A Day In The Life Of An Animal: Supplementing For Great Gains!

I'll give you the 411 on what I do each day trying to put on mass, to illustrate how beneficial supplements can be when they are used properly. Get the straight talk right here. No Bullsh*t!
What are you on, man?" "What are you taking?" "Does that sh*t really work?" "What's the secret?" "I heard product X does this and that and will make you [fill in the blank] times stronger."

I've heard it all over the years. I live for this sh*t and I love answering questions. I consider it a compliment when people come to me for advice. Speaking the truth and spreading the word... Dispelling all of the bullsh*t. That alone can be a full time job.

Bottom line is we are all victims to the hype. Yeah, I've used countless worthless supplements in my time too... Reading the muscle mags we get bombarded by hype and horsesh*t, pseudoscientific mumbo jumbo. It can be very difficult to peel through the layers of nonsense to uncover the truth, especially if you are a rookie in this game.

The Icing On The Cake

In reality, the most cutting edge pills and powders mean nothing if you aren't taking care of the real business-training in the gym and eating right.

In other words, you would be much better off training hard and eating nothing but nutritious whole foods as opposed to half-assing it in the gym and downing every miracle potion known to man.

In my opinion, supplements are the icing on the cake. They can help provide that edge. They can help make up for the nutritional deficiencies that occur when eating strictly bodybuilding foods. They can help to improve performance, add strength and aid in recovery.

Supplements do work. And they work well provided you are taking care of the business of training and eating and assuming you're taking the right supplements.

Now, I won't make that fatal mistake, cuz you know what happens when you assume. Instead, I'll give you the 411 on what I do each day trying to put on mass, to illustrate how beneficial supplements can be when they are used properly.

My Daily Routine


    First thing in the morning, with breakfast, I take the Animal Pak along with a serving of a high protein gainer like Real Gains (I like it because of the whey isolate/micellar casein that's in it).

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    I try to start my day properly with an influx of nutrients and a surplus of protein and calories.

    If for whatever reason I'm concerned with taking in too many calories on a particular day, I'll replace the Real Gains with whey protein isolates (WPIs) as they contain no carbs or fats. WPIs are assimilated very easily and move into the bloodstream quickly, rushing to your hungry muscles.

    The only problems with pure whey is how fast it is in and out of your system and how they cost more than regular whey concentrate. These are factors that merit consideration when deciding what kind of protein to take, and at what particular time of day.

Keep The Protein Coming!

    From this point on, over the course of the day, I try to keep the protein flowing down the hatch consistently. My shaker cup is never too far away.

    Generally, I try to stagger my protein shakes with my meals, which means that I'm pretty much constantly eating.

    Another thing I do to ensure adequate protein intake is an old school strategy. I take 6 Uni-Liver tabs with every meal. Why six? Because 6 tabs provide me with about 10g of protein and that nice round number makes it easy for me to tally up my intake at the end of the day.

    Since I'm eating about 4-5 meals a day, I'm getting an extra 40-50g of protein in my diet. Plus, using liver gives me a little bit of variety regarding my amino acid profile, breaking up the monotony of eggs, chicken breasts and whey.

Surrounding The Workout:

    The period of a couple of hours surrounding my workout is when I become something of a chemist. I'm always looking to create that ideal internal anabolic environment.


      About an hour before I lift, I take a pack of Animal Stak 2.

      With Stak 2, I'm looking to optimize my output and efficient use of testosterone... cuz test is what separates the men from the boys.


      It is at this time, that I also create my current, ever-evolving "perfect" training beverage. The idea behind this drink is to provide my working muscles with a constant influx of aminos and glycogen. My goal is to never fall into a state of catabolism, no matter how treacherous my training happens to be on that particular day.

      Here Is My Current Training Drink Of The Month:

      • 1 pack Animal Nitro G
      • 1 scoop Storm
      • 16 oz. water

      There is a method to this madness. First of all, both of these products are grape flavored so they blend together nicely and taste damn good. That's what I like.

      The Animal Nitro G provides me with a blast of essential amino acids (EAAs), including a potent dose of BCAA's, and 35g of dextrose.

      I use the Storm for its cutting edge creatine blend as well as its nitric oxide boosting complex which gets me pumped and helps to channel fluids and nutrients into the muscle.

      The addition of a training mix like this to your training protocol could make a dramatic difference to your gains, assuming of course that your house is in order.

      I basically sip this drink over the course of my workout, along with some extra water and I finish it after my final set. Feel free to tweak my recipe and add your own special ingredients. This is what works for me... But remember, like with everything else in this game: experiment and find out what works for you.

Recipe Of The Week:
Protein Shake Recipes.

This week went to the Bodybuilding.com message boards to find healthy and tasty protein shake recipes.
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      Once I'm done, I'll throw down an extra pack of Animal Nitro. You'll notice I don't immediately drink a regular protein shake after lifting. I've found that using a small but concentrated dose of EAA's works better for me.

      After a little while, I'll have my post workout shake. It's tough sometimes, to get your stomach to settle enough to choke a shake down, but you've gotta man up and get it over with.

      After that, you can give yourself a little while to allow your body to process your post workout nutrients. This will give you the break you need to be able to face a whole food meal in another hour or so.

Before Bed:

    Before bed, I take another pack of Animal Nitro. I'll chase it with flax oil. The Nitro provides some more of those crucial EAA's, you know the kind of aminos your body can only get through the diet. The flax I take to ensure I get the necessary essential fatty acids for the day.

    About a half an hour later, right before I hit the rack, I drink a shake. This shake I usually mix with milk and use a protein blend that includes whey and micellar casein. Such a shake takes a while to digest and thus allows me to stay anabolic several hours into my slumber.


That about sums it up Animals. A day in the life. Doing whatever I can to bridge the gap and get that edge by being meticulous about my supplementation.

It isn't complicated, it isn't fancy, and it damn sure isn't cheap, but I do find it to be effective. Mapping out your daily supplement regimen takes some studying, some planning and a little bit of ingenuity.

You're also going to have to get used to being your own personal guinea pig. Experiment and be discerning. Put in the work and you'll deserve to reap the benefits.

Remember these are supplements, not substitutes. Use them in addition to the proper bodybuilding diet. Be consistent and be patient and in time, you'll be one big, freaky motherf*cker.

Game Day: G Diesel's Supplement Plan

  • Animal Pak: In the morning, with breakfast
  • Animal Nitro: After lifting, and in the evening, before bed
  • Animal Nitro G: Before, during, and after lifting
  • Animal Stak 2: Before lifting
  • Flax Oil: In the evening, right before bed
  • Real Gains: Throughout the day
  • Storm: Before, during, and after lifting
  • Whey Protein Isolates: Throughout the day
  • Desiccated Liver (Uni-Liver): With meals