AMP: Marc Megna's 8-Week Aesthetics Meets Performance Trainer Phase 2, Day 22

It's time to attack the iron and start week two of Phase Two strong. Take what you learned last week and build on it. Every day gets better and better.

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By now, you probably feel comfortable with the movements in today's workout. If that's the case, then put more weight on the bar. Even if you're only lifting slightly heavier weight than before, that's still progress. No matter how you dice it, progress is progress, and progress in the gym leads to performance and physique gains.

If you haven't been seeing major changes in the mirror or in the gym yet, don't stress. Real results take a lot of time, and you've been training with AMP for less than a month. Have patience and keep pushing. Keep eating five meals per day, prioritizing quality rest, and killing it in the gym.

AMP Chin-up Variations
Watch The Video - 02:03

Day 22: Full-Body Training

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