AMP: Marc Megna's 8-Week Aesthetics Meets Performance Trainer Phase 2, Day 15

Welcome to the application phase. Today, you'll build on your developing foundation of strength by adding more weight and intensity to your lifts.

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In Phase One, you worked your entire body in the weight room three days per week, and you trained your cardiovascular system twice per week. You built a solid foundation, and now it's time to apply what you've learned and increase the intensity of your workouts. You'll be doing three full-body workouts and three cardio workouts each week.

Today, you're back in the gym for full-body training, but you'll be doing a whole new set of exercises. If you're not familiar with these exercises, be sure to check out the Exercise Database entry next to each movement below and practice the movements with lighter weights first. There's little benefit to using a huge amount of weight if you're not doing it correctly.

The nutrition habit I want you to adopt for this phase is to eat one fruit or vegetable serving with each meal. This doesn't mean that you get to drop the habit you created in the first phase. You will still eat every 2-4 hours, and you will still eat 5 meals per day. But for the next two weeks, you will also add some green to your plate.

Put your fuel to good use and smash some weight in the gym.

Day 15: Full-Body Training

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