How Well Do You Know Your Power Nutrition?

So what I have laid out here is a nice little quiz for all you iron freaks to see if you have learned anything from all my articles. So get yourself a pencil and sit down and take the Power Nutrition Quiz.
I have been writing the Sports Nutrition column for PLUSA for almost 2 years now. My nutrition column has gotten its fair share of positive feedback over this time. Let 's not forget some not so positive comments from some of the mullet heads that I have had to deal with as well.

All and all it has been a very enjoyable experience educating powerlifters on how they should meal plan so that they can get the best bang for their buck when it comes to their training and competing. Over the last couple of years I have provided you with an abundant amount of usable info that can be used by you to help you achieve new heights in your powerlifting ambitions.

One thing that I have always tried to do with my column was to take scientific nutritional information and break it down into layman's terms that anyone can understand and can apply these nutrition principles in their quest for a bigger total. Now the only way you are going to be able to apply all these principles is if you learn them and make them part of your new Power Nutrition lifestyle.

So what I have laid out here is a nice little quiz for all you iron freaks to see if you have learned anything from all my articles. So get yourself a pencil and sit down and take the Power Nutrition Quiz.

Power Nutrition Quiz

1) What 3 food items are predominantly protein sources?

A) Bananas, Oranges, Apples
B) Bread, Oatmeal, Cereal
C) Fish, Chicken, Steak

2) How many times per day should a powerlifter eat?

A) 1-2 Times
B) 3 Times
C) 5-6 Times
D) None of the above

3) How many teaspoons of sugar does one "Major Brand" of soda contain?

A) 3 Teaspoons
B) 6 Teaspoons
C) 10 Teaspoons
D) 13 Teaspoons

4) What are the 2 Natural Supplements all Powerlifters should take?

A) ZMA and HMB
B) Protein Powder and Multivitamins
C) Ecdyvone and Liquid creatine
D) Protein bars and Ice cream

5) How many grams of protein should the powerlifter take in on a daily basis?

A) As much as he or she wants
B) 0.5 grams per pound of weight
C) less than O.5 grams per pound of weight
D) At least 1 gram per pound of weight

6) What are the best carbohydrate choices for the powerlifting looking to go down a weight class?

A) Apples, Grapefruits and Bananas
B) Oatmeal, Yams and Brown Rice
C) Potato chips, Chocolate tacos and Fudge Brownies
D) Bagels, White Rice and Potatoes

7) What type of protein has the highest BV or Biological Value of all proteins?

A) Casein
B) Egg
C) Whey
D) Chicken
E) Steak
F) Gopher Meat

8) How much water should you drink daily?

A) Only when you are very thirsty
B) 4 glasses
C) 8 glasses
D) 12-16 glasses
E) None

9) What type of tea has many health benefits and can even help you burn fat?

A) Camomille Tea
B) Orange Blossom Tea
C) Green Tea
D) Iced Tea

10) What is the worst type of fat?

A) Saturated Fat
B) Trans Fatty Acids
C) Omega 3's
D) Omega 6's
E) Monounsaturated Fat
F) The fat that is currently on your hips and waist causing you to look like you are nine months pregnant.

11) What is the best fat?

A) Saturated Fat
B) Trans Fatty Acids
C) Omega 3's
D) Omega 6's
E) Monounsaturated Fat
F) The kind that jiggles in the right places

12) Should you eat a meal before retiring for the night?

A) True
B) False

13) Post Workout Nutrition is one of the most important meals of the day?

A) True
B) False
C) Who Cares!

14) How does skipping meals affect your performance?

A) It can decrease your strength
B) It can decrease your volume workload
C) It can cause your metabolism to slow down
D) It can cause you to lose valuable muscle
E) All of the above

15) How important is getting a proper fiber intake for your health and performance?

A) Not important at all
B) Somewhat important
C) Very Important
D) I have no clue; I haven't been paying attention to your articles I just look at it for the pictures.

16) How many grams of fiber should the powerlifter consume on a daily basis?

A) 5-10 grams
B) Less than 5 grams
C) 15 grams
D) 30-50 grams
E) It doesn't matter as long as you are not constipated

17) What is an incomplete protein source?

A) One that contains all the essential amino acids
B) One that is deficient in one or more of the essential amino acids
C) One that comes from a can
D) A source that is not properly cooked

18) What does G.I. stand for?

A) General Inquiry
B) Goofball Idiot
C) Glycemic Index
D) Gravitational Index

19) What was the name of the first article that I penned for PL USA?

A) The Carbohydrate Manifesto
B) Fatten Up your Total
C) The Power of Protein
D) Powerful Nutritional Tactics for Meet Day
E) Top 10 Reasons Why Male Powerlifters Should not Wear Garter Belts on the Platform

20) Where does Insulin come from?

A) The Liver
B) The Islets of Langerhans
C) The Gallbladder
D) Who the hell knows, I fell asleep that day in biology class!

21) What are Macronutrients?

A) Proteins
B) Carbohydrates
C) Fats
D) All of the above

22) Who is the "Godfather" of the High Fat Diet?

A) Vito Corleonne
B) Al Pacino
C) Dr. Mauro DiPasquale
D) Ronald McDonald
E) Barney the Purple Dinosaur
F) Dr. Ruth Weistheimer

23) What is heavier, a pound of muscle or a pound of fat?

A) Fat
B) Muscle
C) Feathers
D) Depends on your weight
E) They are both the same

24) What is Hypoglycemia?

A) A condition caused by low blood sugar levels
B) A skin condition caused by wearing your knee wraps too tight
C) A condition that can lead to hair loss
D) Hypo-What? Why are you making this damn test so hard? I feel like a damn moron!

25) What does BCAA's stand for?

A) Big Canadian Annoying Ass
B) Branch Chain Amino Acids
C) Biological Calculation of Amino Acids

26) What are the Micronutrients?

A) Vitamins
B) Minerals
C) Electrolytes
D) Proteins
E) A, B, and C
F) All of the above

27) Healthy Fats can help you:

A) Increase your Testosterone level
B) Help Decrease your cholesterol levels
C) Help keep your arteries supple
D) Can keep your skin soft like a baby's bottom
E) Help reduce joint and tendon inflammation
F) All of the above

28) What are the benefits of drinking water?

A) It helps eliminate toxins from the body
B) It increases cell volumization
C) It helps prevent kidney stones
D) It helps you get out of boring meetings every 15 minutes because you have to go to the little boys room for a tinkle
E) All of the above

29) Glucagon is:

A) A major hormone produced by the liver to increase strength
B) An antagonist hormone to insulin produced in the pancreas
C) The name of the foreign exchange student in your economics class
D) A hormone produced by the pituitary gland that controls growth

30) How many grams of fat do a McDonald's Big Mac and a large French Fries contain?

A) 5 grams of fat
B) 15 grams of fat
C) 53 grams of fat
D) I really don't give a monkey's red backside. It tastes good and that's all that matters

31) What are two of the biggest killers in American males?

A) Colon Cancer and Heart Disease
B) Wife and Kids that don't listen
C) Mortgage and Shopping expenses
D) Car accidents and Diabetes

32) What can help prevent the two biggest killers of American males?

A) Insoluble and soluble fiber
B) Birth Control
C) Staying a bachelor
D) Protein and carbohydrates

33) What can help increase your testosterone level?

A) Essential Fatty Acids
B) Broccoli
C) The latest Christina Aguilera video
D) Fiber

34) Who helped to bring many of the benefits of Vitamin C to the public?

A) Don Johnson of Miami Vice fame
B) Dr. Paul Linus
C) Elton John
D) Snoop Dog and 50 Cent
E) The little guy that was famous for yelling out, "Da Plane, Da Plane Boss" in Fantasy Island.

35) Who was one of the leading researchers behind the creatine revolution?

A) Dr. Paul Greenhaff
B) The Olson Twins
C) Anne Landers
D) Tickle Me Elmo

36) What are some of the benefits of Vitamin C

A) Has a positive effect on the immune system
B) Helps repair collagen and connective tissues
C) Helps decrease Cortisol
D) Increases Testosterone
E) Can help increase the hair on your head and decrease those nasty hairs coming out of your nose and ears
F) All of the above
G) A, B, C, and D

37) Name the most essential nutrients for sustaining life

A) Water, macronutrients and micronutrients
B) Beer, Beer and more Beer
C) Potato chips, Chocolate bars, Ice cream and Pizza
D) Thong bikinis, Beer, and Unemployment insurance

38) What type of protein source would be best to have post workout?

A) Casein
B) What ever the wife made for supper
C) Whey Hydroslate 520
D) Soy
E) 16 oz steak

39) What has the highest protein content for an 8 oz serving?

A) Cottage Cheese
B) Yogurt
C) Rice cakes
D) An ice cold Budweiser served at your favorite pub

40) Who has worked with over 30 World and National Champions Strength athletes looking to revolutionize sports nutrition to the next level?

A) Howard Stern
B) Anthony Ricciuto
C) Justin Timberlake
D) The Back Street Boys

This sums up your Power Nutrition Quiz and I hope that you did well on it. I know that this quiz was a little on the humorous side but at the same time educational. What fun is it to remember all types of different nutritional science terms and functions if you can't throw a little humor in for good measure?

One last note, the Nutrition XP3 Power Transformation Contest is in full swing and in the next issue we will be featuring one of our first winners of the competition. Those that are interested in finding out more about the program or the contest can contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. So for all the contestants out there, keep up the good work, as the results will be well worth all your effort. If you need something to get you back in the groove and give you a kick in the pants, then this is the contest for you. Until next month eat clean and lift hard and if you see Tattoo or Don Johnson tell them I will be in touch.

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