Five Keys To Supplementing With Success

At my level, I need more than just food. I also need supplements for an edge and to help me recover and grow efficiently. Below are my five keys to supplementing with success. Keep things simple and targeted.

Brothers, we all know nothing beats an old school workout. You let it all hang out and you punish the iron. You feel like you've accomplished a lot, right? You have. But when do you actually grow? Well, we don't grow in the gym.

In the gym, we destroy. We tear down the body. We only grow when we are recovering. That's right, I said recovery. I see it all the time--people beating themselves up in the gym and not seeing results.

They don't understand that hitting the weights hard is only a small part of growing or even cutting down. I could train the same all year round and get big or get ripped just by eating different and taking different supplements.

So what I am saying is "what" you put in your body for fuel matters and "when" you put these foods and supplements matter a lot. Timing is the key and you must take advantage of when to take in food and when to take your supplements.

Depending on your goals, you might eat more at times or cleaner at times, but there are times you must take in supplements no matter what your goals are. Solid foods are great. Solid foods are the most important element and should always be used to gain mass, strength, and cut down.

But at my level, I need more than just food. I also need and rely on supplements to give me the edge and to help me recover and grow more efficiently. Below are my five "keys" to supplementing with success. You don't have to go crazy. Keep things simple and targeted.

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Key #1: Early Morning:

Animal Pak Universal Presents:
Animal Pak

Animal Pak won the Multi-Vitamin Of The Year award for 2005 and 2006! For hard-core bodybuilders and strength athletes, nothing beats Animal Pak for maximizing gains in muscle mass, strength and performance. There is no better nutritional weapon available to fuel intense workouts.
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Key #2: Pre-Workout:

    The second key time for me to take my supplements are right before I train. My training needs to be intense so I need to be jacked and feel my workout. I keep things simple.

    I take Animal Pump about 30 minutes before I train so I have a massive blood flow, topped off with energy to endure the blows with the iron. Animal Pump lasts through my whole workout. It doesn't let me fadeout in the end when I need to push harder. Like Pak, Pump is a staple in my arsenal.

Animal Pump Universal Presents:
Animal Pump

A Pre-Workout Creatine Matrix - Built on the proven foundation of creatine, Animal Pump is no passing fancy. It's a no bull, high octane performance supplement designed to help you blast through plateaus and preconceived limitations.
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Key #3: During Workout:

    Midway into my workout I'll hit some essential amino acids in the form of Animal Nitro G. I do this because more blood is in the muscle at this time so I try to jam some extra muscle building nutrients in the muscle while I can. I'll sometimes throw in Storm in the mix at this time.

Key #4: Post-Workout:

Torrent Universal Presents:

Torrent sets a new standard for post-workout (PWO) nutrition. Though often overlooked, this part of the bodybuilding equation is the most critical aspect in the quest to foster new growth. Properly utilizing this time is vital for inducing overall muscle mass "activation".
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Key #5: Before Bedtime:

    Last but not to be forgotten is right before you hit the sack. To put your body in growth overdrive you must take your supplements so you grow while you sleep. At bedtime, I take ZMA Pro with some NOX3. This my choice to boost my natural test levels.

ZMA Pro Universal Presents:

We use only the finest patent-pending ZMA that has been scientifically proven to be 2 1/2 times stronger than a placebo! ZMA is the only non-steroidal, all natural dietary supplement that is 100% clinically proven to increase Testosterone levels and increase strength in athletes.
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NOX3 Universal Presents:

Nitric oxide... The "Perpetual Pump..." Cell-signaling vasodilators... You've heard about it, now it's time to add it to your training program. What is vasodilation? In plain English, it's when blood vessels dilate or relax. When blood vessels relax, they widen. Nitric oxide (NO) is the key here.
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Sometimes, I go crazy with the supplements, other times, I keep things very simple. But what's always the same is paying attention to timing. With good timing, supplements will give you the edge you need. With food and supplements you can overcome any obstacle in your training and reach your goals.

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