What To Eat When Eating Out - The Airport: Critical Tips For Bodybuilders!

If you ever fly you've probably been stuck in an airport with few to no food choices... What is a clean-eating bodybuilder to do? Here are some great tips including food you should carry and more. Read on.

Article Summary:
  • Finding healthy choices while flying can be quite a challenge.
  • Check out an airport online before you arrive to be aware of the options.
  • The best choice for flyers looking for healthy food is to bring it along.

What To Eat When Eating Out - The Airport
Your Guide To Achieving Your Fitness Goals On The Road

If you ever fly, even if only a few times a year, you've probably been stuck in an airport with few to no food choices or food only on the other side of the security lines. DFW? Most food places close at 8. DC's National airport? Once you get to your gate your choices include snacks and more snacks. So, what is a clean-eating bodybuilder to do?

If You Ever Fly, You've Probably Been Stuck In An Airport With Few To No Food Choices.
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If You Ever Fly, You've Probably Been Stuck In An Airport With
Few To No Food Choices.

Finding Where To Eat In The Airport

    There are some healthy choices at many airports throughout the country. And, in general, the larger the airport the more choices you will have. Atlanta's airport, for instance, has plenty of options on each concourse whereas the airport in Colorado Springs has few options.

    If you are already there, look for the directory. Or, Google the "airport" and "food" ahead of time to find out what restaurants are there.

    Keep in mind that many fast food and quick service restaurants will not carry all of their menu items in the airport. So, always bring food with you. The airport is basically an unknown. You could run into lines, delays, flight cancellations or any number of other issues.

When You Travel Do You Bring Your Own Food With You?


Food You Should Carry With You

    One of my nutrition mottos is, "always carry food with you" (and more than you think you'll eat), especially when you are traveling. I've spent quality time on tarmacks and in airports at all hours of the day and night.

Always Carry Food With You.
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Always Carry Food With You.

    Buy a computer bag with extra space, a backpack, sports bag or anything else you plan on using as a carry-on (most airlines allow you one carry-on and one personal item such as a briefcase, computer case, purse etc.).

    A Few Carry-On Options Include:

    • Apples (hard to bruise, easy to carry)
    • Your favorite nutrition bars
    • Packets of whey protein
    • Muscle Milk oatmeal (add boiling water from a coffee or tea place and stir)
    • Pouches of tuna or chicken (since these contain a few tsp of water, you may want to opt for the 2.5 oz packages and put them in your 1 quart bag with other liquids)
    • Small (less than 3 oz) cans of pop-top tuna or chicken
    • Trader Joe's turkey jerky (contains a sizeable amount of sodium if you are watching your intake)
    • Snack packs of high protein cereal, chips etc. (Kay's Naturals makes several)
    • Snack packs of nuts and/or seeds


No matter where you are going, bring food with you. Some airports have healthy choices but others do not or they may have long lines etc. And, you definitely don't want to be stuck relying on small snack packs of pretzels as your stomach growls in flight.

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