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An Interview With Gladiator Contender - ShaNay Norvell!

ShaNay - The Eliminator was a total shock to my system. I was really excited about it. It was the most intricately designed course... Learn more about this proven obstacle course trainer & how ShaNay Norvell felt about the Gladiator competition!

[ Q ] You both looked really worn out during the Eliminator - did you reach muscle failure during that round, or was it more cardiovascular, stress, and/or mental fatigue?

    [ A ] The Eliminator was a total shock to my system. I was really excited about the Eliminator. It was the most intricately designed course I had ever seen. I think that was why it was so shocking that I was truly exhausted.

    From a training perspective you are almost simulating interval training. You go from cardio to plyometrics to cardio to stabilization to balance/stability. I was mentally fatigued because I knew I was going up against a who could do this in her sleep. The physical just aided in the fatigue which wore me out completely. It was the ultimate physical challenge that has definitely won my respect.

The Gladiator Audition.

[ Q ] You're an expert obstacle course trainer. Was your experience with obstacle courses the deciding factor on your win during both the Hang Tough event and the Eliminator event?

[ Q ] You look very fit and obviously workout regular, so did you have to adjust your training and specialize it for certain obstacles on The Gladiators, and if so, how?

    [ A ] Thank you. Fitness is a way of life for me professionally and spiritually. My body is my billboard and the light of my spirit shines to help motivate others. My habits helped to get me selected. However and I kicked up my intensity while waiting to hear back on my selection status.

American Gladiators - First Auditions For The Second Season!
[ Click here to learn more. ]
First Auditions For The Second Season!
A few days after American Gladiators aired their third episode on NBC, it was announced that they would have a second season.
Ron Avidan

[ Q ] Did you have to increase your calories and supplementation to condition your physique for the hard contact coming from the gladiators?

    [ A ] I kept my calories and supplementation the same. I like to do research and have time for trail and error on an off-season. Honestly I didn't want to make the wrong move and have my body respond adversely to anything new. I kept my vitamin C, B-6, and B-12 up for energy. My heart and determination helped me to endure the contact and blows from the gladiators.

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Check out these miscellaneous pics from around the set of the born again American Gladiators T.V. Show. Photos courtesy of Ron Avidan.


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