Performance Nutrition Podcast: Ian Adamson & Jack Owoc Interview.

Listen in as Dr. Jose Antonio and IFBB competitor Carla Sanchez interview the hottest names in the fitness and sports industries! This week: Jose and Carla interview Ian Adamson & Jack Owoc!

Ian Adamson & Jack Owoc

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Interview with Adamson & Owoc.
Adventure Racing's Ian Adamson & VPX CEO Jack Owoc.

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May 17, 2006; 57:33 minutes; 13.2 MB  audio

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About This Episode

Adventure Racing's Ian Adamson & VPX CEO Jack Owoc.

    Ian Adamson is the most successful adventure racer of all time with six world championship wins, 15 world championship podium finishes and 14 international adventure race championship titles. He is a three time and current world record holder for endurance kayaking (262 miles in 24 hours). He has competed internationally in adventure racing, canoeing, kayaking, orienteering and sailing.

Ian Adamson
Ian Adamson,
Adventure Racer.

    Ian has been a professional adventure athlete since 1997 and currently races as co-captain of Team Nike. Ian also has a Masters degree in Sports Medicine, Chapman College, California, 1997. He has been featured in hundreds of television shows airing in over 1 billion households world wide since 1995, on local, national and international networks worldwide.

    Jack Owoc is the CEO and CSO of VPX/Redline. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of Human Performance Magazine/Anabolic Scientific Journal. He is the inventor of 9 multi-million dollar selling supplements such as Redline Energy and Fat incinerating drink.

Jack Owoc
Jack Owoc
CEO Of VPX/Redline.

    He is the innovator of the Zero Impact Diet responsible for 2002, 2003, 2004 911 Fitness winners. Coming soon is the Zero Impact Kit and the Zero Impact Book which Jack promises to be the dominant school of thought regarding diet and exercise in the 21 Century!