AMP: Marc Megna's 8-Week Aesthetics Meets Performance Trainer Phase 4, Day 43

Welcome to Phase Four of the AMP trainer! Only two weeks left to go. Dial in your diet and hit the gym hard to put the finishing touches on your physique and performance.

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The first workout of Phase Four is a heavy leg day. That means you're going to load deadlifts and front squats with heavy iron, and then hit them with focus and effort. If you feel good about trying for a max, then go for it! Work up to a big weight, and then do progressively heavier singles until you hit your max.

These compound exercises will put the muscles you've developed to good use. Remember, this isn't just about looking good. These lifts will result in great looks and direct boosts to your strength and performance in and out of the gym. Work hard, push yourself, and think about the payoff!

In Phase Four, the nutritional habit you're going to pick up might me more challenging than what you've previously been doing. Except for certain supplements like protein shakes and the occasional pre-workout, I want you to drink water and green tea—and that's it. No more soda, no more energy drinks, no more juice. Weaning yourself off unhealthy drinks filled with empty calories will dramatically improve how you look and feel.

Day 43: Lower-Body, Max-Effort Training

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