's Best Of 2006!

We are proud to announce winners for the first ever Best Of 2006 Awards and hope you will join us in congratulating all of the winners in the categories below.
2007 Site Awards!
Vote Now: 2007 Site Awards!
To show our appreciation to our many contributors all over the world, we have started the 2007 Site Awards. We have chosen a select 30 categories ranging from Writer of the Year to Pro of the year.

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We are proud to announce winners for the first ever "Best Of The Year" Awards and hope you will join us in congratulating all of the winners in the categories below.

We hope to make this an annual event to reward those who went the extra mile in providing the best articles, transformations, amateur bodybuilders, forum threads, video, podcast and much more.

This year we are giving awards to the following and hope to have more next year. This year we will be showcasing the best writer, amateur bodybuilders, transformations, forum threads, wallpaper, competitions, professional bodybuilders, audio & best video episode of the year 2006.

Over the course of the last month we have selected a group of nominees for each category and then had a group of industry experts make individual selections in order for us to remain as unbiased as possible.

From these we were able to put together the winners. Transformation & amateur winners were chosen for their ability to answer all questions in detail, and provide workouts & pictures. Other categories were selected for their outstanding contributions, quality, presentation, upsets and coverage.

This was a very difficult process because so many are deserving of these awards. Unfortunately we can only pick one for each...

Writer Of The Year

Writer Of The Year!  
David Robson!

David's skill for writing has enabled him to reach the masses to provide detailed instruction on the latest research and insights regarding health, fitness and sports, to assist people with their personal goals.

David was chosen as writer of the year for his outstanding contributions and quality to represent the fitness world and

Transformations Of The Year

Male Transformation Of The Year!  
Male: John Jimenez!

John made an amazing transformation and lost 370 pounds! With his life on the line (literally) he made the decision himself to change everything. Learn why and what he did right here!

Female Transformation Of The Year!  
Female: Stephanie Althea!

After realizing she did not want to live the life of an obese couch potato Stephanie made the decision to change her lifestyle. Learn about her story here and how she made a grand transformation.

Amateurs Of The Year

Amateur Of The Year!  
Amateur: Scott Hagan!

Scott started training in high school and quickly caught the bodybuilding bug. He trained very hard and decided that he would compete. Well to this day (17 years later) he has continued to compete - During this time he lost his father, opened a business, and become a father for the first time.

Fitness Amateur Of The Year!  
Fitness: Karen Patten!

Karen Patten is an enthusiastic fitness competitor from Alaska. She has 3 children, is a successful competitor, and certified personal trainer. She also recently became an IFBB Fitness Pro. Congratulations Karen!

Over 40 Amateur Of The Year!  
Over 40: Scott 'Old Navy' Hults!

Scott is a retired U. S. Navy Captain and a competitive bodybuilder, two achievements of which he is quite proud of. Scott has been very active in the bodybuilding community and also very successful. He recently earned his Masters Pro Card with the NGA and hopes to get a Natural Masters Pro card as well.

Teen Amateur Of The Year!  
Teen: Yumon Eaton

Yumon had always been athletic and was introduced to weight training to get bigger for football. Never satisfied with completed goals he continues to push himself harder. He hopes to one day be a professional bodybuilder and powerlifter.

Forum Threads Of The Year

Best Forum Threads Of The Year  

Picture Thread Of The Year!

"Transformations from skinny to mass pics:" 'Abyss' - "It doesn't necessarily have to be skinny pics. Any pics will do; from packing on a lot of mass… I see 'DLStar' made a thread for former fatties. I thought; why not make one on ppl who were relatively small to decently big or very huge. It will also be a motivation to the others and me."

Supplement Log Of The Year!

"Designer Supplements CHERRY ICE XCEED Log:" 'boyscouT' - Has been training for six months and has kept a great supplement log while training.

Most Popular Thread Of The Year!

*** If you are easily offended then I do not recommend going through the following forum thread. This thread was chosen because the amount of views and replies was unbelievable. Total views for this one: 375,866!

Okay... you've been given fair warning!

Just to give you a taste of what happens in this one: 'Man_of_Men' - "Last night I got extremely drunk for the first time in my life. In fact, b4 lastnight, I had never consumed alcohol, ever."

Wallpaper Of The Year

Jay Cutler - Wallpaper Of The Year!  
Jay Cutler (#63)

Image was chosen for originality, quality and overall composition. is proud to offer this high-quality desktop wallpaper for your viewing pleasure! This image is available in the archive for download or download it below.

The New Reigning Mr. Olympia!
Photo By SecondFocus.
Week #30 - 10/03/2006
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Competitions Of The Year

The Olympia's hard-working team put together a spectacular expo along with each and everyone of the contests that happened throughout the weekend. This was by far the best pro contest ever held.

IFBB Competition Of The Year!  
IFBB: 2006 Olympia!

Major Upset & Major Coverage - Ronnie Coleman gets 2nd place! Jay Cutler wins his first Mr. Olympia! Follow right here for the latest show coverage.

NPC Competition Of The Year!  
NPC: NPC Nationals!

The 2006 NPC National Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships was a superb show. Find the complete results, pictures and much more. This was chosen because of the quality, quantity, hype, and greatest amount of coverage out of any show.

Pros Of The Year

Male Pro Of The Year!  
Male: Jay Cutler!

Jay Cutler was chosen this year as the best Male Pro because of his professionalism and the simple fact that he beat Ronnie Coleman not just once, but four times. He is a great representation of Pro Bodybuilding.

Female Pro Of The Year!  
Female: Iris Kyle!

Iris Kyle has steadily been improving over the years with her most recent success - Winning the 2006 Ms. Olympia title. Starting off her pro career in 1999 she went from 15th to 1st in the Ms. International contest. After stunning everyone at the 2006 Olympia, Iris looks forward to 2007 to add a few more wins to her competition history.

Podcast Of The Year

Podcast Of The Year!  
Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Episode 51!

The first interview after Jay Cutler won the Mr. Olympia Crown. Bodybuilding fans chose this podcast because it was the single most replayed radio show of the year.

Video Of The Year

Video Of The Year!  
Fitshow: War For The Worlds, Episode #8!

Take an inside look at Bob's life as a bodybuilder and a person in this ten week journey as Bob prepares for a return to competitive bodybuilding. This was chosen for quality, depth, and the overwhelming response each week received. Episode #8 took the top honors as the Video Show of the Year.