Anti-Gravity Training Offers Fast Track To More Muscle And Less Fat!

Each trainee is different requiring a unique approach to training; my customized programs make use of an advanced assessment process helping me to determine the fastest path to new muscle and less fat... Learn more.

Article Summary:
  • Anti-gravity training is a fantastic plateau buster.
  • Nutrition is much more complicated than what people realize.
  • Cook in bulk so that you have good food options to bring to work.
  • Consider me an explorer navigating the scientific waters of uncharted muscle. Does this situation sound familiar? "I have been training for many years and the last 6 months is just stale, no progress, what do I need to do to get the results going again?"

    Yes I can change your fortunes ASAP! 99% of trainees are limited to a small scope of information and do not have the ability or objectivity to design the routines needed to maximize their potential.

    As you become more advanced it only gets harder as the muscle body machine requires more complex techniques to keep growth going while keeping body fat levels low. It is not just a matter of taxing the muscles, but also stimulating the nervous system so you can stimulate more fibers; forming the foundation of new muscle.

    Each trainee is different requiring a unique approach to training; my customized programs make use of an advanced assessment process helping me to determine the fastest path to new muscle and less fat by evaluating many factors including body type, training experience, strength deficits, injuries, recovery capacity, diet and more.


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    Training For Fat Loss!
    Strength training with diet and cardio burns fat more than cardio and diet alone. In bodybuilding terms, we call this 'cutting up.'
    James Chan

    Obviously, I cannot ascertain all of this info from your question, however below I will describe anti-gravity training - a fantastic plateau buster necessary for an experienced guy like yourself needing a new strategic stimulus. We will turn your Guns into CANNONS!

    Not Just Breaking All Of The Rules
    We Are Changing The Game For New Muscle!


    Typically we all hit a wall during a set that forces us to discontinue, unacceptable as those points of fatigue can stop us short of maximal muscle fiber recruitment so vital to growth.

    Here's how anti-gravity training works: Following a traditional set of 4-6 RM heavy reps instead of accepting muscle failure you will go beyond your preconceived limits and use momentum to lift loads while focusing on slow and controlled lowering for 4-6 additional reps just shy of failure.

    The trainee will do 4-6 reps with strict form, rest for 20 seconds and do 4-6 more reps with a faster rep tempo to accommodate fatigue.

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    You Will Go Beyond
    Your Preconceived Limits.

    The benefits of this training are numerous, but to highlight a few: Research proves that slow eccentrics cause a natural anabolic hormonal explosion of Testosterone and IGF 1 supporting accelerated body comp. improvements.

    Remember hormones govern success! Set durations of 30-50 seconds are optimal for muscle growth, but only if the loading is high enough to stimulate muscle fibers. AG training gives you the best of both worlds with this strip set format!


    What Is A Strip Set?

    Strip Sets involve spotters removing weight between sets.

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    Consider AG training as a chisel you will hammer into a large stone (muscles) to create your masterpiece. The demands placed on recovery are unlike anything most have experienced making recovery tactics more important than the actual training session.

    According to the Muscle Dr. Serrano training in this manner can improve muscle elasticity and facial strength, helping to prevent common weight training injuries.

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    Training In This Manner Can Improve
    Muscle Elasticity And Facial Strength.

    "A unique anabolic hormonal explosion takes place when heavy eccentrics are used in this manner, but there is also a heavy toll taken on the nervous system making recovery paramount to your success. Do not bother with this type of training if you are not willing to amino load, eat and rest appropriately."

    Anti-Gravity Training
    Make Your Guns Into Cannons!


    Superset Exercise Sets Reps Rest
    A1. Standing Shoulder Press 3 (4-6)+(4-6) 90
    A2. Eccentric Pull Up 3 (4-6)+(4-6) 90
    B1. Standing Hammer Curl 3 (4-6)+(4-6) 90
    B2. Eccentric Triceps Extension 3 (4-6)+(4-6) 90
    C1. Standing Barbell Reverse Curl 2 (4-6)+(4-6) 75
    C2. Dumbbell Lateral Raise 2 (4-6)+(4-6) 75

    Many Nutrition Options
    How Do You Choose?


    Nutrition is much more complicated than what people realize. Certain rules for success stretch across all people - to name a few: eliminating refined foods and Trans fats, portion control and more.

    However individual needs and goals will dictate what specifically needs to be done to not only reach goals, but to achieve them in the shortest possible time frame. After all, do you have another year or six months to wait to get your dream body?

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    Nutrition Is Much More Complicated
    Than What People Realize.

    My clients approach goals with a sense of urgency to reach objectives right now! Once you have confidence in the plan and see results- you will be unstoppable.

    I examine dozens of factors when setting up a nutrition plan and in the best cases working with a consultation client I am also able to integrate the training routine. These two factors go hand in hand.

    Strategically the nutrition plan should progress along with exercise to take advantage of metabolic adaptations. To make a long story short, just like training, diet must also progress with refinements to avoid plateaus. Yes this often involves manipulating food portions and combinations.

    Cycling macronutrients in the right sequence ensures the body will maximize use of stored fat as fuel and spare protein to form new muscle. I make it all very simple to execute for my clients.

    Collecting client feedback is crucial so that the right refinements can be made. Do you find yourself tired after meals or running to the bathroom? These are signs that things need to change and often times related to unknown food allergies that may not show up in traditional tests, but develop over time from eating the same things too often. Success is all in the details which is why I leave no stone unturned for my clients.


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    Long-Term Nutrition!
    You can start off with a diet, but after you have reached your goal you should follow a more general nutrition plan. Learn more from the following.
    James Kohler

    Yes people will store fat in different areas based on many hormonal factors, I learned the importance of this information from the Hormone Master Dr. Serrano. In your case your testosterone levels are likely low requiring changes in every aspect of your routine. I have helped numerous consultation clients in the last 3 months alone overcome the same problem as you.

    The most common scenario is training in the gym 5 days or more per week for an hour plus with lots of cardio = overtraining? Stress is high for a variety of reasons and at times periods of very low energy cannot be explained.

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    At Times Periods Of Very Low
    Energy Cannot Be Explained.

    Low dietary fat consumption and poor sleep patterns are a likely part of the equation as well. You must change your strategy or plan to fail! There are many dozens of excess fat location scenarios combined with other data that will help me resolve your problem using non medical tactics fast.

    Since we are on the topic of low testosterone and resulting fat storage we must also mention high cortisol which is often associated from a combination of high stress levels and overtraining. Interval sprints are not only proven to burn fat more efficiently, but will help to keep cortisol levels in check in comparison to standard long duration steady state sessions.


    Beginner Interval Workout

    Check out this video as Jim Britain shows you how to properly train with a beginner interval training workout!

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    Weight training sessions must be trimmed back in many cases to emphasize intensity to not only drop cortisol, but naturally stimulate test levels- bring out your natural training beast. Good dietary fat intake must increase which can help to correct omega 3 to 6 deficiencies that you most likely encounter. The right dietary fat choices have a strong correlation to anabolic hormone production.

    The daily routine of each client must also be taken into account; do you sit at a desk or work construction? Obviously these two situations would call for much different plans even if the goals were the same.

    Is Your Job Sedentary Or Physically Demanding?

    Physically Demanding
    Periods Of Both

    I would imagine for most people sitting down to eat 6 meals per day would also not be practical. In addition to having the right plan from a scientific stand point; it must also be practical and satisfying.

    Fat Loss Tips

    dot Smaller Meals dot

      Bulls graze all day and Pigs - Pig out! Which has more fat? You guessed right the pigs who like to eat as much as possible at one time.

    Smaller Meals
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    Eat Smaller Meals To Reduce Fat.

    dot Prepare Your Food In Advance dot

      How much time have you wasted in your life waiting in line for food, traveling to go get food during your lunch break and of course making each meal. Cook in bulk so that you have good food options to bring to work. This will save you time and money while ensuring you do not go off course with your nutrition plan just because the restaurant menu provides no good options.

    Prepare Food
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    Cook In Bulk So That You Have
    Good Food Options To Bring To Work.

    dot Rotate Your Nutrition Plan dot

      You cannot use the same training plan forever and earn good results and the same holds true with your nutrition program. Factors must change every 8-12 weeks including food choices, macronutrient percentages, meal frequency and more.

      Yes there is more to life than just chicken and eggs. When reviewing new client diet journals I am amazed to see the lack of variety which not only makes things boring, but also can accelerate food allergies which will slow down your progress.

    dot Do Not Diet Forever dot

      You can only be productive for so long during a fat loss phase as metabolism can lock up for many reasons. Do not beat your head into a wall and take some time to gain new muscle so you have a larger calorie burning engine. No fat loss plan should last longer than 12 weeks in my experience.

      dot Find The Right Expert To Build Your Program dot

        You may know a great deal about nutrition, training, supplementation and more, but there is always someone else out there who has information that can help you achieve even better results. Do not make changes just for the heck of it, find a qualified professional who can give you an objective opinion and help you refine your methods.

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