Cardio World Episode 1: Hard Workout = Cheeseburger?

You may find yourself out of breath just watching The Cardio Girl! She’s smart, funny and knows her stuff. Watch episode 1 to learn why nutrition is a HUGE part of the get-in-shape cycle!
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If you started going to the gym to carve a beach body, to get ready for a wedding or reunion, or just because you were tired of the way you look naked, you know what hard work is, but don't let all that great effort go to waste with poor post-workout nutrition.

You might feel great after a gym session and want to eat whatever is within arm's reach, but that only undoes everything you just worked for!

In the first episode of Cardio World, I give Todd the 411 on why nutrition is a huge part of the get-in-shape cycle. Tips on what to eat are included!

Alicia Marie's Cardio World, Ep. 1

Watch The Video - 04:36

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