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If any of you have seen the latest Ironman Swimsuit Spectacular video then you already know who April Hunter is. For those of you who have not had the opportunity, you are missing one of the greatest wonders God has created.
If any of you have seen the latest Ironman Swimsuit Spectacular video then you already know who April Hunter is. For those of you who have not had the opportunity, you are missing one of the greatest wonders God has created. Followers of fitness competitions and WCW wrestling events might not recognize the name at first. But, you definitely recognize everything else about this beauty. She's stunning and captivating. These are just a few words that describe this fitness physique model. Her name is April Hunter. Standing 5'9" (without heels) long thick auburn hair, April offers an ominous and tempting site for men's eyes.

Before she became part of the fitness industry, her bright smile was seen as a feature Las Vegas show girl and Playboy model. "Prior to fitness, I was a centerfold model (Playboy, etc.), and feature showgirl," explains our auburn haired beauty. If you are not familiar with a feature showgirl, it's a Las Vegas style of show. "I toured and performed all over the states. I don't hide what I did, because it was fun, interesting and not anyone can do it and pull it off with style. Those 6" heels could kill ya," she explains about her exploits prior to fitness modeling. Once told by centerfold photographers that her look was too big, hard or muscular and that men didn't like that, she has found a home, were hard-bodies are appreciated. April came into fitness after she was told by the centerfold photographers that she was becoming un-publishable because she was getting too big, hard and muscular and that men didn't like that.

Well, some don't, to those April say's you don't know what your missing if your not with a muscular women. So, along came female physique photographer and writer Steve Wennerstrom who explained to her she was posing for the wrong crowd. Another individual that helped get our Auburn beauty in the fitness industry was friend Devon Michael's, who was having the same problem. Devon hooked April up with a fitness photographer and April immediately liked the way he made her look. April comes standard with all the tools and there is not much work to do on that body either. April Hunter is one of the hottest physiques gracing bodybuilding magazine swimsuit pictorials and videos. Thank God for the narrowed minds of those centerfold photographers.

"Tuff being a sex symbol? No way!! I love it! Love my job and it sure beats 9 to 5," declares the 5'9", auburn haired Las Vegas, Nevada, resident. April grew up moving from place to place as a military brat with her father and stepmother. April was born in Philadelphia, PA., September 24th, 1971. Spending most of her growing years in either Philly or Enterprise, Alabama, this curvaceous beauty was an introverted, book wormish skinny rail compared to her current vivacious 40DD stature. "I sort of always did my own thing and didn't really care what people thought of me," she said about growing up. "I'm a college dropout. Didn't finish, was anxious to get on with life." April says. During those short interludes in college she played volleyball, dabbled in dance, gymnastics, and martial arts.

With all the tools in place, April gave fitness competitions a try, competing in Ms. Fitness and an Iron Women Tri-Fitness. She then found that the competition aspect of the fitness industry was not worth it for her. "Too time consuming, expensive and political..." say's April about competing. April is now making a name for herself with her professional debut as one of the original N.W.O. girls. "I was asked to go to the Power Plant, but plans fell through. So, when I left WCW, I decided to get full training. I was referred to Killer Kowalski's Pro Wrestling School in Boston." Adds April. At the time of writing this, April has been in the wrestling business now for 2.5 years. "I can honestly say that I'm learning every day. Like many, I've made some mistakes on the way, but hopefully have grown up a bit and learned from them as well." She explains about her wrestling antics.

April Hunter aka "Kincaid"

What other things do you like to do April? "I write stories and do all the content of my website. Love to catch as many movies as possible too! Well, I'm a 'homebody', started out camera shy, love dogs, nicknamed Big Red, eat way too much bacon, am a natural auburn-head, bite my nails, still get nervous, enjoy modeling, have a weakness for bed linens and tacky, glittery makeup, love traveling, have a bad habit of being tactless and blunt at times, still have a security blanket, love dirty jokes, have a foot fetish where my toes have to be polished at all times and can be a complete bitch to deal with when tired and hungry. How about that?" This is our April.

Her new job keeps her very busy and sometimes is a hindrance on her workout schedule. "My schedule is hectic. I grab what I can when I can with my wrestling tour schedule and keeping up with my website. I generally try to hit the weights heavy and hard with cardio when I'm home..." April says. Being blessed to lift heavy has her using men as her workout partners. "I train shoulders very heavy, as heavy as I can. I'm extremely strong and lucky - most of my training partners have been men and many don't even bother to change the weight in-between sets." When asked what she feels is her best body parts, April explains that her lips, because they are, "real and big," AS she states and her breasts, because "they're not real, but big, so who cares?"

The old adage that sex sells, well April is full of sex appeal. And as you can see April is not shy for words. Thank God for straight forwardness. "Two things that drive me nuts. Well, one. Hypocrisy!" She says. Even though at times she has said this way of talking has gotten her in trouble she would rather speak the truth.

If someone believes in themselves then they can accomplish anything. April is accomplishing everything she wants in life. We wish we could find out what tinsel town has in store for our Auburn beauty, but some other involvement's April has gotten into outside the fitness and wrestling industry is a photo shoot for the video game "Tomb Raider," and a comic vampire super heroin. April, you can bite our necks anytime you feel like feeding.

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