Bodybuilders & Champions Do Have Free-Time!

What do champions own? What do they do? I mean, bodybuilding is totally awesome, but you can't be in the gym all day every day. Most people work to body build and have hobbies. Pyrotechnics and Ferraris rock!

I like my couch. It's really nice, being of a good-quality black leather and pretty "cushy." It's especially nice to sit on and eat girl-scout cookies while watching my favorite television programs, one of which is The Simpson's, on my really big HDTV. As far as girl-scout cookies are concerned, I like the trefoils. They're little shortbread cookies.

OK, so I live with roommates. Two of them, Kris and Jeremy. They're awesome guys, but I have something to confess. The couch and the TV belong to them. Kris owns the house and the TV and the couches. What do I own? Here, I'll tell you.

  • Car: 2006 Honda Civic
  • TV: 27" Sharp HD-LCD
  • Wal-Mart cheap DVD player
  • Seated calf-raise machine
  • Various custom weight-training contraptions (like 3 "secret" devices)
  • Lots of protein powders (whey isolates, preferably in chocolate)
  • V-12 Turbo
  • S.A.N.'s V-12 Turbo (creatine volumizer)
  • Lots of pyrotechnic chemicals
  • Multivitamins
  • Tribestan by Sopharma Bulgaria
  • A really nice camcorder
  • A second, not-as-nice camcorder
  • An odd collection of DVD movies (Schwarzenegger stuff and various comedy stuff and some James Bond movies)
  • Chicken, beef (really lean) and albacore white tuna
  • An Omega watch (saved up for like 6 years to buy this thing)

Wow. I really don't have much. I left out my amino acid pills. MASS, by Beverly International (a great product in my opinion). Whoops. Oh yeah and my electric guitar and amp.

So sometimes I get bored and eat girl-scout cookies (NOT MANY! don't judge me, I know what you're thinking!) on my roommates couch while watching TV or philosophizing about the sport of bodybuilding. Here are my thoughts:

What Do Champions Do?

What do champions own? What do they do? I mean, bodybuilding is totally awesome, but you can't be in the gym all day every day. Most people work at something to make money to body build. I currently work for MINI Cooper here in Albuquerque.

I believe that psychologically and certainly physically that bodybuilders need "down-time." I know I do. So what do champions do?

The Path Of Champions ! The Path Of Champions !
I get asked the question about training frequency all the time. People also want to know more about volume and intensity over time. Well I will cover all of that right here.
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Wait a second ... I am a champion of sorts ... sure I'm on the natural side of the sport but I'm still a genuine high-level competitive bodybuilder with titles to back me up ...

That means ... what do I do?

Thus I have just demonstrated a point that I believe many of us are guilty of. We don't think of ourselves as champions. We think of champions as "those guys." Those guys are the SAME AS US GUYS. Don't think with the mentality of a loser!

Look, I'm an up-and-coming bodybuilding champion. I wish to share with you what I do besides bodybuilding because I believe it's good for you to understand that we're all really screwballs, that is little kids, in adult muscular bodies. I'll prove that I am at least!

Aaron Aaron
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Up-And-Coming Bodybuilding Champion!

I love Ferraris! My favorite all-time car in the world is the Ferrari F355 spider ("spider" means convertible, while "berlinetta" means hard-top in Ferrari language). I have driven one Ferrari to this day (a 1981 blue 308 GTSi ... the Magnum P.I. car except in blue, not red ... yes it was awesome).

I think of the cars as bodybuilding champions in a weird sort of way. I forget the term used when someone gives human characteristics to an inanimate object, but that's what I do when I think of Ferraris. I think Ken "Flex" Wheeler would have been an Enzo Ferrari probably. His lines were amazing. At a far lighter contest weight than most other unnatural bodybuilders, he still brought the most beautiful structure to the table. Wow!

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Flex Wheeler.

Ronnie Coleman would be a monster truck.

Fort Ronnie
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Ronnie's Vehicles.

So sometimes I dream of Ferraris. Then I race them on my X-BOX 360 (yeah, I own this too). Sweet! At other times I may make fireworks. I really enjoy professional-grade pyrotechnics. I got into this about 5 years ago officially (I turned 21 and could order my own chemicals). It's just so much cheaper than buying them from a 4th of July fireworks stand and I make them so much cooler!

I make my own gunpowder (technically this is not the correct term for what I use it for, but this way you'll understand). That's pretty fun. I use it for making rocket engines, like for my own "super-bottlerockets" I like to call them! OK, we'd better move on.

I'm also filming my own comedy series for our local public-access channel here in Albuquerque. That's a huge undertaking by the way. I bought a super, super nice camcorder to film it with and I have a whole crew including a regular cast! So I'm like the director, actor, writer, producer and creator. I'm now getting other people to help me with this because it's too much work for one person. I have about 10 people total including the actors involved in the production.

Then I'm finishing college. But that's just annoying so I don't talk about it.

Staying Lean And Healthy In College! Staying Lean And Healthy In College!
With rigorous class schedules, many activities, and resulting stress and fatigue, many college students find it almost impossible to adhere to a diet and exercise regimen.
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I work full-time and train at night. I do everything else when I have "free-time." I don't know why I'm so wired all the time as far as wanting to do these things, but I just can't seem to help it.

What makes champions different from those who aren't is their level of discipline. Discipline is hard. You must do things regardless of wanting to or not, usually without contemplation. When you begin contemplating, you lose and justify your weakness or laziness. You must "strike while the iron is hot!"

Discipline! Discipline!
We all know real champions are those who push their physiques to the limit and accept nothing but the best from themselves. Their success can be isolated to one point. Discipline!
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You Need Free-Time

So realize that champions and bodybuilders need free-time. You don't need to sit in a corner and focus on your military pressing all day. Work out, get out and have fun. Take it seriously. Budget your time and remain disciplined. It can be done.

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Budget Your Time.

Wow. I did it again. I'm all excited now. I'd better go take my vitamins immediately to keep up with my required discipline!