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Alexander Vasquez's Inspiration And Motivation

Becoming a father is what inspired Alexander to change his lifestyle.
Alex Vasquez's 100K Fitness Program

Alexander Vasquez's Inspiration And Motivation

Motivation is the great intangible. What motivates you may not motivate me, but we are all driven by some purpose. Finding a reason within yourself is simple: Why are you making the effort to change? Finding a reason outside of yourself takes more thought.

I needed a change in my life when I started feeling the days blur together in a haze of complacency. Nothing had the same meaning or value as it used to. That all changed when I found out I was going to be a father and there would be someone completely dependent on me. I refused to allow myself to fall deeper into this depression; it simply wasn't an option. My child deserved better. She is my exterior motivation to make every day a small victory.

So I took on the 12 week Transformation Challenge, and I wrote down the goal of creating my best possible self in the time allotted. I never set a goal of winning the contest or placing in the top 12 simply because there are too many factors outside of my control for that. I wrote that goal down and slipped the scratch paper in my wallet to carry with me every day. I internalized it, not really speaking to anyone about it because it was MY goal, and I felt letting it out would make it less mine.

Before and after the 100K tranformation challenge
'Motivation is the great intangible.' We couldn't have said it better ourselves...
"Motivation is the great intangible." We couldn't have said it better ourselves...

Alexander's Top 5 Motivation Tips

  • Find a reason within yourself.
  • Find a reason outside yourself.
  • Determine a goal and write it down.
  • Create something that keeps you accountable.
  • Never forget why you started this and where you came from.

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