2002 Arnold Classic Weekend. Tons Of Info!

Ms. International Women's And Fitness ResultsFebruary 22nd, 2002, Columbus, OH.
Ms. International Women's And Fitness Results
February 22nd, 2002, Columbus, OH.

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Fitness And Women's Results - Full results AND pictures online soon.

Overall Winner: Yaxani Oriequin


  1. Yaxeni Oriequin
  2. Iris Kyle
  3. Vickie Gates
  4. Gayle Moher
  5. Bettey Pariso
  6. Lisa Aukland

Lightweight winner:

  1. Valentina Chepiga
  2. Dayana Cadeau
  3. Fanny Barrios
  4. Cathy Priest
  5. Denise Masino
  6. Angela Debatin

Fitness International Winner:

  1. Susie Curry
  2. Jenny Worth
  3. Jenny Hendershcott
  4. Adela Friedmansky
  5. Stacey Simons
  6. Kluadia Kinska

Kelly Ryan did not compete due to an injury.

Pictures from the show coming SOON!

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