Power Nutrition Q&A - Part Ten!

What is the secret to success as a powerlifter? You guessed it... Recovery! This Q&A will fill you in on some myths and truths about the supplements for recovery and improvement of powerlifters. Check it out!
Recovery... The Secret To Success!

[ Q ] Hey Anthony I just wanted to let you know that I love the column. I have been a steady reader of your column for over three years and I have learned a ton of information that I have applied to my training. I have seen some great results using all your tips that you layout for us every month.

One problem that I have is that I get excessively sore from my workouts. I get sore for at least 3 days for whatever area that I hit. This means that I can't work as effectively the next workout or my training schedule is out of whack because I have to add in a couple extra recovery days before I am healed up to hit the weights hard again.

Is there any supplement that I can take to help heal me up faster so that I can recover better? Please let me know.

Maxim Vandenberg

    A: Hey Maxim, its good to hear from you. So you are having hard time recovering from your workouts are you? Some individuals heal up quicker than others and you seem to be one of those guys that takes a little longer to recover.

How Many Recovery Days Are Needed Between Each Bodypart Worked?

6 Or More.

    Diet plays a huge role in your recovery so if you are not taking in the right amount of protein then your rate of recovery will be horrible.

    Sleep is another area that must be looked at for recovery. If you are not getting at least 8 good hours of sleep per night then your recovery will also suffer. Your micronutrients are another area that must be adequately supplemented with to make sure you heal up from those intense training sessions.

    At Large Nutrition: ETS
    Improved muscular endurance, strength and improved recovery!

    Now you asked me about if I knew of any supplements in particular that were effective purely for recovery. Well just to let you know there is one that I recommend for my athletes. The name of this product is called ETS and a company called 'At Large Nutrition' makes it.

    Now you may be wondering what ETS stands for. Well it stands for Extreme Training Support and it does truly live up to its name. This special formula was designed with the powerlifter in mind because the workouts that powerlifters do take a lot more out of your recovery abilities than any bodybuilding workout - that is for sure.

    ETS contains a unique formula to help powerlifter's recover at a much faster rate. Phil Harrington, who is the all time top 181 squatter ever with a 900-pound dunk, is a big believer in ETS. He has told me several times how it has helped him recover at a much faster rate then when he is not taking it.

    If it can help Phil's recovery rate, and with the massive amounts of strain that he is putting on his body, then just think of what it can do to help you recover from your workouts.

    Now you may be wondering what makes ETS so special? The backbone of E.T.S. is a unique nutracuetical called MicroLactin. MicroLactin is one of the end results of a process originally pioneered by Dr. William Peterson. Decades ago Dr. Peterson introduced the idea of "immune milk".

    This milk was the result of treating cows with special immune stimulants. When the cows were treated with these stimulants they produced antibodies which were then passed on in their milk. When humans consumed this milk several health benefits were found by Dr. Peterson.

    This new find for the supplement and medical community has many benefits. Here is a short list of some of them that was concluded at the end of a comprehensive study.

    • Highly significant runner perceived improvement in training.
    • Improved 5 kilometer race times.
    • Faster recovery time between training sessions.
    • Significantly shortened creatine kinase (CK) recovery times.
    • Slight, but significant decrease in body fat percentage despite a slight increase in bodyweight.

    As you can see here ETS offers a lot of bang for your buck and will make a night and day difference in your recovery abilities. I would recommend all lifters to use this product especially during the last 16 weeks before a competition to make sure that your recovery is on the up and up for those last final weeks.

    ETS can make a huge difference in your recovery and I give it my Power Nutrition "Seal of Approval." If you are one of those guys who is always sore from their workouts and needs that little extra to help recover from them then give ETS a try because I am sure that you will pleased with the results as I was in my own training program.

    ETS receives my Power Nutrition "Seal of Approval" because it can dramatically help your rate of recovery.

    Here is a breakdown of ETS ingredients:

ETS: Supplement Facts
Serving size: 4 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 60
Ingredient Amount Per Serving %DV
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 250 mg 417%
Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol acetate) 100IU 333%
Magnesium (as magnesium oxide) 225 mg 56%
Zinc (as zinc oxide) 15 mg 100%
Micro-Lactin 2000 mg *
* Daily Value (DV) not established.
Other Ingredients: Stearic acid and magnesium stearate.
Recommended Use: Take four (4) capsules in the morning (with or without food) and four (4) capsules in the evening just before bed.

Power Nutrition DVD In The Works?

[ Q ] I just wanted to tell you that your column on the Rhodiola was fantastic. I have started incorporating it in my plan and even in the first week I felt much better. I have a very stressful work life and by the time I put in my workouts I am drained to say the least.

I feel much more mentally focused, I don't get that worn out feeling like before and I have had some of my best workout since taking Rhodiola. It has made a big difference in my training and work life so I would like to thank you for letting us in on this. My question is about a rumor that I have heard.

A buddy of mine says his friend works with you and he told him that you have a book and DVD coming out in the near future. Is that true? Let me know because I will be the first one in line to get a copy of each. Thanks again for all your insight.

Paul Wagner

    A: Hey Paul its good to hear from you. I am glad to hear that I could be of such a great service to you. I am happy to hear the great results that you have gotten from using Rhodiola. I told all of you that it has many benefits for the powerlifter and I am glad to see that you and many other readers that have taken my advice on Rhodiola have gotten some nice results.

supplements Top Selling Rhodiola Products
Rhodiola rosea root extract has a wide range of adaptogenic functions. An adaptogen is a substance (typically an herb) that helps a body to adapt to stressful situations.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

    As for your question about my DVD and book coming out, yes you are right. Sometime in the new year I will release my Power Nutrition DVD as well as a book. It will no doubt be the best nutrition DVD geared for the hardcore powerlifter. It will teach you tons of tips and tricks to make sure that you get jacked beyond belief and at the same time it will also give many ideas on how to keep you healthy.

    The best way to stay updated is to go to my web site and register for the newsletter. This way you will know way in advance of the release date for both of them. With the coming release of my new DVD and book you will be able to take care of all your powerlifting nutrition needs as well as improve your current medical conditions.

    If you don't have any medical problems then I will teach you to keep it that way so that you don't end up getting them in the first place.

Hey DMX Is That You?

[ Q ] Hey Anthony what's up... yo? I just wanted to throw you some props about you're awesome web site. It really kicks *ss. I like how you have some training and rehab articles up there as well. You have opened up a whole can of worms with this Power Nutrition thing that you got going on.

My buddy has been a client of yours for the last six months. His name is Tony Johnson from New York - Queens is in the house y'all. I am telling you he has gotten some great results. He has dropped a ton of fat on your plan. What I can't believe is that his strength has actually gone up.

He has gone down two weight classes and yet he is stronger. What's up with that bro? I have never heard of a lifter going down two classes and post a bigger total. That is the snizzle my dizzle!

After I saw what you did for my friend I want to be down too - yo. We are waging a little contest with each other so I have to make sure that I am going to take this little Bee-aach down... word! I can't wait to get moving and start getting some great results like Tony.

Anyway I have a question about good tasting protein powders. What would you say are the tastiest shakes that are available? I am not talking necessarily the best formula but which ones are the best purely based on taste. Thanks dawg and keep up the good work.

Your bro,
Juice Jackson

    A: Hey Juice its good to hear from you. Hell I thought for a minute there I was getting fan mail from DMX or 50 Cent. You had my hopes up but you are still cool. All joking aside thanks for throwing me the props about the web site. Yes I know your boy Tony. He has made some huge changes in not only his strength but his body composition as well.

    I still have a few openings left so give me a call and we can discuss your situation. Once you get me your background info, food journal, medical history and blood work then I can get started on your nutrition and supplementation analysis. Once that is done you will get your first plan.

    As for your question about great tasting protein powders the first thing that I want to let you know is that quality does count. I would never recommend a protein formula based on taste alone because if taste is the only thing you are after then get yourself down to the local ice cream shop and get a milk shake there. As for the different quality protein shakes that I prefer that also taste great here they go.

    1. Dymatize

      Elite Whey

      This company makes a protein formula called Elite Whey. It is a combination whey isolate and concentrate. They make some really good flavors. These include Green Apple, Chocolate Mint, Berry, Gourmet Vanilla, Butter Cream Toffee, Orange Dreamsicle, Rich Chocolate and Pina Colada.

      I really like the green apple, chocolate mint and the cafe mocha. These are three of my personal favorites and I use them in my own nutrition plan quite often. You can check it out at the Bodybuilding.com store. Or you can reach Bodybuilding.com at 1-877-991-3411.

    2. PVL

      Whey Gourmet

      This is a Canadian Company that makes some great tasting protein powders. They have a protein formula called Whey Gourmet. These guys are really innovative when it comes to flavor technology. They are no doubt one of the best around. Their flavors include Arctic Cappuccino, Raspberry, Milk Chocolate, Pina Colada, White Chocolate, Blueberry, Orangesicle, Strawberry Banana, Vanilla, Chocolate Chip Mint, Caramel, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Mocha.

      Whew I got tired just typing all the different flavors that they have out on the market. If you are looking for something that makes your taste buds jump then give PVL Whey Gourmet a try because you will be dazzled.

    3. Primaforce

      Substance WPI

      They have a protein formula called Substance WPI. It comes in four awesome flavors watermelon, grape, chocolate malt, and vanilla bean. I am telling you the grape is fantastic. I also like the watermelon just as much. I will be honest I hate most vanilla protein formulas but this is the best tasting ever by far!

      Now this formula is a pure whey isolate so it is of the highest quality whey around. What is nice about this shake is it is ideal for those that don't like a creamy type milkshake. Drinking this is like taking back a glass of Crystal Lite or juice. It has a very smooth taste and it is easy on the stomach.

      Substance WPI is no doubt one of the best tasting Whey Isolates ever created!

    4. CNP Approved

      CNP Approved

      This is another very nice tasting protein. They make a protein formula, a weight gainer, and a meal replacement and I give the thumbs up to all of these products. They don't make them in a lot of exotic flavors just your chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

      They are some of the best out there for sure. There are many reasons why I like the Dorian's line of products. They are all very high quality and go above and beyond many of the other companies that line the shelves of your local health food store.

    So as you can see here Juice these are some of the best tasting protein powders out there. They are a few of my favorites so you can be sure that they all get my Power Nutrition "Seal of Approval".

    Not only do they taste great but their nutrient profile is also excellent. So if you are tired of your current protein powder that tastes like dog meal then give any of the above a try because you will be glad you did. Believe me your taste buds will thank me later!

Why All The Protein?

[ Q ] My question is about protein metabolism. I have heard that your body can only absorb 30 grams of protein every 6 hours is this true? I read this in some nutrition book and have heard this several times over. If this is true why do you recommend such high doses of protein?
Emma Watson

    A: Hey Emma thanks for writing. In regards to your question this is one of the oldest and stupidest nutrition myths ever. No, what you have read is not true in the least. The human body can digest and absorb much more than this. So if your theory was correct then the average person who is awake 12-15 hours in a day would only be able to process 60 grams per day of protein.

    Does this even sound like it would make any sense? Of course it doesn't? Let's take a look at some of today's pro bodybuilders for example. Do you think a guy the size of Ronnie Coleman who came into the last Olympia just under 300 pounds ripped to the bone and who is 350 plus in the off season can only digest 60 grams of protein per day?

enlarge Click To Enlarge.
You Think Ronnie Did This On 60 Grams Of Protein A Day?

See More Olympia Pics Here.

    If this were true you would not see such large bodybuilders. Another thing you have to take into consideration is the fact that powerlifters are not just your everyday couch potato slob. They are lifting thousands of pounds of volume several days a week. They are also doing various amounts of GPP work in their training plan.

    What Does GPP Mean?
    General Physical Preparation

    Powerlifters need a properly calculated dosage of protein to make sure that they can recover from the intense training they put their bodies through. I will just let you know that I can't even imagine any serious powerlifter (weighing over 50 pounds that is) taking in such a measly amount of protein.

    Your strength will be crap to say the least; you will never recover from your workouts and your body fat percentage will be in the double digits for sure. You will also probably suffer from some nice health ailments like diabetes, insulin resistance, energy drops, a low testosterone level, mood swings and much more.

    So if this is what you are looking for then take in your 60 grams per day. On the other hand if you are looking to maximize your strength, build muscle, lose fat and live a long healthy life then I suggest you follow my guidelines and consume more protein in your nutrition plan.

Is A Multivitamin Really That Important?

[ Q ] I just wanted to tell you I loved your article series on Cortisol. I am telling you I had no idea what cortisol was let alone how horrible it can be for my health. I learned a lot from the articles and I have to say you did a great job on its presentation. At the same time you didn't make it so scientific that it just went over our heads.

In one of your past articles the one about Mike Brown the teenage bench press champion, you mentioned one multivitamin called Animal Pak? Is this a product you recommend? Can you give me some more info on this product and let me know if it's worth spending my money on. Thanks for all your informative articles and also for educating lifters because the large majority of us didn't have a clue before you came on the scene.

Lior Naor

    A: Hey Lior its good to hear from you again. In regards to your question about a multivitamin in your nutrition plan being essential... yes it is. It is very important that you get in a proper spectrum of your micronutrients to prevent deficiencies. The hard training strength athlete will need a much more comprehensive intake of micronutrients compared to some lazy couch potato that just sits on their flabby *ss all day watching Jerry Springer and Seinfeld reruns.

    If deficiencies occur in your nutrition plan by not taking in the requirements that your body needs, then you can run into not only a decrement in performance but also illness. Certain micronutrient controls such things as your heart beat, the digestion and absorption of protein, energy levels, muscle contraction and much more.

    Animal Pak

    In regards to your question about the Animal Pak made by Universal Nutrition I would like you to know that it is one of the best on the market today. I not only have many of my elite athletes taking it in their supplementation plan but I also use it myself. In fact I have used it over 14 years since I was a teenager.

    So yes the Animal Pak gets my recommended Power Nutrition "Seal of Approval" for sure. You all know that I speak the truth on any matter when it comes to getting you real world results and I fully recommend this product to all powerlifters that are presently not taking a multivitamin.

    As for those that are already taking a multivitamin, compare the ingredients in your present formula and the Animal Pak. I guarantee that the Animal Pak will have a much broader spectrum of nutrients and in higher dosages that are needed for the strength athlete that is training hardcore day in and day out.

    The Animal Pak is one of my personal favorite Multi Vitamin/Mineral Formulas!

    To show you what a comprehensive spectrum of micronutrients that the Animal Pak contains, I have laid out this table so you can see it for yourself first hand. After looking at this you will now realize why I recommend them for hardcore lifters looking to make a difference in their performance. This breakdown is for those athletes taking two packets per day of the Animal Pak.

Animal Pak: Supplement Facts
Vitamins & Minerals Dosage
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vitamin B6
Folic Acid
Pantothenic Acid
9,900 IU
680 IU
Amino Acid Blend Dosage
Glutamic Acid
Performance Optimizers Dosage
Siberian Ginseng
Oriental Ginseng
Smilax Officinalis
Protogen A
Chromium Picolinate
Coenzyme A
Coenzyme B12
Bovine Colustrum
Argentine Liver
Choline Complex
EFA Complex Dosage
Linoleic Acid
Oleic Acid
Digestive Enzymes Dosage
Betaine HCI
Ox Bile

    Now many of you may be wondering why should you take this if you are already taking a "one a day" type multivitamin. Yes your "one a day" may have 100% of the RDA for some of the vitamins and minerals in there. But as a hardcore powerlifter will the RDA be sufficient for you to make progress when you are training like an animal day in and day out? The answer is a big fat no!

    Let's look at the RDA, which stands for the Recommended Dietary Allowance. It was established to make sure that people didn't get deficiencies. This occurred in the past with Vitamin C deficiencies in particular because many people were coming down with scurvy. The RDA for protein is 50 grams per day.

    Do you think that taking in the RDA for protein is going to help you maximize your performance? Well you can bet your sweet @ss that it's not going to get you anywhere. Can you imagine a powerlifting super beast like Garry Frank trying to get in 50 grams of protein per day?

    enlarge Click To Enlarge.
    Garry Frank.

    Do you think that would sustain his intense workouts and help him recover from squatting 1100 pounds and pulling over 900 week after week. If he followed that advice he would never be as strong as he is today. The same goes for your vitamin and mineral intake. The RDA will not be optimal for the hardcore powerlifter due to the fact we do a lot more before 6AM than most couch potatoes do in their whole life.

    The demands that we put on our bodies lifting tens of thousands of pounds of volume per workout several times per week is going to require a much more comprehensive spectrum of micronutrients. Compare this to someone whose most strenuous task for the day is fighting to get his bag of cheezies open and now you can understand what I am talking about.

    I am not blowing sweet nothings in your ear here trying to promote this product or that product. If I recommend a protein powder, an EFA oil, fiber supplement or energy drink you are going to be sure as hell it is going to provide some great results. You can be sure that what I say is the real deal and you have my word that I am not going to bullsh*t you in any manner.

    I call them like I see them and if a product is bogus you will know it. If a product will provide a benefit to the lifter and is reputable and high quality you will also know it. My reputation means much more to me than selling it out to the highest bidder.

    If it's a good quality product no matter who makes it, and it has proven itself in studies and the real world... I will recommend it. If a company produces something that can be a benefit to the hardcore powerlifter you can be sure that I will be there to let you know all there is on it and give you a comprehensive review as well.

    So yes go out and pick up some Animal Pak and see the difference a high quality multivitamin can make in your performance and health!