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TOPIC: How Can We Make As Big As

The Question:

Since is still a new website, how can we make it as big as (View stats at

What could be done to bring as many members to the forum.

What kind of improvements can be made on the homepage? What about other pages like the following:

Main Sports Page -

Main General Page -

Sub-Category Page -

Store Main Page -

List your suggestions and what pages need updated, what you want to see, what we are missing, etc...

What would you like to see in the cyber store? What kind of different products would interest you?

What kind of new features would you like to see?

Bonus Question: What is your favorite part of Why? What could be done to make it even better?

Show off your knowledge to the world!

The Winners:

      1st place - 75 in store credit.
      2nd place - 50 in store credit.
      3rd place - 25 in store credit.

To use your credit, e-mail Will @ for more info.

1st Place - Dosquito

Since is still a new website, how can we make it as big as (View stats at What could be done to bring as many members to the forum?

Normally, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for any forum/web site to start from the ground up and become as popular as However, has one obvious advantage on their side:

Here are some techniques I would personally use to make the site more popular:

1) Have A Few Hook Products:

    I order from one site a lot for a few reasons:

    • It consistently has better prices at almost everything compared to

    • It has 1 or 2 products where prices CANNOT be matched. Because of this, if I ever want one of these products, I have to place the rest of my order at that site! If carried a few (maybe 5) products incredibly cheaper than the competition, this effect could be achieved!

    Although you might make little or no money on each of the sales from these products, you benefit enormously from the other products that must be bought along with it.

2) Referrals: (I'm not sure about this site) has a referral system that works so that every time you get someone to join the forum with your referral ID (meaning you brought them here). The only problem: There's no incentive to refer people. There's no reward. No benefit.

    If you gave someone a considerable reward (5-10% off an order for 10 referrals), then they might be inclined to do it more often. There would be a few pros and cons:


      Much more traffic creates a chain effect so that cheapos (hey, we're all cheap) refer 10 people, then 100, 1000, 10000, etc.

    Possible Cons:


      Way To Possibly Fix:

        Strict punishment! Run IP scans on all referrals! Make sure that each referral makes at least 100 posts in the entirety of their stay in order to be counted as a referral.

        MASS SPAMMING (which equals bad publicity for Enforce STRICT punishments for spamming referral IDs. Month-bans for first offense, lifetime for second.

3) Get Some Better Articles. Get Lots Of Them.

    This is plain and simple. Hire some writers, lots of people here will work cheap. I would really like to see some experts design workout routines for each of the sports. I've been searching for the best tennis-conditioning routine for months.

4) Memberships:

    Possibly make it so that in order to read some of the information on the site, you have to be a member. This makes it so that if someone is reading on the site and they have a question, they already have an account to ask a question on the forum with.

5) Gold Memberships!

    Make a feature so that by paying 10 or so dollars a member can get "extra privileges". Spend the extra money however you like: Having supplement specials with lower costs, giving out more TOTW prizes, whatever!

    For about 25 dollars a month, there could be a gold card that gave you a 10-15% discount. This would make the people with a gold card reliant on buying from

6) Sports Articles:

    Relocate all of the sports training topics in the sports section of into an archive section at This will make all the sports training junkies on move over here.

    This is beneficial in several aspects:

    • Most of them are EXTREMELY knowledgeable. With more knowledge at, its reputation will skyrocket. When more people hear about how knowledgeable the posters are, even more people will come.

    • People might follow the lead of posters in the sports training forum. I know that if some of the best posters on left for another forum and started making great posts, I would follow along to gather information.

7) Use is probably your biggest advertisement tool. The discount promotion deal for next month could be,

    "Head over to for a 10% discount on all purchases!"

    Remember the last time you had a 10% discount on Everyone went wild! Advertise on the main page of

    "Is bodybuilding really for you? Maybe you just want to get better at a sport. We can help, over at"

8) Sponsor Somebody Popular On

    Provide someone with all the supplements, gadgets, and information they need on Have them write a log up on what's happening to them through the different phases of their training.

    When people realize how much has helped said person, they'll take a look at the site themselves.

9) Free Shipping:

    I don't care how much it costs to get free shipping, whether it's 75 dollars or 200 dollars on your order. This is often a big incentive for people to order more merchandise, even if they don't have a need for it.

10) Multiple-Item Discounts:

    For example: This tub of protein costs 20 dollars! Buy 5 for 18 dollars each! That way people will stock up and spend more money.

11) No Posting Rewards:

    Do not give rewards for having more posts than other members! Do not give rewards for reputation points.

    I can't stress this enough. There aren't even any rewards for having more reputation points and/or more posts than other members on, and the place is still plagued with post and rep whores. This place would be chaos if there were rewards for flooding the forum with meaningless posts.

    This forum will not be quality with people spamming to get discounts! Without quality, word-of-mouth is not an effective means of advertisement. The teen forum on has an awful reputation because of misinformation that comes out of there. Do you want to be the laughing stalk of all the other athletic information/training forums?

Is Rewarding Forum Rep Points A Good Idea?

Yes, Contributing To The Community Should Be Rewarded.
No, It Only Promotes Spamming.
Not Sure.

12) Add Some Fun Into The Mix!

    Right now this forum is way too serious. I would like to see more joking around, and a miscellaneous forum. The miscellaneous forum could be divided into two sub-forums:

    1. Serious topics

    2. Funny/jokes/random discussion.

    Lots of the posts at have nothing to do with bodybuilding! This is okay! It helps people relax, forget about bodybuilding for a while, and let out frustration. When they can vent their frustration/non-seriousness in an appropriate outlet, the other parts of the forum will benefit.

    I'd also like to see sports divided into age groups as well. I think 13-year-olds and 50-year-olds need different and specialized advice.

Page Improvements

What kind of improvements can be made on the homepage? What about other pages like the following:

Main Sports Page -

Main General Page -

Sub-Category Page -

Store Main Page -

Home Page:

    On the home page, which I'm assuming is just; I'd like to see these changes/additions:

    • Direct link to the forum - How will people know the forum even exists? It took me a while to find it and I was looking for it intentionally.

    • Change the colors! I think red/green/blue look disgusting. Have them be more neutral on the eyes and less offensive.

    • Tell me what can be found in each section. What sports am I going to be able to find out about? Why is it important to know these things?

Change The Colors!

Main Sports Page:

  • Empty

  • Needs more sports

  • Needs more information on international sports that aren't popular in America

Main General Page:

    Get rid of those white bars on the side, I don't see the point

Sub-Category Page:

    Get rid of all the glitched categories! In the tennis section, I noticed that some of the categories overlapped/were empty, etc. This was very annoying.

    I ended up getting maybe one good page out of what I thought was 10-15. I'd like to see individual equipment recommendations for each sport, and you could possibly sell some.

Store Main Page:

    Get some better products on the front page. It looks alright, though...

Improving The Cyber Store

What would you like to see in the cyber store? What kind of different products would interest you?

  • I would like to see a citrulline malate product that's more affordable. I would also like to see creatine blends with all the precursors like Green Bulge and Omega Thunder.

  • I would also like to see individual sports instruments. If I could get my tennis rackets cheap from it'd be pretty much the only place I need.

  • I'd like to see apparel that's cheaper than at normal stores like Sports Authority. For example, you could be sponsored by Nike or Under Armour and get your clothing cheap, then pass on the savings to us.

  • I'd also like to see books dealing with different athletic sports that I can read up on and otherwise wouldn't be exposed to. For example: mental conditioning, concentration, etc.

New Features

What kind of new features would you like to see?

  • I would like to see all of the features I listed above: gold cards, etc.

  • Live chat with other athletes. This way we could ask each other questions more easily, without a forum. It'd be a nice addition and a good time killer.

  • I'd like some advice from people who've been in the game for a long time. At one camp I went to the former conditioner of the Lakers came in and showed us some footwork. If there could be videos and drills like this exclusively on lots more people would come.

  • I'd like to see product reviews attached to all of the products. For example, instead of writing a review on the forum, you just go to that product's description in the cyberstore and write your review. There should be a basic format where you say why you liked it or didn't like it, rate it 1/10 overall, and 1/10 on price, effectiveness, ease, etc.

  • A suggestions forum.

  • Discounted supplement stacks. I'd love to buy...for example, a SciVation Primaforce stack that had 5-6 items at 10-20% off the regular value. This makes good publicity for the company (if I like it), so then more people buy it, and it's the best for both or all 3, sides.

Bonus Question:

What is your favorite part of Why? What could be done to make it even better?

I'd have to say my favorite part is the forums. However, even they are boring because of lack of activity. I'd love to see this forum flourish, but with more activities comes more trolls, which we'd have to hunt down. At trolls were practically eliminated when email verification was turned on.

One part I like AND dislike is that it's very serious. There's no time to play or joke around here. That's why I'd like a miscellaneous forum. These forums and the site DEFINITELY (no doubt about it!) have the potential to thrive.

The best part for advancing the forums is to upgrade all of the site. The better the site is, the more people that notice the forums, and the more people that notice the forums the better the site is. The process of upgrading the site should be taken slowly, so that it isn't messed up.

Thanks for your time.

2nd Place - Ho_124

Since is still a new website, how can we make it as big as is still a relatively new web site. This puts it at a disadvantage since has been around for quite some time and has built a strong fan base. However there are still things that can be done to improve on the popularity of

1. Advertise:

    Advertising is probably the strongest thing you can do to get people to visit Products such as cars wouldn't be as popular without advertisements, so it only makes sense to advertise for

    Since owns, large advertisements can be placed on the main page. This is bound to catch everyone's attention who enters

    So at the very main page when it says enter cyberstore or enter supersite, put something that says "enter", for all the athletes since a lot of them go to for cardio, training and nutrition. Also in sports sections there can be advertisements for

    It is important to place advertisements here since most serious bodybuilders aren't likely to be getting into baseball or swimming (Most people who see the advertisements on the main page wont be interested since they are bodybuilders or are just interested in lifting weights).

    A lot of people who specialize in sports do go to to look for training programs. Therefore if advertisements are placed here, serious athletes who are looking for articles to get ahead will find a site that is specialized just for them.

    That's why so many weight lifters and bodybuilders do go to The site is specialized for them and everything they need to know will be there for them. At this point, it is important to associate with

    For example if a sports guy looks at the advertisement for, it would increase the chances of him going into the site if it says on the ad that is owned by

    When an athlete or sports guy knows this, he knows the same people who have made the quality site have also made

2. Make Links:

    This is similar to the point above. For example, if someone types in nutrition or running programs in there could be links on all the articles and article listing page saying "For more info about this topic check out".

    This would be good if someone didn't find what they were looking for; the person could then be referred to for more info, or if the individual wants to know more they can go to a specialized site for that persons sport at

3. Sponsor People:

    This is an excellent way of promoting Companies sponsor people who do well in sports, so then when people notice them they see the brand they wear which is an effective form of advertisement. The people who then see the brands are inclined to buy from those companies since the person who is representing it is doing well.

    So for an example sponsor a good high school basketball team by providing jerseys that have written on them. This can also be done for football, volleyball, baseball, soccer teams, or basically for any sport.

    If the sports team does well then people are more likely to go to this site to improve their game or check it out since a team sponsored by the site is doing so well.

4. More Articles:

    When I first looked through it had millions of articles. If I wanted to it would probably take a month to read all the articles related to one topic. Anyone who wants to learn about bodybuilding or weightlifting can probably get enlightened in a few days.

    There is basically all the information you need to become knowledgeable about weightlifting, nutrition, recovery, etc. However I feel that this is not true with When I went to the soccer training page there were only 10 specific articles about soccer training.

    If wants to become popular, they have to offer more; meaning more articles. Now I know this isn't just something that can be fixed in a day, it will take some time. This is also related to a bunch of things I will list below.

5. Recruit More Writers:

    This is also related to advertising. On the main page put an advertisement saying " recruiting writers". Just like how offers store credit to bodybuilding and weight lifting experts, do the same to athletes. I know that still has a lot of writers, but advertisements would boost the amount of writers.

    Offer athletes, who know a lot about their sport, store credit. Some athletes would kill for some free supplements and would surely write articles. Since the site is still growing, make it mandatory for some writers to write maybe an article every 2 weeks.

6. Make Sub Categories Like has many sub categories. Like for beginners, contest prep, for teens, etc. Have more sub categories in For example in the training for football have a category for teens, beginners and in another section put articles on how to prepare for a big game like how shows you how to prepare for a contest.

    With even more sub categories, the site is more organized and people can find what their looking for easily. This is related to having more articles. When you have more articles about various topics then it's easier to have more sub categories.

7. Go Pro:

    I know this is probably extremely hard to do but I'm going to list it anyway and it is still an option. would get a huge boost if it is affiliated with

    So for example if a famous tennis star has ties with or has it on his/her shirt then the site would get a huge boost since a pro athlete is endorsing the site. People looking to improve in that sport would probably check it out since someone so good is supporting the site.

8. Have A Main Focus: have its main focus which is bodybuilding and weight training. This is such a popular topic since so many guys and girls are looking to become massive or lean.

    Also a lot of guys love lifting weights since you don't really have to be hardcore skilled at it. You can pick up weightlifting anytime and it's relatively cheap to do. It isn't like soccer where you have to be extremely skilled to be good at it.

    So my suggestion would be to have a focus or a main topic. This topic shouldn't require that you need a lot of skill in it, but you just need to invest time and hard work into.

    It should also be easy to pick up by anyone, and that thing would probably be cardio (That's what I would choose to follow). It would take a long time but if focused on cardio, it would probably get a lot more customers.

    First off cardio is such an easy thing to do, it improves fitness, gets people lean and it's cheap. It is also a very popular thing among many people. So having tons of cardio articles just like how has a lot of weightlifting articles would probably attract a lot of people who want to learn more about it or want to get into it.

The Forum

What could be done to bring as many members to the forum?

The forum is a huge part of the site. There are a few things to bring people to the forum.

1. Make A Section In The Forum:

    Make a large section for forums in the forum of This would bring a lot more people to the forum. So, for an example, put a huge section in the forum that says sports and put a ton of sports sub categories like basketball, volleyball and a whole bunch of other popular sports.

    When someone clicks on it they get transfered to the forum. This would be an effective way of getting more people into the forum since the forum is more popular.

    Some people in the forums would probably be interested in the sports section and click on it. So basically you're putting the forum in the forum.

2. Make Links On

    Since is obviously more popular; make links to the forum. So if someone searches about football in make a link to the forum saying "Learn more about this topic here".

    If there are tons of these links everywhere people are more likely to see them and go to them. You can also have some feature articles from that deal with running, mental toughness, or nutrition.

3. Have More Interesting Topics:

    Just like has pictures of people in their forum, you could also have a topic that maybe has the best knockout picture or the most muscular football player.

    You can also have things like the best basketball shot or even pictures for the best soccer goal. You have to have more topics than the straight forward ones in the forum. The forum has everything from steroids, to pictures and even forums for people +35.

Improving The Homepage

What kind of improvements can be made on the homepage?

The Homepage:

The homepage is quite good. The colors and the way everything is laid out, displayed and set up is good. The organization is also pretty good. There isn't really much you can improve here since it is already quite good and people probably aren't going to say "I'm not going into because the homepage doesn't look good".

  • One thing you can do is take out the gray/white bars at both sides of the centered main page so that the whole centered part takes up the whole page instead of just the center. In my opinion it would look a lot better this way, the gray/white bars at the side kind of look ugly.

  • Another thing that can be done is to list a bunch of popular sports in the "Choose your sport" section. So put all the popular sports there like swimming, soccer, football, basketball, etc. This way people know what will be in your site.

Main Sports Page:

    One thing that I noticed in this part is the lack of articles at the bottom of the page. There needs to be a few more articles than what is currently there. The general layout and organization is quite good, however... again I would lose the gray/white bars at the sides.

    Lose The Gray/White Bars.

    There is also one more thing that can be improved. HAVE A LOT MORE SPORTS. Things like swimming, volleyball, badminton (This is super popular in Asia and to Asian people), gymnastics, martial arts, etc. The list is endless. You have to have a lot of topics to appeal to a lot of people.

    Not many people just play the sports you have listed in your main sports page. You can even have golf which would attract a load of retired people who are too old to play a lot of high impact sports. This also would take a lot of time since wasn't created overnight.

Main General Page:

    Again there isn't much you can do about the layout and organization since it is already pretty good. The topics are good since they are quite general.

    But like I listed above you should create a main topic in this part. I suggested cardio be your main focus with tons of articles about it. It wouldn't make sense making vertical jump your main topic since not everyone is looking to improve it.

    Cardio is huge now, so many people are looking to get in shape and stop heart attacks. You would probably attract a whole lot more people if you made cardio a focus.

Sub-Category Page:

    The sub-category page needs a bit of work. One thing is that there needs to be a lot more sub-categories like for beginners, injury recovery, nutrition for the sport, how to prepare for the game, etc.

    This is a huge part since it would be easier for someone to find what they want and get the knowledge they need. There also needs to be more articles about the sport. If someone wants to know a lot about baseball then they need a lot of articles just like how has tons of articles.

Store Main Page:

    This part of the site is probably the best. It probably requires the least improvement since it is already very good. The way its set up and laid out looks awesome and the fact that it has tons of companies, choices, and products makes it good. You can also choose supplements according to your goal which is also good.

    The only thing that really needs improvement is making the search for supplements by sport section have more sports. There are only thirteen sports and seems to be missing a few popular ones.

The Cyberstore

What would you like to see in the cyberstore? What kind of different products would interest you?

1. Actual Sports Products:

    This is a site for athletes who play sports. So offer them sports equipment just like how bodybuilding offers lifting straps and whatnot. So offer hockey equipment, basketballs, soccer balls and what not.

    It would probably be hard to shift to selling all that stuff but if it can be done. This would make the cyberstore amazing.

Offer Sports Equipment
Beyond What Bodybuilders Use.

2. Sports Drinks:

    Again this is a sports site. So offer athletes what they need in the middle of training or when they are in an intense game. Popular things like Gatorade, PowerAde, and the most recent drink Redbull, are becoming huge.

3. Sports Clothing:

    This would be amazing if it could somehow be done. Selling basketball shoes, jerseys, Under Armor and all kinds of brand name sports clothing would attract a lot of people. Offering different and huge brands like Reebok, Addidas, and Nike would be a sweet addition to the store.

4. Maybe A Larger Section For Creatine:

    Of all the supplements, for sports creatine is huge. 3 out of four Olympic athletes who won medals took creatine. That just proves how creatine is huge for the sports world.

    It helps in many things like explosiveness which is especially good for sprinters, and sports that require short bursts of speed like basketball and football.

New Features

What kind of new features would you like to see?

1. Pro Trainers:

    Have some really good or pro trainers in each section of So basically have someone who is really knowledgeable about football, soccer, sprinting and getting faster, and cardio exercise, etc.

    Have his own section in each topic. This would be great since people can rely on the info knowing it came from a pro. Also having a Q and A section with these pros would be awesome where members can ask these individuals questions about the sport.

2. Bring Things That Has To

  • Have a bunch of polls - Polls are small things that are kind of fun. For example have a poll saying who do you think will win the next superbowl or do you think Koby Bryant should be kicked out of the NBA for being a rapist . Playing around with those things may make the site more fun and enjoyable to go to.

  • Have an athlete of the week - A lot of people like reading about other peoples stories. Having stories of individuals who have accomplished great things can inspire fellow athletes to try to do the same thing. Also the stores can be pretty interesting.

  • Have one main article - This week has a main article about a bodybuilder in Iraq. It would be interesting if could do the same thing. For example have an article about a pro athlete who was injured severely and came back and won; and other inspiring and interesting stories.

  • Have one or two humorous stories every week too. These are great to read if you need a laugh.

Bonus Question:

What is your favorite part of Why? What could be done to make it even better?

My favorite part of is the general section. I don't really play sports like basketball, football or hockey so that section is automatically not where I would go. The general section is great however. I have everything like cardio, improving vertical and getting faster.

If I want to improve my vertical just for the fun of it then I can just check out a few simple drills that I can do. Or if I want to do cardio to cut up then the cardio section is great for knowing how to perform it. This section is also great because a lot of the stuff doesn't require huge skill to do. Like running and jumping.

Since it is so simple all I need to do is put some hard work into it and I will improve.

Some things that can be done to improve this section are to have more articles. For example the cardio section only has about 20 articles. Not all the questions someone may have can be answered in just 20 articles. Same with the vertical jump section, it only has about ten articles which isn't a lot. That is the main thing to improve this section. Get more articles since the section has good topics about general conditioning.

3rd Place - ravadongon
How Can We Make As Big As

Since is still a new website, how can we make it as big as

Well obviously it is going to take time and a lot of effort on the administrative side to make a web site as big as, but I wouldn't put it past

One thing has in it's favor is that professional athletes aren't frowned upon like professional bodybuilders may be by some people. However that definitely doesn't mean it's going to be easy, as is clearly one of the biggest sites on the internet and no sports site in the mould of has even come close as of yet, but could very well change this.

The Forum

What could be done to bring as many members to the forum?

Main Page Link:

    A simple link on the front page, should bring more members to the forums, as people are more likely to type in '' into the browser, rather than 'forum'. By doing this I'm sure you will invite a lot more people who occasionally visit to the forums.

A Simple Link Would Make This Much Easier To Find.


    It needs to be done pretty soon. Many potential members are hanging around bodybuilding instead of signing up to, because the sports section is still running.

    Although I think you should close the sports section, I don't believe you should remove its name from the forums. Rather than remove its name completely, it would be a better idea to leave its name up, but instead of a link to the forum on the index, the link should instead be to the register page, where this person can sign up.

Word Of Mouth:
Referral Competition

    WOM is easily the best form of advertising for a site like, as it is not only free, but is much more likely to get you potential customers, than any other form, as people are spreading the word themselves telling friends who are more likely to be influenced by one of their mates rather than an advertisement on TV.

    The referral competition can be run over several months and the top 3 referral getters could get some sort of reward in credit at the store.

    The competition should also make sure that the people referred reach over a certain number of posts before being counted as a referral towards the comp and that the same people aren't creating multiple user names.


    Sponsorship and endorsements are probably the next best form of advertising for after word-of-mouth. By either sponsoring junior sports teams, or sponsoring junior sports events, is putting its name out there for the public to see.

    Since the site is appropriately named and easy to remember it makes it a hell of a lot easier for people to visit, once they see the name around. The more people coming to generally means more forum members.


    Linking a well known or star athlete (retired/still competing) with like links itself with a well known retired bodybuilder in Bob Cicherillo, would be a nice way to promote to the public.

    Having a professional athlete visit the forums or even write a monthly article, like a question/answer or a tip of the month, or if he prefers keep a log at the forums, could achieve this.

Discounts For Forum Members:

    Like, do occasional discounts for members on certain product types or brand names at the store. The offers should be unique to members only, i.e. not the same offers as is doing that month.

Offers For Loyal Members:

    Members with over a certain amount of posts (e.g. 1000 posts), should get a certain discount off their orders (e.g. 5-10%), so people have an incentive to stay at the forums for longer.

    Another idea is $10 off the users next order for every 1000 posts, or as another alternative, a free t-shirt after 1000 posts, where the reward would also be a great way of advertising itself.

Page Improvements

What kind of improvements can be made on the homepage? What about other pages like the following:

Main Sports Page:

  • Nice layout.

  • Would like to see more sports added (e.g. volleyball and swimming).

Main General Page:

  • Good layout.

  • Maybe remove the improve section under the section directory (since it is useless) to make it look a little cleaner (since there is already a link on the side)

Sub-Category Page:

  • Not updated enough so full facilities (e.g. routines, drills etc.) can be used in the links.

  • Nice layout - would be better with the updated link facilities.

Store Main Page:

  • Update products from

  • Include more features (e.g. reviews, recommended stacks for goals/sports)

General Improvement

Basically the web site, needs some small changes in organization and needs to be updated soon in the areas where promised. If the site can look as good as (if not better), it would contribute greatly to the growth of the site. My suggestions are:

Improve General Organization:

    I think that the main page should be set up similar to the main page, in which latest articles are displayed on the main page.

    There should also be a link to the forums, which would bring more members to the forums. Then on the side of the main page or even below the latest articles, have a tab where the viewer can click down and select there skill or sport they are looking for.

    As an alternative there could just be a link on the side saying "article categories." Maybe an idea would be to make the general page the main page, i.e. when you type in, you go straight to the general page.

More Article Writers:

    One thing I didn't mention that needs is a lot more article writers. There are clearly some very knowledgeable people in the forum, and in my opinion, a post your own articles section, might be of benefit to the forum in this regard.

Interactive Features:

    Also more interactive features, such as exercise videos and demonstrations would be a nice feature to add to Pictures are great but unfortunately with pictures it is difficult to see the type of motion that is happening, even with sequential pictures.

The Cyberstore

What would you like to see in the cyber store? What kind of different products would interest you?

Personally, I'd like to see more of the enhanced creatine formulas and performance enhancers such as:

I know a lot of supplement companies are trying to produce more of these types of supplements as these products are very popular with the lifting public and especially athletes. If can keep up to date with these products then I'm sure more customers would come to

Additional Features

Other additional features that would interest me and be helpful for's business:


    I'd also like to see samples of new products out on the market packaged with each order. This keeps athletes up to date with what supplements are out, and if they like what they've got, they can go ahead and purchase it, instead of wondering and relying on other peoples reviews.

Product Reviews:

    Hopefully a product review subsection can be added under the supplement section at so members can see what products other forum members have tried and had good/bad results with. These reviews could even be linked from under the product links at the store.

Supplement Stacks:

    I would like to see compose some stacks of supplements helpful in achieving particular goals e.g. all purpose stack, muscle building stack, fat loss stack, improving strength, improving endurance etc.

    This would be helpful to noobs to supplements and the price of these stacks can be shed a little from the combined cost of the components to encourage people to buy these. Remember, supplement noobs are more likely to buy pre-selected items than selecting themselves.

    * 'noob' is a shortened form of 'newbie'.

Training Equipment:

    If stuff like markers (cones), medicine balls, various specific equipment for sports like footballs and tennis racquets and even things like weighted vests and sleds for sprinters were sold at the store, I have no doubt they'd be popular.

    A lot of members at the forums, use these types of equipment, and for that to be available at, would save them a whole lot of searching around. The key is to keep it to basic equipment that is useful for lots of sports or one very popular sport, e.g. football.

Customer Support: is a reasonably new site, so creating a section in the forums for customer support, would be a good idea, so the customers/potential customers, can report back to the admin what they like/dislike about the stores and request products that they maybe interested in.

New Features

What kind of new features would you like to see?

Updated Features:

    Firstly it would be nice if the promised features were updated, such as the drills, interactive pages, and athlete of the week.

Pro Athletes/Trainers:

    Also like they have pro bodybuilders invited to the forums. It would be nice to see pro athletes or trainers invited to the forums.

    They don't have to be the very top athletes or trainers, but just athletes that have achieved professional status in their sport or trainers of a professional team.

    Look at the biggest athlete's forum on the internet (; they have one of the best sprint trainers of all time.

Reputation System:

    Another feature I'd like to see is some sort of reputation system in the forums. I know has had problems with this, but doesn't have to go the same way.

    What can be done is to introduce a color coded system instead of rep points, where say gold colored usernames represent a highly knowledgeable member, silver colored usernames represent a knowledgeable member, bold blue usernames represent moderators and regular blue colored usernames represent a regular user.

    This could be monitored by either the administrator and Will, or by the moderators.

Off Topic Forum:

    I know it is a dangerous thing to try, but a good off topic forum, that is well moderated, can be healthy for relationships between members within the site. It's worth a shot in my opinion, and if it does get out of hand, then it can be closed.

Bonus Question:

What is your favorite part of Why? What could be done to make it even better?

At the moment the forums are my favorite part of because they are well moderated, free of trolls (unlike, Have clean discussion going on without too much off topic chat.

There is also a nice spread of knowledgeable members who always give good advice. But I must admit I am looking forward to the likes of the interactive pages, which sound good, and would definitely have me visiting the main page more often.

To make even better than it currently is, I think the main thing would be to keep it moving forward, like does. This means more articles being written, more members coming to the forums, more new features being introduced/updated etc.

By doing this will become a much more popular place.