AMP: Marc Megna's 8-Week Aesthetics Meets Performance Trainer Phase 3, Day 37

When you're in the gym today, forget about anything that might be bothering you. Spend the next hour focusing on yourself and pushing your limits.

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Your dynamic-effort training today is just as important as your max-effort work. Take today just as seriously as you did yesterday, even though you're not hoisting heavy weight. Maximal strength is a great quality to develop, but it's not the only quality important for top-shelf performance. Speed and power are equally critical.

Don't forget that nutrition is more than half of the equation for a better body and superior performance. At this point, processed foods should be gone from your cupboard. Nix the excess sugar and preservatives and load up on lean protein, fresh veggies, and whole-food items that come without nutrition panels. You'll feel the difference in your workouts and see the difference in the mirror.

Day 37: Upper-Body, Dynamic-Effort Training

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