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What do you get when you combine bite-sized protein bar samples, the hardest bodies in the world, one-hundred thousand spectators, and the Governor of California? The Arnold Fitness Weekend, of course! This year was a huge success for The Arnold...
What do you get when you combine bite-sized protein bar samples, the hardest bodies in the world, one-hundred thousand spectators, and the Governor of California? The Arnold Fitness Weekend, of course! This year was a huge success for The Arnold, and as usual, the caliber of physiques was incomparable at this prestigious event.

Two of the weekend's highlights were the women's fitness international and figure international competitions.

Fitness International

Displaying almost unreal physical talent through effortless strength and flexibility feats, coupled with perfect figures, the girls of pro fitness truly are the epitome of feminine health and beauty. This year's line-up of 12 was once again a battle between the top 2 pros - Adela Freidmansky and Kelly Ryan.

Adela came in with unbeatable symmetry and conditioning, and it was no surprise when she was called out first in the two-piece round. Rounding out the top three in the first round of this event were Julie Palmer and Anna Level. Kelly Ryan finished in fourth with a leaner, more streamlined physique, followed by Jen Hendershott.

Upon moving into round two - the mandatory 45-second fitness routines - it was no surprise that Kelly "The Routine Queen" Ryan dominated with her perfect execution and unbeatable stage presence. She was followed by the intense and powerferful Jen Hendershott. Friedmansky and Stacy Hylton tied for third, and Kim Klein followed.

From the 2004 Fitness Internationals.

The evening show began with the most entertaining and anticipated event of the fitness division - the two-minute fitness routines. These routines get better and better show after show, and the talent of these girls is insurmountable. Hendershott displayed a crowd-pleasing "Bling Bling" themed routine, but once again it was "Flyin' Ryan" who took this round with her high-powered Janet Jackson routine. Adela kept her Jim Carrey's "The Mask" routine, which was good enough to place her third, along with Kim Klein.

The quickly-rising Stacy Hylton was a mere point behind with her funky and fresh "Toxic" routine to round out the top five finishers. In the one-piece round, scores varied slightly but placings remained the same as round one: Adela in first, Julie with second, Anna in third, Kelly at fourth, and Jen in fifth. When it was all said and done, Adela Garcia-Freidmansky came away with the gold, trailed closely by Kelly Ryan. Rounding out the top five were Hendershott, Palmer, and Hylton, respectively.

Who Do You Think Should Have Won The Fitness International?
Adela Garcia-Friedmansky
Kelly Ryan
Jen Henderschott

Figure International

Elegant and graceful in their one- and two- piece swimsuits, the pro figure girls marvelously display their perfectly honed physiques for which they've trained and dieted so hard. Thirteen of the fittest and most beautiful girls in the world were all vying for the title of Ms. Figure International, so the show was full of excitement and anticipation.

Starting off with round one, it was no surprise to many that out first were Jenny Lynn and Monica Brant. Joining them were Jaime Franklin and 4-time Fitness Olympia champ and cross-over athlete Susie Curry. Many thought this would be the year for Monica, as Jenny came in a bit soft and Monica was on point, but the judges didn't think so. Jenny easily won this round with straight first places from all the judges, followed by Susie, Monica, and Jaime Franklin, respectively.

From the 2004 Figure Internationals.

Things would change slightly during the evening finals one-piece round, but not much. The judges still agreed that Lynn carries the look they want, so once again she came out on top to earn her second consecutive Figure International title. In second would be Monica Brant, which was enough for her to edge out Susie for second place overall.

Tying in third place were Susie and Jaime, but Susie's higher two-piece placing was enough to move her to third overall, and bump Franklin down to finish fourth. D.J. Wallis rounded out the top five in this round, as well as overall.

Who Do You Think Should Have Won The Figure International?
Jenny Lynn
Monica Brant
Susie Curry

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From left to right: #1: Alissa Carpio & Wendi West at Physique Competitor Magazine. #2: Veronica Sankey, Dianne Loftis, Wendi West, and Nicole Gist at Physique Competitor Magazine, #3: Alissa Carpio & Rachelle Cannon at Physique Competitor Magazine, #4: Dianne Loftis at Physique Competitor Magazine, #5: Arnold at the WorldSize booth, #6: Shiloe Steinmetz at Physique Competitor Magazine, #7: Alissa Carpio at Physique Competitor Magazine, #8: Lou Ferrigno at Flex/Muscle & Fitness, #9: Nicole Gist & Doug Miller at Physique Competitor Magazine.

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