AMP: Marc Megna's 8-Week Aesthetics Meets Performance Trainer Phase 2, Day 19

If you're accustomed to sitting on machines for leg day, today might be a little more difficult than you're used to. Enjoy the new exercises and work hard.

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Today's full-body workout is going to hit your lower body a little harder than previous days on the AMP program. We turn up the heat with sumo deadlifts and split squats. I want you to feel the reps and enjoy the challenge. Your legs can handle it, I promise.

The first movement of today's workout is the sumo deadlift, which involves a wider stance and is easier on the lower back than the conventional deadlift. Still, you want to focus on driving the hips forward and keeping the bar close to your body as the weight comes up. Some folks find the sumo position to be more comfortable than a regular stance. Even if you prefer a regular stance, it's always helpful for your performance to make your body do new things.

Both the half-kneeling cable row and rear-foot-elevated split squat are designed to challenge your core and stability. If you've never done either, it's best to go with a slightly lower weight and then build up as you get better at the movements.

Day 19: Full-Body Training

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