past your expectations.

    Date Added: Jun 27, 2002

  • If At First...

    By: Simone Sziksai

    I entered my very first fitness competition after being recruited over 2 1/2 years earlier. Did I think I was prepared? No. Was I nervous? Well, not really.

    Date Added: Jun 27, 2002

  • Hardcore: 9 Ways To Get Mentally Prepared For Competition!

    By: John Gray

    What are the most important factors in determining a bodybuilder's success? I suppose there are probably as many answers to this question as there are bodybuilders concerned with it.

    Date Added: Jun 25, 2002

  • Getting Started in Figure Competition

    By: Maribel Sanders

    Prior to you starting a fitness/nutrition program, make sure you seek the advice of a physician. "How do you look like that?" "What do you do to make your arms look so toned?" "What do you eat?" "How much water do you drink a day.

    Date Added: Jun 19, 2002

  • My Contest Prep Plan!


    I am competing in the NPC's Southern Classic. Definitely a threat for the Bantam Division's 1st place category and prepared to do some serious damage in the overall pose down. I began dieting February 1st 2002. I was weighing in at 150.5 lbs, three and a half months later I am tipping the scales at 131 lbs shredded as ever with 16 days to the big show down. Here is my full plan.

    Date Added: May 29, 2002

  • Derek Charlebois' Competition Countdown!

    By: Derek Charlebois

    Hello and welcome to my 10 week contest preparation series. This series will cover EVERYTHING I do in order to prepare for my first contest. Almost all young bodybuilders dream of one day competing. For me, that time has come. If you read this series, you can watch me pursue my dream.

    Date Added: May 22, 2002

  • Turning A Powerlifter Into A Bodybuilder

    By: Phano Paul Som

    Here is the story about how my friend changed from a powerlifter to a competitive bodybuilder. You can do it too!

    Date Added: May 22, 2002

  • Thinking About Entering a Competition?

    By: John Lemare

    Everyone hits a plateau I have actually just hit one and another competitor who's doing the same competition as me said he's seen gains everywhere but in his legs which he also hates working. When this happens it does make us loose the motivation we started with and think to our selves is it all worth it? When this happens don't loose heart and you will get through it.

    Date Added: May 22, 2002

  • Your 1st Competition

    By: Corey St. Clair

    Whether you're a bodybuilder, powerlifter, strongman, or athlete in any other sport for that matter, you'll always have a first competition. There will be things like checking in, equipment/clothing rules, certain procedures during the competition, and judging that you must be aware of.

    Date Added: May 22, 2002

  • My 12-week Transition Workout and Diet

    By: Charlie Poole

    My main concern the first 4 weeks was muscle gain. Fat lose was secondary. I concentrated on heavy explosive movements to build mass. I wanted to keep my reps in the 6-10 range, mostly 3 working sets per exercise, and three 30 min. cardio sessions a week on the stepper or bike. I rested 2-3 minutes between sets.

    Date Added: May 22, 2002

  • Getting Started in Competing

    By: Mark Howard

    Just recently I signed up about 40 or so iron enthusiasts to compete in a local NPC show. That is not too bad for only having a sing up sheet out for three days! Unfortunately, about half of them will never commit to it. It is too bad because some have the potential to do really well, if not win their weight class.

    Date Added: May 22, 2002

  • The Beginning Of A Dream!

    By: Other Writer

    I want to share the best experience of my life with all those who have dreams and choose not to act on them. My name is Ryan Price and I am an amateur bodybuilder. I am sharing this with you in hopes to inspire and motivate those who have not acted upon their dreams. I hope you enjoy it.

    Date Added: May 22, 2002

  • Competition Day: A Show Day Breakdown

    By: Todd Opheim

    So you've put on slabs of muscle, chiseled it down with a hardcore carb, rotation diet, practiced your posing, slaved away on the stationary bike for hours on end, shaved every last hair on your body (well almost), tanned as if you were a mile from the sun, painted your entire body, and generally driven every person close to you an inch from insanity.

    Date Added: May 22, 2002

  • Taking It To The Stage

    By: Ron Harris

    Okay, you bodybuilder stud or studette. You've been training hard for a long time, and your body has taken on some exceptional size and shape. People probably ask you all the time if you compete. Here is everything you need to know to get started!

    Date Added: Mar 28, 2002

  • Body Assessment For Fitness Competitions

    By: Tanji Johnson

    The fitness/figure physique promotes a look of symmetry, healthy muscle tone, and exceptional but not excessive body conditioning. Find out if you have what it takes to compete in fitness and what you need to improve.

    Date Added: Feb 4, 2002

  • How I Do It!

    By: Other Writer

    I started looking through magazines and books for new and innovative ways to train and after some research came up with a few new systems. The one piece of advice I would give to any bodybuilder just starting out is get lean, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING and go do it.

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001

  • How Rendell Did It!

    By: Other Writer

    This is the story of me, and my first bodybuilding competition. No, I am not a famous professional bodybuilder or a professional athlete, but am simply a man with goals and dreams just like you. I am writing this article for you and your benefit.

    Date Added: Dec 21, 2001